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The best part of lunch break was, undoubtedly, the extra time they had to catch up on sleep.

Ever since they'd discovered one another's identities (Adrien still shuddered at the memory of his sweet, warm Marinette in the hospital) and started dating, Marinette invited him to eat lunch with her back at her parents' bakery.

Eventually it became part of their daily routine. They would walk together in the direction of the Dupain-Cheng bakery, fingers intertwined and Adrien swinging their hands like a dork. Sabine would welcome both of them with kisses on the cheek and plates of food.

At first he'd been overwhelmed by the kindness he received from both her parents; honestly, he was still a little overwhelmed. He could never imagine his cold, distant father doing this. Needless to say, he'd found a family in the little cozy bakery and his girlfriend's parents.

After lunch, they'd sometimes meet up with Alya and Nino for their remaining time during the break, and they'd go get ice cream, have piggyback races or simply talk. Other times both Adrien and Marinette would be exhausted from an akuma attack the previous day, and took to napping under a tree on campus.

Adrien blinked awake at the feeling of a tap on his shoulder. He glanced up to see Alya smiling smugly at them, probably at Marinette curled between his legs, head against his chest, and he raised an eyebrow. Alya rolled her eyes good-naturedly. "Class starts in five minutes, lovebirds. Just a heads up."

The blond grinned. "Thanks Alya. I'll wake Marinette up."

His girlfriend's best friend simply winked and walked away, shouldering her bag.

Adrien moved his gaze to the sleeping girl wrapped in his arms, and felt a surge of affection for her. One hand clutched his shirt and her expression was peaceful; she looked so content and felt so warm and soft against him that he nearly couldn't bring himself to wake her up.

"Hey, Mari," he whispered, tucking a strand of black hair behind her ear. "Time to wake up."

The ravenette stirred, burying her face in his shirt. "Five more minutes."

Adrien chuckled. "Class starts in five minutes, Bugaboo."

Marinette blinked at him blearily, bright blue eyes still glazed with sleep. "Don't call me that," she pouted.

"Princess, then," Adrien moved, standing up and holding out a hand. She accepted, twining her fingers with his and pulling herself to stand beside him. She shook her head as if ridding herself of the exhaustion, and slung her bag over her shoulder.

Adrien did the same with his own bag, then bent over to kiss her hand, smirking at her cheekily. "Shall we be off to class, My Lady?"

Marinette giggled, cheeks tinted a brilliant pink. "We shall, my little Kitty."

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