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Part II

At this statement, Toad was blushing harder than he ever had in his life, crimson red staining his whole face. He put his hands up to his mouth in an attempt to cover as much of it as possible. Toadette stepped back from him.

"Sorry if that was too much, Toad. I may have gotten carried away.."

"No, no it isn't... It's just that I... I feel like I'm not experienced, you know? Like I won't be able to please you as much as you want to."

"Oh, Toad, don't say that. You're already pleasing me with how cute you look." This only caused Toad to blush more.

"Toadette, that's not true."

"Of course it is! It's the very reason why I'm doing this." Toadette smiled. "We've loved each other a lot over these past years and I want to see how far we can take it. And this... well, this is the last stop." Toad looked at her.

"I guess you're right. And besides, how did you get that lingerie anyway?"

"Oh, this?" Toadette gestured to her body in a flirty way, causing Toad to chuckle and blush a little. "I found it in the closet." She stood up. "I mean, if you don't like it, I can always take it off..."

"Toadette!" Toad cried out, in embarrassment and a little anger.

"Hey, hey... What's with the voice?" Toadette asked, putting a hand on his shoulder and helping him up. "I don't like to hear you like that.."

"I feel like we're going too fast. I mean sure, I still want to do this with you, but..." Toad put a hand on her shoulder. "One step at a time, okay? Then we can go a little faster later."

"I like that, Toad. Seems... natural." Toadette smiled and kissed him. She skipped over to the bed and flopped down on it. Toad, mesmerized by the way she did this, didn't move for a few seconds. "Well? Aren't you gonna come?" she giggled.

"Oh!" Toad blushed. "Sorry." He smiled and walked over to her, kissing her exposed belly. Toadette laughed as Toad got on the bed, still kissing her belly.

"Aww, Toad! That tickles!" she laughed. Toad giggled as he kept on kissing her soft belly, the laughing only making his kisses softer. Toadette then sat up and smiled, Toad putting an arm around her body.

"See, Toad? This is what I like to see."

"Well, you're gonna see a lot more of it." Toad smiled. He put one knee on either side of Toadette's waist, and laid down, so that their tummies were facing each other and their eyes met. Toadette giggled and Toad could see a faint smirk on her lips.

"Starting to finally let that lust out, huh?" Toadette giggled.

"You don't know the half of it." Toad laughed. "It just feels good to be like this."

"It feels good to do anything with you, Toad."

"Aww, come here!" Toad wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, both of them giggling as their bodies came into deeper contact. Toadette's outfit didn't hide much, and Toad's only consisted of his boxers. The more their scantily clad bodies touched, the more Toad wanted to do with her, until finally he couldn't take it.

"Hey, Toadette?" Toad's voice had a racy edge to it, almost like a whisper.

"Yeah?" Toadette smiled.

"I think... I think I'm ready." Toad felt up and down her back with his hands. Toadette started to smirk.

"You really want to do this with me, Toad? You know there's no going back after you do. And besides..." Toadette pulled out Peach's 'present' from earlier.

"Where'd you get that?"

"Peach gave it to me. Anyway, besides, we have to decide whether we want a child or not."

"Right, we do." Toad sat up. "I mean, I've already been tested negative for any STI's. How about you?"

"Same here." Toadette confirmed.

"But having a child is a whole nother level, here. What do you think?"

"Well, is it even plausible to have one?"

"I learned in health that if we go unprotected the chance of having one's eighty-five percent. If I use that..." Toad pointed to the condom. "The risk goes down to five percent."

"I see." Toadette smiled. "Does it feel any different if we put the condom on?"

"I don't think it does. At least that's what I've heard. They've done it so that it turns invisible kinda. And they claim it feels like nothing. Which doesn't make sense - how can you feel something that isn't there?" Toad asked, which earned him a giggle from Toadette.

"Well, you might as well put it on then. I'm not that ready to have a child yet, in all honesty." Toadette said.

"That's totally fine with me." Toad smiled. "Just wait a second." He took the condom from her, and turned around to put it on, even though she was going to see it a few minutes later. He pulled up his boxers and turned around. "Now, where were we?" he giggled, and jumped on top of her. Toadette laughed and cooed as Toad kissed her neck lovingly. Toad kept on kissing, and found a spot in her neck where she cooed more than the others. He started to focus on that spot, kissing it deeply and now starting to lick a little. Soft moans came from her as he did this, which quickly became louder and more blissful.

"Ahh, Toad! You sure know how to turn me on, my sweetie~"

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet~" Toad giggled as he licked her neck even harder than before, causing her to squeal in pleasure. Toadette went ahead and gripped Toad's boxers, looking up at him with a pleading expression.

"Oh, Toad... Can I? I want you so badly..."

"Do you really?" Toad smiled.

"Yes, yes I do! I've been dreaming about this moment where we finally get together like this... I want it to happen, right here, right now... Please?" Toadette looked at him. Toad giggled.

"One condition."

"And what's that, sweetheart?"

"I get to take your stuff off at the same time." Toad chuckled as he gripped her lacy bra.

"Ooh, I like the way you think, babe." Toadette smirked a little. She gripped her own panties while Toad undid her bra, ready to pull that off too. They looked at each other, winked at each other, and finally pulled everything off at the same time, revealing Toadette's B-cup breasts and Toad's 'mushroom'.

"Ooh, Toadette.." Toad blushed a little as he stared at Toadette's body. "You just look so perfect laying there."

"Do I?" Toadette giggled. "I think you look better with your perked-up mushroom, hmm?" she winked. Toad blushed as she moved in closer. "Do you want to start the show? Or should I do it for you?" she asked, touching his waist to tease him. Toad blushed a little more. When he didn't respond, Toadette moved into his pulsing mushroom, kissing the top lightly. Toad moaned loudly at that, but covered his mouth.


"Don't be sorry, babe." Toadette giggled. "Just let all of your feelings out, my sexy Toad..." She cooed as she carefully lowered her mouth, his mushroom sliding inside. When her lips touched his waist, she started sucking, and Toad closed his eyes in bliss.

"Ahh, yes... Toadette, that feels great.. Don't stop~"

"I won't, babe. I won't stop until I get to taste your fluids for the first time~" Toadette winked as she sucked on him harder and deeper. Toad put a hand behind her head and pulled her in, causing her to moan and suck even more vigorously.

"Toadette, yes~! More, more!" She did, starting to lick him all around. The warmth of her tongue and lips was almost too much for Toad to take at this point.

"Ahh, yeah, Toad~. Can you feel it? Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Oh, it feels amazing! Don't stop!" Toad moaned out as he laid back; it was all he could do at this point as Toadette gave pleasure to his mushroom. She wasn't even going that fast - rather, she was trying to make the most of it, and boy was it working. It was working almost too well.

"Ahh, Toadette! Keep going... I think I'm gonna release soon~!"

"Say no more, Toadie~" Toadette winked as she picked up the pace, causing Toad to visibly shake and moan louder than ever.

"Ahh, Toadette! Yeahhhhh~!" Toad squeezed her tight as he released his fluids straight into Toadette's waiting mouth. She cooed and let them fill her mouth, sucking him harder to keep him going. When he finally pulled his mushroom away, she swallowed them and looked at him.

"You taste yummy." she giggled, causing Toad to blush a little. "Where should we go next?" Toad didn't answer, as he was too busy laying down on the bed, in a mix of tiredness and ecstasy at what he just experienced. "Aww, Toad... You look cute."

"You look cuter." Toad immediately responded, and Toadette smiled.

"Are you tired already? We're just getting started, you know."

"Yeah, a little. I know, I wasn't really the one doing all the work." Toad shrugged. "It's just... this is a new thing."

"Of course it is. Take your time, and then we'll do it for real." Toadette said, and Toad smiled.

"Sounds good." Toadette cuddled up by him as the two rested for about five minutes, which seemed like thirty for Toad because of how tired he was. Toad then sat up.

"Hey, Toadette? I think I'm ready." Toad blushed a little as Toadette smiled and nodded cutely. She kept laying there, which confused him.

"Aren't you going to get up?"

"Aww, Toad, don't you see it?"

"See what?"

"I'm already in position for you, Toad." Toadette giggled, spreading her legs out a little bit, revealing her lower lips, her flower. "All you have to do is start the show."

"You know, you're kind of being a coach to me."

"That's exactly what I'm trying to do, Toad." Toadette smiled. "I wanna make this experience comfortable for you. You know, it being your first time and all."

"Are you saying it's not your first time?" Toad inquired.

"No, it is! But I've been, you know... doing things the last few weeks. Any idea why your browser history on your computer is wiped every time you wake it up?"

"Ohh, you set it like that, didn't you? So you wouldn't get caught doing those things you know you shouldn't be doing." Toad chuckled. "You naughty girl."

"Yeah, I'm a naughty Toad. I think I deserve a punishment, don't you?" she giggled. Toad chuckled.

"I think you do too..." He moved in a little closer, leaning over her so that their eyes met. Their midsections touched lightly, so all Toad had to do was lie down and they would be connected.

"Well, go ahead and punish me, Toad." Toadette giggled. "You know you want to."

"Aww. All right. Time for the naughty girl's punishment~" Toad then slowly inserted his mushroom into the folds of her skin, a moan coming from both of them as he did. He kept sliding it in at a relatively slow pace till he felt himself bump up against something.

"Oh? Seems like you've got it."

"Got what, Toadette?" Toad asked.

"Oh, you've gotten to my barrier. All women have this before someone takes it away from them. It's pretty much a wall of a fleshy substance, and it's there until someone breaks it." she explained.

"So it's pretty much your virginity card." Toad summarized.

"Yeah, exactly!" Toadette smiled. "See? You're getting the hang of the terminology."

"Well, we all took sex Ed last year, didn't we?" Toad laughed. "But how do I break it, and what happens if I do? Sorry if I'm asking too much-"

"Oh, you can never ask too much, Toad." Toadette giggled. "And to answer your questions, you just thrust it in hard. I'm sure you'll do it." This made Toad blush. "And I don't really know what happens. Some say it's painful for a few minutes, and then it's pleasure all the way through, but I don't know."

"Okay... I'll do it then. You ready?" Toad asked, looking down at their connected midsections.

"I've never been more ready for ya, Toad." Toadette giggled and smiled, making Toad smile at her. Just like she asked him to, he thrust in hard, making her scream.

"Ahh!" Toadette yelped in pain, tears welling up in her eyes. Toad saw this, and cuddled her lightly.

"Shhhhh.. It's okay. It'll be okay." He hugged her, still feeling his mushroom getting squeezed by her flower a little. Toadette's face was red as she tried to hold back the pain. They stayed like that for a couple minutes, then Toadette's face brightened up, and she started to tighten her grip on Toad.

"Ohh, it's starting to- oh! That feels so good, you don't even know!" she moaned a little, and Toad knew that it was okay to keep going. He started to go at a light pace inside her, and the sounds of pleasure grew louder. He felt her walls tighten around him and let out a soft moan.

"Ahh, you're so good... Want me to go faster?"

"Yes, yes please! I need you, Toad! Oh, this feels amazing!" Toadette moaned in pleasure; it was pretty much all she could do. Toad smirked and started to increase his pace, making Toadette moan even louder. She held onto him and dug her fingers into the skin on his back. "C'mon, Toad! Faster, faster! You're the speedy one in every race, and I wanna see it~!"

Her pleads for more caused Toad to speed up further. He wasn't going particularly deep inside, but he was pretty fast, stimulating her more often than not. He cooed as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Ahh, you're so hot down there..."

"Yeah, I am! Yes, Toad, don't stop!" Toadette moaned in pleasure and lustfulness. She grabbed his back and pulled him in, closing up what little space they had between them. The intense moan of passion that followed came from both of them at the same time.

"Yeah, Toadette! You're so tight..." Toad went even faster into her, crying out in pleasure every time he thrust in. The buildup of lust was starting to get to them both, and their sounds of love got louder and more prevalent. Eventually, Toadette pulled him the closest she could, not able to hold it much longer.

"Ahh, yes! Do it! I can't take it anymore, Toad! Faster, faster~!" she screamed. Toad did just that.

"M-me too! It's coming~!" After a few more thrusts and quite a few more shouts of pleasure, they both released at the same time.

"Yeahhhh~!" they both cried out the loudest they could, as Toad's fluids filled Toadette up and hers sprayed out onto his mushroom and abdomen. They looked down at each other and Toadette giggled, trying to catch her breath.

"That... was... incredible!" she breathed, and hugged Toad. "You were amazing~"

"Aww, you're just saying that." Toad chuckled, blushing a little, as the fluid on their bodies made a squish when they came together.

"No, it's true! It's just as I thought; you're so much better than anything I ever imagined." she cooed. "My little Toad." She hugged him tighter, making him smile. Toad looked down at their bed, seeing stains all over from their sensual actions tonight.

"What a mess we've made, Toadette." he chuckled.

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing." she laughed. "We'll clean it tomorrow."

"Why not now?"

"It's late anyway, and besides..." She curled up beside him under the covers. "Who's to say we won't go another round in the morning?" she giggled. Toad smiled.

"That's a possibility." he laughed, as he latched onto her and settled down.

"Goodnight, my sexy Toad." Toadette giggled, sighing in pleasure as she closed her eyes.

"Goodnight, my cutie Toadette." Toad smiled, closing his eyes as well. A thought raced through his mind before he drifted off.

Maybe we should do this more often.

The End

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