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Introduction: Last Reset

This song will help set the mood for the first apart of this chapter- The Wolf by Phildel


The world has ended…

I killed everyone...

Destroyed everything you asked me to…

It's just you and me now…

Now it's time for you to keep your promise to me…" Frisk spoke dryly.

Only the two forms, a child, and woman, stood in the empty darkness. All is lost, and yet still real in the absence of nothing. The sky is a navy blue like the night sky on Earth, but there aren't stars or life anywhere. There only the liquid black terrain and the night sky. The terrain gives under Frisk's weight like water gives under a droplet. With each step or movement, a ripple runs around the floor under the two forms.

Frisk floated in the darkness before the woman dressed in white. Her small form appeared innocent. But the blood and dust mixture smudged on her face, hands, and clothes stained the innocent form. Frisk's baby blue eyes are filled with hope and tears, her heart filled to the brim with determination to free everyone at the cost of her own soul.

She wore her favorite purple and blue striped shirt, jeans, and little tan boots. A small pack on her back to hold all that was dear to her. Her hair was a bit messy with dried blood and chalky dust remains. Knife still dripping blood as it lay limply in her dust coded hands. Her smile was big and cheery but the corners twitched a bit every few minutes. Cuts on her cheeks, hands, arms, and legs were commonplace.

"Oh? Is that so Puppet?" the woman was tall and slim with eyes an emerald color. Her long straight auburn hair blew elegantly by the wind that does not exist. A small gold crown was on her head. Skin as pale as a corpse, perfectly shaped nose, lips royal red despite not wearing makeup, pointed chin, topped off with a large 'X' shaped scar over where her heart would be on her exposed chest.

Clad in a long white day dress with no sleeves. A thick rose red ribbon weaved around the top of the dress; to hold the dress up and around her body. The ribbon wrapped around the woman's small chest into a graceful bow between her soft shoulder blades. There was royal red sunflower embroidery lining the bottom edge of the dress. She wore no shoes on her petite feet.

"Remember? You promised that if I destroy this world willingly you'd free the monsters…free humanity…that you'd let the world be. All at the cost of my freedom, soul, and determination. Well? I have done as I promised. Now reset and make it right, as you promised." Frisk held out her small red soul in the palm of her tiny hands towards the woman.

"I see. Well, my dear. How about you do it again? I wasn't watching." Chimed the woman as a malicious grin pulled at her silk lips. As she snatched up the child's soul.

"…you promised…"

"Well, my dear I'm sorry. Mommy just doesn't have time to watch you kill them. After all, can you blame me? You're so pathetic and impulsive." She scoffed at Frisk as she bit into Frisk's soul.

Frisk cried out in unparalleled pain, "AHHH…" before falling to her knees and whispering, "…but you promised…"

"You're like reading the same boring book over…and…over….and…over again. You're really not worth my time." She started to pull Frisk's soul as a rip started to transpire at the top between the hearts two swellings.

Frisk gasped for air, "…yo…you…pr…pro…promised…" The woman ripped a bit more.

"So? You're just replaceable trash to me." crackled the woman.

"…y…you…promised." Frisk stood slowly up to a slumped stance.

The woman laughed before turning around, "Your soul is worthless." She tore more, the rip almost a third of the way down Frisk's soul now.

Frisk took a limping step towards the woman, whimpering through the pain as she started to cough up blood.


Howled the woman with joy, "What a broken little doll you are."



"Do you really think I find you, scary sweetheart?"


"You came from my soul. So you belong to me."



"Just die already!" yelled the woman as she pulled on the soul once more.


Frisk's soul shatters as her body cascade into a pile of dust on the liquid floor of oblivion. "Reset." chimed the woman resentfully as she cast the time spell. "What a waste of a soul." Frisk croaked out her last words, "I shouldn't have shown you mercy…" "Oh eat your heart out! You wouldn't have been strong enough to kill me anyways."

Her last thought was, 'I have failed you all again. I wasn't strong enough…I wasn't brave enough…I'm so sorry. Toriel would you be disappointed in me? Would Papyrus you still believe in me? Undyne would you still stand by me? Alphy and Mettaton would you still call me friend? King Asgore would you understand why I did it? And…and Sans could you ever forgive me? i Am So SoRrY…'


Italic = Being One

Underline = Being Two

Bold = Being Three

AlL tHrEe = BeInGs SpEaK/aCt As OnE

"Who am I?"

"I do not know."

"What are we? "

Are we…one in the same?

I believe so…

How can this be? This isn't normal!

Yea…how can we be three when we are one?

Normally we just return as we were when the timeline is reset by them…

So…why not this time?

Did we fall apart?

…Did we lose our determination?

Did we just die for real…


What do we do now?

I...I...I don't really know...

Do...We try again?

But we're not one! How do we…

We stay determined…


…Keep trying

We have to…




There are three saves?

Three worlds?

No three gates…

Where do they go?




So…how will we do this?

I think I know what just happened to us.


Do tell…because we're clueless.

We just died in another failed attempt at saving the world. Only, this time, we gave up hope...and lost our determination. We are now falling apart, splitting into three separate beings.

We need to fuse back together then!

…Maybe not right away. This maybe just what we need!

What are you mad?! She's right we need to refuse and un-die right now!

How can being separated be a good idea?

Think about it. If we are one being split into three we can be in three different places at once. There have to be weaknesses in us that we don't see or we wouldn't have failed so many times if there wasn't.

...I see what you mean. You're saying we should divide and conquer.

We could try and train. Maybe we can fix the weaknesses three times as fast.

My point exactly.

Well…we need a plan and we need nicknames. Otherwise talking to each other could get difficult.

Well, what should we call me?

I'll call you My Lady.

I'm down with that.

Who next?


How about…umm

How about we call her, Annalies?

…I like it.

That sounds like a good name!

What about Nine?


Nine? Just Nine?

Yea…but if you don't like it we can think of another one!

N…n..no…I like it. It is very simple. But for some reason, it calls to me.

So we are three parts of Frisk's being. I will be called My Lady.

And I will be Annalies.

I'll go by the nickname Nine.

nOw LeTs ReEnTeR tHe WoRlD…

And so I woke up in a patch of yellow flowers in the Underground.

…And so I woke up in a dusty land where only the 'sinner' go.

...And so I woke up in a realm where only the dead enter and the living only whisper about…

tHiS wIlL bE tHe LaSt ReSeT…wE cAn NoT fAiL aGaiN…

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