Chapter I

As Evil Morty walks up the titanium ramp and into the space shuttle, he soon becomes surrounded with sweaty, stinky Mortys. Ugh, they smell terrible.. He thinks to himself, looking around at their solemn and grim expressions, which all contain a hint of relief that they were released from their torturous prisons. Upon looking at all of them, Morty can't help but feel a little bad for them, and what he's put them through. He quickly pushes the thought away, almost laughing at himself. They're all lesser versions of me.. They're all the same.. Why bother? The ship rumbles as the engine starts up, and quickly lifts up into the sky, as they all fly off into space.

The ride to the Confederation wasn't bad; it was when they landed that things got a bit complicated. The doors slid open, immediately shooting in a large ray of white light that illuminated the once dark and dimly lit space and temporarily blinding the Mortys. Damn, that's bright! he thinks to himself. His mind starts devising a plan as soon as the three Rick's sporting their Confederate outfits and laser rifles walk up to the entrance of the ship.

"Alright, single file line dorks. Don't cause any trouble and keep your mouth shut! The last thing we need around here is a gazillion Mortys permanently damaging our eardrums." The Rick in front states. The Mortys (Evil Morty included) exit the ship in a line, as told, and walk towards the center of the Confederation, where the Council of Ricks will address them.

"Is that all of them?" One of the Council's Six asks, which in return receives a couple of respectful nods. "Alright Mortys, listen up! There's a lot of you and a lot of us, which should make this a lot faster. We will take you one by one and scan your DNA to find out which dimension you came from, and then we'll send you back. Kapeesh?!" The Rick announces.

I have to figure something out, and fast.. Evil Morty thinks to himself, while scanning the vast ballroom-like court for any escapes. There. He notices a corridor not so far from him, to the right, guarded by two Ricks.

He steps into action, and looks over to the Morty standing next to him, who's looking down at the ground and twiddling his thumbs. He stomps as hard as he can on that Morty's foot, and pushes him while holding his foot down with his own. As soon as this Morty falls, he looks to the right at the Morty that's oblivious to the situation and elbows him in the nose, hard. This causes him to lose vision of what's going on momentarily, which allows Evil Morty's ruse to go just as planned. Lastly, he head butts backwards into the Morty's forehead behind him. With three of the Morty's surrounding him and blocking all others vision of Evil Morty down, he slithers forward into more Mortys who didn't see what happened. He smiles and waits for the inevitable chaos to ensue.

Immediately upon recovering, the Morty's turn on each other.

"Hey! Which one of you assholes did that?!" One says with a bleeding nose.

"I swear to god if I find out one of YOU pushed me I'm gonna be so pissed!" The one who fell proclaims.

"Hey don't look at me asshole! I'm pretty sure it was THIS one!" The Morty with the bleeding nose yells, pointing at the only one who could have done it, the one who was headbutted, has no signs of injury, and is standing RIGHT in the middle of the two victims.

"Wha-?! I didn't do that! I swear! It was.." He looks around, feeling a little lost. "Well I don't know where he went but it wasn't me!"

"LIAR!" The one who fell accused, and immediately jumps forward and tackles him, and starts punching him in the face while sitting on top of him, pinning him down. The Morty with the bleeding nose also joins in the beating.

One of the two Ricks guarding the corridor that Evil Morty has been carefully observing nudge the other one with a smirk, and nod towards the fight. They both snicker and laugh. "Look at the little shits go at it. I wish I had some popcorn!"

"Hey! Break those Mortys up, NOW!" The head Rick of the Council's Six orders. The two Ricks by the corridor sigh in unison and walk towards the Mortys fighting.

"Alright, alright break it up you three!" One of them says as he pulls the Mortys away from each other.

Now! Evil Morty quickly dashes to the Rick that's hunched over pulling the Mortys apart, and pushes him as hard as he can into the three Mortys, causing him to land on the fallen one. Immediately after this he kicks the other Rick with all of his force in the back of his knee, dead-legging him. Then, he elbows the Rick in the back of his head with enough force to knock him unconscious. Guess those years of physical training really helped out. He hastily turns the Rick over and grabs the laser rifle off of him, and takes his portal gun from an inside pocket in his lab coat. He shoves the portal gun in his pants, which the waistband is too tight, causing the gun to stick out a large amount; and in the blink of an eye, he aims the rifle at the other Rick, who is trying to get up, and shoots him square in the head before he has time to react. Evil Morty runs as fast as he can to the corridor, and slams his hand on the button that shuts down a security gate, just before the Ricks can chase after him into the hallway.

With time running out, he pulls out the portal gun, and sets the coordinates.

Earth Dimension C-137.. I can find his old lab equipment and hopefully get a DNA sample of my Rick, and find out which dimension he's hiding in now.

He shoots a portal at the wall next to him, and just before jumping through, he thinks to himself.

You left me behind, Rick, and now I'm coming for you.