Harry pulled back out of the memory about his parents and the consequences of Snape's final betrayal with his Mum. The epiphany with the book opened his eyes to see how brilliant his father actually was. Then again, Snape was brilliant too, in his own underhanded and rather Slytherin method.

"Well, that was informative but also not the least bit helpful for what we are trying to accomplish." Kingsley rubbed his eyes and huffed out a breath. "We can look at maybe 2 more before we knock off for the day. I'm bloody exhausted and I'm on day 3 of the pepper-up potions. If I take another, the addiction will kick in and I'll be arsed to have that problem in addition to everything else. So when we're done. I'll see you home to the Burrow before I crash."

"How addictive is Pepper-up Potion?" Harry thought how useful it could be to ignore sleep until he crashed from pure exhaustion.

"Aurors only use them sparingly, except in worst case situations. That's what we have right now. I have permission from Healer Greengrass for five of us right now. That permission doesn't include you, Harry. And I wouldn't have you do it, given your current situation."

"Sir, that's a load of crap."

"No, it's not. Since Audrey hasn't seen you yet and made a professional assessment, you're not getting it, at least from me. And if I find out that you nicked some from someone else you won't like the results." Kingsley sighed again. "Look, I can only imagine how bad the nightmares are, after everything that has happened to you. I can also appreciate the desire to skip a few nights of sleep so you don't have to cope with the nightmares until you are falling asleep standing up. But I learned from Mad-Eye that the price exacted for the choice isn't worth it. Besides," Kingsley stifled a yawn behind his hand, "breaking the addiction is a pain in the arse. Now, pick another and let's continue. I figure I've got an hour left in me and I'd like to get through 2 more before you get home."

Harry bit his tongue. Home right now was in Australia with his two best friends. Home wasn't the Burrow, at least not yet.

Instead, he put the stoppered vial back into the tray and plucked up another one. It appeared filled to the rim, and the cork barely sealing the glass vial in his hands. Red swirls floated through the memory. Somehow he knew it was going to be bad. He felt it deep inside.

"Here goes nothing," he muttered before he plucked the particular one out and poured it into the Pensieve. The memories swirled before his eyes, almost like a bad storm brewing in the bowl.

"I think this one is going to be bad, sir."


"Yeah. But it's not stopping me." Harry dove into the memory.

He landed in what appeared to be the Malfoy dining room if he could hazard a guess. He was standing at the head of a very large table and only two men were present: Professor Snape and Voldemort.

Harry felt revulsion immediately at seeing the nightmare sitting before him. Every fatality in his nightmares was because of him. Fred, Remus, Lavender, Tonks – so many dead, all because of one sod who craved power and didn't care who he killed to have it. Somehow the memory was growing darker, washed out in darkness.

"Harry, breathe." The voice felt like the best Honeyduke's chocolate he ever had. His vision brightened up and the steel band across his chest relented. His hands unclenched and his jaw loosened up from the pressure in his jaw. He took another and felt the older Auror's hand on his shoulder. That touch, which he hadn't had in weeks comforted him. That one hand on his shoulder, given freely in support, was what he desperately needed at that moment. The ones who would hug him- Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, Ron, even Ginny – were unavailable. He felt like an outsider, a burden on the family who took him in – and caused them so much grief over the years. How could he ask anyone to comfort him, when he was the cause of so much misery in the Weasley family.

Kingsley put his other hand on Harry's shoulder. "What are you thinking, Harry?"

"I faced that bastard down three times, sir. Face to face, not like his disembodied spirit residing on the back of Quirrell's head or during the fight in the Ministry." Harry blanked his mind over the incident the second year with Riddle's 16-year-old Horcrux. "Then there was the time as a baby when my Mum shielded me with her life." Harry took a deep breath. "I didn't want to kill him, not really. I thought that if he felt any sort of remorse over what he did – even a sliver of it – the pain would destroy him. Instead, he pushed the issue and died."

"If you want, I can view this memory without you. Why don't you wait for me? It shouldn't take long."

"No, sir. I promised I'd do it with you. I have to do this." Calm washed over him, somehow. "I'm ready, sir." He saw Kingsley motion his wand silently and the memory started.

"Severus, do you know why I summoned you here today?" The sibilant voice grated in Harry's ears. That voice was dead and buried for good. Kingsley promised him that. But the terror still rattled his soul.

"I assume that you have a task for me, one that is of the most importance."

"You are correct. The night above Surrey I originally presumed we would rid ourselves of Potter once and for all. The ploy they used was rather inspired. I'm honestly surprised they could manage to escape my followers that night."

"I can only assume that someone tipped the members of the Order and they came out with the idea. But sire, you confronted Potter in the skies above Devon. You had him and yet old magic defeated you again. If it's a problem, send Bellatrix or Rodolphus to kill the boy. I am sure that they would be more than glad to handle that task."

"Severus, the prophecy says that I must be the one to kill him – no one else. Bellatrix has begged for the task but I have to be the one, by my wand. I have one in my possession who can answer my questions and what I can do to defeat Potter's wand – and kill him – for good. But I must have answers before I confront Potter again. The old magic used to shield him is gone. Dumbledore is dead. I have you. There is no one standing between me and Potter. He is defenseless now against the might of the newly formed Ministry. Between Yaxley controlling the willing puppet Thicknesse and the help of another inside the Ministry – one witch who quietly agrees that Muggles are a disgrace and should be kept for labor – and the Mudbloods disposed of for the theft of Magic from those Purebloods who are worthy for power and ruling over the rest."

"There is the issue with the Weasley family, then. They are Purebloods but also Blood traitors. How can we deal with them?"

"They have a daughter, correct?"

"Yes, sire. The youngest, Ginevra, is their only daughter. But she would be difficult to control, at least willingly."

"Surely the father could be persuaded to agree to marry her off, to protect the rest from annihilation. Surely the girl can be married off to another one who is worthy, such as Draco."

"Sire, are you suggesting –"

"I am not blind. We need more Pureblood children, eventually, to continue our work. We also must cleanse the families of any taint. That would mean a solution. We cannot abide those worthy families of being tainted going forward. Those half-bred animals must be put down, for the good of our new society."

"Would that include the oldest, William? From what I have heard, he is marrying this weekend, to someone not Pureblooded."

"Where are they to wed, Severus?"

"I would presume the Weasley residence. Unfortunately, I do not know where that is."

"Then it's time to decapitate the Ministry leadership. Scrimgeour would know. Bellatrix can break the Minister. She has been begging for something to do the last fortnight. Once she has that information, we will attack the Weasley family during the wedding ceremony, kidnap the youngest, and if for some reason Potter is there, we can dispose of him, too."

"I am sure the rest of the family will be there, as well. Maybe the Mudblood Granger can be killed, too."

"Yes, I've heard Draco complaining about the Mudblood. Now that it has been decided, once Scrimgeour is dead and Thicknesse is installed as Minister, your task will be to take over as Headmaster of Hogwarts. The toady in the ministry has the proper documents drawn up and only needs the new Minister's signature. But you will need worthy professors in addition to the others. I have decided that Amicus and Alecto will teach there. Amicus can teach Dark arts, especially to those worthy Slytherins who show an aptitude for following orders. We will eventually need more people to do the dirty work and other unpleasant tasks. Alecto can teach Muggle Studies." Voldemort made a rude noise. "You, however, will ensure that Alecto teaches what we want – that Purebloods are superior humans to everyone else – and that Muggles are subservient to those who are worthy. See to that, along with ingraining the children into our viewpoint. I insist that attendance is compulsory and mandatory for all children. We cannot abide any parents teaching their children seditious ideas."

"And the Weasley girl, once she has sired more Purebloods?"

"The Weasley family will be wiped out, for good. They are a blight."

"And others?"

"After a few deaths which will be regrettable, the rest of the families will fall in line, willingly."

"Who will be your examples?"

"Allistair Parkinson already knows what to do and if he breaks ranks, he'll perish too. One of my associates has that situation well in hand and we'll know immediately whether he will be a problem." Voldemort steepled his hands before him, growing lost in thought. "The only ones from the Sacred 28 will be Lucius Malfoy, along with Molly Prewett Weasley, Amelia Bones, Kenneth McClaggen, Paisley Finch-Fletchley, and to amuse Bellatrix, Frank and Alice Longbottom. The infirm are a waste of services that are better spent on healthy Purebloods. Oh, and let's include Levi Goldstein. He's the chief Healer at St. Mungo's. If we are going to have control of the population, we will have to control the healthcare of the population. Purebloods of good standing will have everything they need. The rest? Well, that will depend on their acceptance of a Fidelity Oath. If they refuse, they can rot in Azkaban until they die."

"Wouldn't those incarcerations and deaths influence the students?"

"Possibly, but it will happen only if they find out about their parent's situation. Control of information will be key. We will have control of the Post as well as Floo network, to control travel as well as information. I will also have someone kidnap (Alana) Parkinson, so her husband is amenable to printing what news we see fit to disseminate. Yaxley has agreed to take over Magical Law. He knows his tasks as soon as he's installed."

"You seem to have everything ready the moment Scrimgeour is dead."

"I realized after Lucius Malfoy's failure two years ago demanded other ideas and solutions. I thought he was competent. He isn't. So I have to rely on others to handle certain affairs necessary to smoothly run the new order we are building."

"Once you have accomplished all of this, what are your further plans?"

Voldemort smiled and Harry grew sick. "That, my dear Severus, will be shared once we have answered the question to the Muggleborn problem."

Kingsley gasped. "We've seen enough, Harry." He laid a hand on Harry's shoulder and yanked them out of the memory. Harry stumbled to the ground, fighting a wave of nausea. That memory was wretched but something else bothered him.

"Kingsley, what was that about? That last statement makes no sense."

"That, Harry, was Professor Snape hearing about Voldemort's annihilated plan to murder all of the Muggleborn in the UK."

Harry fell on his arse. "Voldemort intended to murder the entire Muggleborn population?"

"It sure seems like that was a goal of his. But that was information I needed. Those names are important."

"I thought you knew about Amelia Bones."

"I did. I didn't know about Levi Goldstein, Paisley Finch-Fletchley, and Kenneth McClaggen. I'll have to check on each of them whenever I can in the next day or so."

"He mentioned Mrs. Weasley." Harry fought down the urge to vomit thinking about Mrs. Weasley being killed. "The bastard wanted to kill her."

"I'll quietly mention it to Arthur. Some remaining death eaters might want to target her to continue his plans. I don't want any rogue fanatics harming her, or Arthur either."

"I can't tell Ginny, can I?"

"You could since they did attempt to kidnap her at your brother's wedding. It's fortunate that Scrimgeour held out as long as he did."

"Fortunate? We had thirty seconds warning before the first of the sods showed up. How did they know where the Burrow was? I thought it was protected.

"It was. But when the Minister was forced to give the information up, they could batter the protective charms to gain access. The minister knew where you lived since he was out a short time prior. But then the Minister was the only one, aside from anyone in the Order who knew where Arthur and Molly lived. Arthur is very protective of his privacy if you can believe it."

"How can we protect them further? The thought of rogue Death Eaters coming calling gives me nightmares."

"When I take you home, we'll discuss it with Arthur and Bill. I don't think Molly will be in any shape to add to that discussion right now."