The story begins, concluding the Trilogy Events.


Sunday October 27 1985, 12:00 P.M.

Eastwood Ravine, HillDale.

Doc prepares to head off into the Space Time Continuum in his Time Train, with Clara and his two children Jule and Verne.. Marty and Jennifer stand alongside each other as they bid farewell to him.

"Hey, Doc, where you going now? Back To The Future?" Marty calls up.

"Nope, already been there," Doc signals.

Marty and Jennifer wave goodbye. Doc nods and closes the hatch. The Time Train lifts up and spins 180 degrees in the direction of Eastwood Ravine. It then makes a U- Turn for it's full 360 degrees and speeds and disappears in a flash. Marty and Jennifer stare up at the fire trails that the train had left behind in the blue sky. Marty's eyes fill with tears.

"So long Doc, I'll never forget you," Marty cries.

"Doc Brown was really something," Jennifer says. "He was a great influence on you."

"Doc is unique, I will never find a friend like him again," Marty sighs.

"You got me to share the memories with," Jennifer adds.

"I couldn't agree more. I just wonder what tomorrow will bring."

"Good times. A wonderful and progressive future."

"Tell you something Jen, this weekend has felt like a lifetime. Just think since Saturday morning, I've been to the fifties, to the future, to an alternate reality of this year, 1955 again and the Old West," Marty informs.

"Wow that's heavy," Jennifer acknowledges. "That's so much time to fit into one weekend."

"From my perspective...Eighteen days I think."

"Two and a half weeks?"

"As much it has been adventurous, it has been depressing at times. The only good thing about it all, was Doc being my guide.

"Would you do it all over again?"

"Time travel? Maybe, if it was for good intensions or a vacation. But during the ordeal it can be dangerous. If it's anything like almost being erased from existance, or watching Biff rule the world, or even having duals with Buford Tannen, then I think a repeat experience would drive me insane.

Marty and Jennifer take a slow walk back to the 4x4.

"It will take a while for things to get back to normal, but it will."

Marty glances to his girlfriend when he acknowledges normal. From Marty's point of view, he still has memories from his original timeline and hasn't had enough time in getting used of being in a succesful Mcfly family. He remembers his mother as an alcoholic, his father as a wimp who works for Biff, his sister can't get a date and his brother works at Mcdonalds. He has partial memories of his new timeline, such as being called Chicken, which he was never referred as in the Original Timeline.

"Jennifer, I have to tell you something," Marty blurts.

The two stop beside the 4x4.

"What is it?" Jennifer wonders.

"I have no memory of this timeline, well, not full memories."

"What are you trying to say?"

"When I was accidently sent back to 1955, I interfered with my parents first meeting. It took me a week to get them together and my influence, I guess, changed their lifestyle. I only had mere minutes with them, before Doc and yourself turned up."

"So who was the Marty, that I've been dating for three years?"

"Me I guess, but it's weird, I've not experienced the full ripple effect since I've returned from 1955 the first time. Maybe it's a slow process."

"Was I still like your girlfriend in your original timeline?"

" The one thing that never changed."

"I happy about that. What about your parents?"

"Well, lets just say, my mother wasn't a fan of yours...she was an alcoholic."

"Oh crap."

"My father worked for Biff, my sister Linda couldn't get a date and my brother Dave flipped Big Mac's at Mcdonalds."

Jennifer raises her eyebrow

"Yeah, that is a big turn around in success...what about Doc?

"Still Doc, but the night he showed me the time machine, Libyan Terrorists turned up and..."

"Oh my God he died?" Jennifer gasps, touching Marty's arm.

"Even after he read the warning note, I still had nightmares of that night, especially when I had to deal with saving Doc a second time," Marty explains.

"What happened? To the Libyans I mean?"

"We didn't hang around to find out. I haven't been in 1985 since yesterday morning to see the news. Doc even took the remaining Plutonium, so even if they were arrested, they can't prove it was Doc, as Doc sold the Plutonium to upgrade the Time Machine with Mr Fusion in 2015."

"Well, that's a relief."

"My sentiment exactly."

"So, does that mean we can look forward take two steps forward instead of two steps back?"

"The future is ours to share."

Marty and Jennifer smile at each other and share a passionate kiss.

"I love you Jennifer."

"I love you too Mcfly."

Later that evening, Marty lays on his bed with his alarm clock set for 7:30 a.m. Monday Oct 28 1985, awaits Marty. A new day at High School, A new Family and a New Beginning. How wrong could he be? The words 'Talk About De Je Vou,' he said to himself on his second trip to 1955, will hit him bang in the face, over and over.