Reuploading bc I don't know why I removed this story in the first place...Its not great, since it was written a when AOS was first released. Anyhoo, I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

Nobody knows whose idea it was, nor does it really matter. The important thing is that the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are going to play cupcake roulette. If you're not familiar with the game, it's like Russian roulette, with cupcakes instead of guns. Basically, there are six cupcakes, one for each agent, but one is rigged… with tuna. Yeah, you heard right, one of the cupcakes has tuna inside.

So one by one, the agents choose a cupcake and must take a massive bite out of it, and hope that their cupcake isn't the one that has tuna in it.

The agents all gathered around the bar (a really nice one, in Director Fury's opinion) and Agent Simmons placed a tray of six cupcakes on it. They were covered in chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles scattered over the top.

Agent Ward was sitting on a bar stool, shaking his head and thinking about how stupid this game was, and Skye sat beside him grinning, thinking this was so cool. FitzSimmons were both calculating how not to get the rigged cupcake, May was studying the cupcakes, and Coulson was… well, Coulson.

"Can we start already?" Skye whined, eager to begin this sweet, sweet game of roulette.

"Give me a second…" Fitz said, staring down the cupcakes. "Okay, we can begin."

"Great!" Skye exclaimed, rubbing her palms together.

"Whose stupid idea was this, anyway?" Grant muttered as Skye chose a cupcake. Her decision was made by picking the one with the most sprinkles. Skye loooved sprinkles. She took a massive bite out of the cupcake, and was met with more cupcake: no tuna.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, a mixture of saliva and chocolate crumbs flying out of her mouth. "Your turn Ward!"

He shook his head again before picking up a cupcake, any cupcake and taking a big bite out of it. Nothing. He was clean. He kept a straight face and continued eating the cupcake.

Agent May shot her hand out and snatched a cupcake from the tray, pausing before shoving the thing into her mouth. No tuna either.

You could now see Fitz and Simmons beginning to sweat. Their odds of getting a rigged cupcake before were one out of six, but now they were one in three. Beads of sweat slid down both their foreheads, but amazingly, Phil remained completely calm. He lifted a cupcake gracefully from the tray and brought it up to his mouth. His hand lingered there for a second before he took a big bite out of the cupcake. He smiled, his cheeks bulging from the cupcake. Coulson had escaped the evil tuna cupcake.

FitzSimmons shared a worried look before Fitz grabbed a cupcake. Jemma began chewing at her nails, anxious about being the one to receive the cupcake of doom.

Leo took a big bite out of his cupcake. He coughed and gagged… and spat out the rest of the cupcake onto the bar. Skye, May, Ward and Coulson dispersed, while Jemma sat there, cheering, not caring that tiny pieces of chewed up tuna had ended up on her blouse. But who really cares about clothes? She escaped the evil cupcake… and Fitz was completely and utterly regretting participating in cupcake roulette.