It was quiet. The wind held its breath, the trees paused their rustling, the sounds of the world held itself around the lone person standing at the foot of a lonely grave that was spell protected from the elements.

The figure brushed his black hair out of his face as he looked upon the grave with his emerald green eyes. This man not only in this world but in the muggle world meant the world to many although it didn't seem so when he lived.

"Harry?," came the softly spoken voice of his best friend as she and her husband joined him.

"I know he was gone from our magical world for a long time now but now the muggle world has lost him as well," Harry spoke as he held back his tears.

"You know we will miss him, he was a hero Harry, and a icon to many he will never be forgotten,"

"I know mione it's just still hard to comprehand, I didn't even know he was sick,"

"No one did who knew he still lived, he wanted it to be peaceful Harry as you do when it's your time,"

"You're right, thank you for being here,"

"We will always have your back mate," Ron replied placing a hand on his best friend's back.

Bending down Hermione placed a bouquet of black roses against the tombstone. With a momentary bow of her head she stood, and hugged Harry. Harry leaned down placing a single white lily upon his stone.

"Thank you Severus Snape," with that final goodbye Harry, Ron, and Hermione made their way out of the graveyard.

Pausing before he apparted Harry turned to read the tombstone one more time.

Severus Snape

B. Jan 9th 1960

D. May 2nd 1998

B. Feb 21 1946

D. Jan 14th 2016

Potions Master, Headmaster, Friend, Unspoken Hero,

remarkable actor, and Mentor

"Death comes for us all in the end"

May he rest in peace and be reunited with Lily his truest friend.

With a small smile upon his face and a nod of his head Harry apparted home to a life he never would have had if not for Severus Snape and his undying loyalty to his mother.

It is with a heavy heart I write a second memorial piece. My first having been to Christopher Lee a.k.a Sarumon. Now on January 14th 2016 we have lost our beloved potions master our hero Alan Rickman a.k.a Severus Snape. May he rest in peace he will always be forever remembered and for him we shall raise our wands to the sky in his memory.