"It was a mistake," you said. But the cruel thing was,

it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you."


As he lay on the cold operation-like table, fitted with straps to restrain his head, legs, chest, hands and arms, Rick Sanchez of Earth dimension C-137 gazes into the holographic screen that is showing all the memories of his life-as the device fitted to his head and attached to his brain sucks them out rapidly. He sees a memory of Morty, as a baby, and his mind immediately flashes back to the distant-yet so recent-recollection.

"Ah, you want up little buddy?" Rick questions the toddler as Morty beckons with his arms to his grandfather. Rick swiftly picks him up and holds Morty against his chest, rocking side to side slowly to ease any tensions within the child. "Y'know, I'm gonna do the b-*burp*best I can to make you an even better scientist than me, Morty."

Snapping out of the brief remembrance, Rick-still staring at the image of his grandson as a baby-smiles and sheds a tear, reminiscing his true past.

"Wha- You're crying?! Over a Morty?!" Evil Rick questions pitifully in C-137 Rick's face.

Rick puts himself together to deliver a quick blow back at the other Rick, "No, I'm just allergic to dip-shits!"

"Well, either way.." Evil Rick says, walking towards C-137 Rick slowly and propping his index finger in the air in a 'matter of fact' way with his other hand on the small of his back. "We both know that if there's any truth in the universe, it's that Ricks don't care about Mortys." He explains, his face inching close to the other Rick's.

Maybe the universe itself is a lie, Rick thinks to himself, as he ponders carefully about how to get out of the situation he got himself into

"NOOO!" Screams a large mass of Morty's from behind rick, as they storm into the room and start ravaging both Evil Rick and his alien minions. Rick is let loose by a few Morty's and he immediately runs toward the land-line and dials up his home's phone number.

A Rick from the confederation of Ricks answers. "Hello?" He asks in his gruff voice.

"Haha! I found the real killer bitcheees!" C-137 Rick exclaims as he quickly drops the phone, purposely letting the Ricks have enough time to trace the call.

Once the Confederation squad arrives, all of the Ricks round up every Morty-save for one, of course, Rick's current Morty-and puts them all on ships, to bring them to the Confederation of Ricks and then bring them back to their homes.

After the mess has been cleaned up and tensions lower, a few Ricks stick around to inspect the Evil Rick's body.

"What a mess." A Rick states.

"Pride cometh before the fall.. I guess he got what he deserved." Another one says, prodding at his lifeless form, in an almost comical fashion.

"Jeez, will you cut that out? This Isn't 'Stand by Me'." A different Rick says.

"Wait, what is THAT?" A Rick questions as he points at the Evil Rick's head, which has a small gash with wires coming out.

"Quick! Hand me the Laser Defibulator." The body-poking Rick says, just as Dumb Rick waltzes into the room.

"Hey guys! I- can I help?" He asks stupidly but optimistically.

"NO! Go clean the toilets! Maybe you'll make some friends with some turds!" The body-poker Rick shouts at him.

"You make us ashamed to be ourselves!" Another one yells. Once Dumb Rick stumbles back out defeated, body-poker Rick makes an incision with the Laser Defibulator around the entire circumference of Evil Rick's head, and pulls the top of his scalp off. Doing so reveals a brain that is made up of complete electromechanics, wires coming out every end and it appears as if it is a CPU the size of a human's brain.

"My God.." A Rick says as he lowers down onto his knees to get a closer look.

"Yeah, mines bigger." Another says snickering.

"Shut up!" One yaps, as he too gets closer, inspecting the bio-electronics. "I've seen this technology before.." He says, as he pulls out a device-a receiver-from the bionic brain. "This Rick was being controlled remotely.. Puppeteered by somebody else!" He claims, the horror dawning upon him.

"But where's the receiver?" One of them wonders.

As the Mortys are all walking towards as a very large crowd towards the three giant ships, one of them looks back at the lair, revealing an eye patch to anyone that was behind him. Evil Morty rips the eye patch off, which in turn pulls out two wires sticking out of his eye that is connected to his brain. The eye patch shows a transmitter on the eye-side, which was being used to control Evil Rick remotely. He throws the eye patch on the ground, stomps on it to break the electronics, pushes the wires back into his eye socket to hide them, and walks onwards to the ships, remaining inconspicuous to any Rick.

To be continued…