25th October


Twin Pines Universe/Original Timeline

It's 7:00 a.m., Marty stirs momentarily and awakes staring at the ceiling. Thinking he's beaten the curse of the loop and is still in 1955, he is very much mistaken. For the fourth time in the row, he awakes on October 25th 1985 in his original timeline. Marty sits up and looks to his surroundings and is dumfounded to find, that he back to where he started on that fateful weekend, of his time travelling. Marty is almost hyperventilating and rubs his eyes to be sure that what is happening, is happening. Marty is broken to find it is. The loop has happened again. Back in 1985, back to how it was before his first time travel experience, back to how his and his family lifestyle was originally. There is no way to escape the loop. Marty is at breaking point and starts to sweat and shakes his and cries out.

"No this can't be happening, this can't be happening," Marty cries out. "This can't be...Nooooooooooooooo!"

Marty runs out of the house in Lyons Estate and hurries on foot to Doc's lab two miles away into town. He tries opening the door in desperation, but it won't budge. Marty is in all out of sorts and doesn't realize the key is under the rug. Marty past patience, kicks the lab door in and rushes inside. The clocks are ticking which read 7:35 a.m, twenty five minutes slow and twenty minutes earlier to when Marty originally entered Doc's lab the first time. The Amplifier is still operational, not overloaded or blown out.

"Doc?" Marty raises his voice. "Doc?...Dooooooooooc?!"

Doctor Emmett Brown is not present. Marty is hit for six. His life is on repeat, like a record going round and round with no point at stopping. Marty thought staying in 1955 would stop the loop, but somehow it found a balance and brought Marty again full circle, living the weekend of october 25th -ovtober 27th over again. Marty paces up and down the lab for ten minutes angered by the fact, a demon is sat on his shoulder deciding how Marty should live out his fate. Marty wants to know why? The teenager out of possibilities and countless theories to the phenomenan, he exits the lab and runs to Hill Valley High School, where he finds Jennifer trying to sneak into school as not be be caught be late by Principal Strictland.

"Jennifer!" Marty calls.

"Shhh, not so loud. Strictland's looking for you if you get caught it will be four Tardy's in a row," Jennifer warns.

"By the end of the day I don't think it will matter."

"Marty aren't you sick of getting detention?"

"This weekend coming feels like a detention. I've lived through it three times already. A fourth is pushing me over the edge."

"Oh I'm sorry, am I too boring for you?"


"I thought going to the lake is what you wanted. For us to spend time together."

"No, that's not what I mean't..." Marty tries to explain, getting his breath. "I have lived this coming weekend before. I have lived this day before. October twenty fifth to october 27th."

"Marty you're not making any sense," Jennifer frowns.

"None of it makes sense Jen. No matter what I do to try stop this cycle, it finds a way to bite me in the ass and repeats on me."

"Did you get any sleep last night?"

"Yeah in 1955."

"You had a dream you were in 1955?"

"No I was actually in 1955. Listen Jen, Doc invented a time machine and we travelled through time, to the fifties, the future and to the Wild West. Cut a long story short, the time travelling altered certain scenaerio's and Doc got married and then..."

"And then?"

"I woke up today and everything was as it was before I time travelled. I thought it was a premontion at first, but it wasn't and ever since then, I been living out this weekend over and over and if I travel in time, the effects last eighteen days from my perspective and then I'm back to where I started. Today."

Jennifer pauses momentarily, then bursts out laughing hysterically. Marty is hurt by this and he sees Jennifer is not taken his words seriously.

"Why are you laughing at me Jen?" Marty worries.

"Do you knowing how ridiculous you sound," Jennifer chuckles. "Although I gotta say that's quite a unique imagination you have there."

"Jennifer I'm not bullshitting you, I'm serious."

Jennifers takes one more look at Marty and soon comes to see, that Marty is not playing around and soon suspects Marty is not at all well.

"You're not joking are you?"

"No I'm not Jen."

"Did you hit your head?"

"Jennifer, I did not hit my head. I never wanted to believe in any of this myself, but it's happening. I'm screwed."

Suddenly an intimidated voice is then heard behind both Marty and Jennifer. It's Principal Strictland.

"Yes, Mcfly you are screwed. I believe that makes a tardy for you Ms Parker and another one for you Mcfly, I believe that makes four in a row."

Strictland hands tardy slips to both Marty and Jennifer.

"Late again. What is it this time? Doctor Emmett Brown..."

Before Strictland can continue his lecture, Marty knocks out Strictland with on punch. Jennifer is horrified.

"Marty, what the hell are you doing?" Jennifer gasps.

"I'm sick of him lecturing me. About time, he kept his opinions to himself," Marty snaps.

"Oh, so you thump him one. Way to go."

"Jennifer, what have I done?"

"Marty you're not well, you need help. "

"Jennifer, please."

"Marty just go. Doc has obviously done something to you. And I don't wanna be a part of it."

"What are you saying Jen?"

"If this is what you're turning into, I can't...I can't..."

"You can't what Jennifer?! Be with me?! Is that what you're trying say?! Fine your words will be probably be irrelevant by the end of Sunday evening anyway. And just so you know, when I was in 1955, the last time, I lost my virginity to my mothers best friend Barbara. Best sex I could probably ever have. So I guess you had a lucky escape Jen or you're just very unlucky."

Marty storms off, leaving Jennifer in tatters. Marty wanders into Hill Valley courtyard and is uprehended by the police and arrest him for assaulting Mr Strictland. Marty is charged with assault and expelled for High School, but Marty doesn't seem to give a damn. Marty is later escorted home, as his father can't pick him up as the car is wrecked. His alcholic mother is not bets pleased with her son and informs him, that her friend Barbara's husband came to the house and said, that Marty mentioned having an affair with his wife to Jennifer. Lorraine is gutted that she has lost a friend, after almost thirty years, because of Marty's wild stories. At the dinner table, Lorraine is not finished.

"Do you wanna end up in prison with your Uncle Joey?" Lorraine lectures.

"Oh Mom, shut up," Marty argues. "Joey is in prison, because he's an asshole."

"How dare you dishonor your uncle like that."

"In case it slipped your mind mother, Uncle Joey's parole was rejected again."

"The only damn good thing to come out all of this, is that you and Jennifer Parker are no longer together," Lorraine figures.

"As long as you're happy and drinking yourself to death Mom, it's my pleasure," Marty cruelly remarks

"George speak to him."

"What Lorraine, what?" George answers, not paying attention.

"When I was your age..." Lorraine voices.

"Yeah, when you was my age you were a slut, who only married Dad, because your felt sorry for him, when Grandpa hit him with the car," Marty interrupts.

"Hey, Marty, don't talk to Mom like that," Dave warns Marty.

"Yeah watch your mouth," Linda seethes.

"Dave, ain't you got Big Mac's to flip at Mcdonalds? And Linda go to your room and slobber over your Johnny Depp poster," Marty sarcastically argues.

"I think you need to get your priorities right," Lorraine insists. "When did you start becoming so...nasty?"

"It's a revelation to me too mother. It kinda happens when a certain point in your life, turns into a rollercoaster."

"Marty, has Doc Brown done something to you?"

"Not just me, the Space Time Continuum."

George laughs hysterically watching 'The Honeymooners,' oblivious to the arguing amongst Marty, Dave and Linda. Lorraine shakes her head in dismay.

"What's wrong with thisn family? No wonder I drink and smoke."

"Don't worry Mom, we can start all over again on Sunday night."

Marty leaves the table and goes to his room, leaving Lorraine hurt by the day's chaos.

"Marty needs help. He's not well. Don't you agree George?"

George is too engrossed watchING the TV.

"Never mind. My own company is all I need these day's anyway.

Early hours of Saturday October 26th, 12:28 am, Marty's lays awake and his radio comes on. His phone rings and answers it.

"Yeah, Doc?" Marty replies

"Great scott, how on Earth did you know it was me?" Doc asks.

"Who else would call this time of night to show me a time machine?"

Momentary silence.

"You know about the Time Machine?"

"Oh, I know more than know about it, I've been in it. And it's caused me a lot of heartache as a matter of fact."

"Marty, I tried to call you at the lab this morning..."

"Yeh, I didn't hang around this time. You want me to meet you at Twin Pines Mall for you to demonstrate the time vehicle to me, by putting Einstein as bait."

"I , I , I , I..." Doc is lost for words.

"Yeah Doc, I know, it's hard to believe. Anyway I'm gonna give tonight a miss, as I'm sure, it will happens again. Oh by, the way, don't go to the mall, the Libyans will only end up finding you there."

"Marty how do you know about the Libyans? How do you know any of this?"

"Let's just say, I've had a little Deja Vou from time to time. Anyway it's twelve thirty. I'll see you, sometime this weekend...after this weekend. Friday twenty fifth OK. Night."


October 26


10:28 a.m.

Marty enters the living and gets the cold shoulder from his siblings, as well as his mother. George is busy doing paper work. A news bulletin comes on the TV.

"A ball of fire has ripped through the Town Square of Hill Valley this morning, as Local scientist Doctor Emmett Brown aged 67, crashed into the Texaco Gas Station killing another 3 victims on the ground. during a police pursuit. Authorities have recently discovered two dead, unamed Libyan nationals at the current lab address of Emmett Brown, where they discovered the case of missing Plutonium stolen from the Pacific Nuclear research Facility two weeks ago. It's unclear if Brown and the Libyans were working together, but it appears an overloaded amplifier was the cause of their deaths, set up by Dr Brown. Now, Hill Valley is under Health alert, due to the possibility of deadly radioactivity spreading from the nuclear substance Plutonium of which was leaked during a raid-"

"You know know how to make good friends don't you, Marty?" Dave groans. "We're probably all gonna die now from radioactive poisoning, because your friend was a lunatic."

"So what's a little plutonium exposure?" Marty shrugs.

"You have really lost the plot Marty. We could be on the verge of a deadly epidemic and you don't give a shit."

"This town needs a clear out anyway. About time there was change."

"What are the effects of radioactive poisoning?" Linda shakes.

"Uh- Death," Marty laughs.

"You are such an asshole. I's never thought I'd say this and it pains me, but if we are all on the verge of contamination, I hope the Feds shoot you first, so I can watch."

"Oh, shut up."


October 27


11: 30 a.m.

Radoactivity consumes Hill Valley and Marty is missing. Much of the residence have been quarantined. Plus, Jennifer has been kidnapped by Marty himself. Both exposed by the poison that's entered their body. Within the space of 24 hours, a radius of 500 miles has been hit by the epidemic that has not only been spread from the original source, but contamination from Marty and Jennifer. Marty in a stolen 4x4, stops near Las Vegas, Nevada and gets out feeling the affects killing him slowly. Jennifer in severe pain.

"Marty, we can't go on," Jennifer insists. "I know how much Doctor Brown mean't to you, but this is insane. You're intentionally going to spread a virus for what...for fun? We're both gonna die, if we don't get help."

"I've got nothing to lose, maybe this insanity will end this loop once and for all."

"Marty it's all in your head, they'll find us any minute."

Suddenly, a police patrol car spots them and link the stolen 4x4 to the one missing in Hill Valley, California. Marty pulls Jennifer into the truck and ascend on Las Vegas, with the FBI alerted. With Las Vegas under the threat of a dangerous virus, no chances can be taken this time. Within the hour, the Neon desert city is hit by a new weapon...Marty Mcfly. The Feds give chase and with Marty desperate and becoming more unstable, he crashes the 4x4 and kills Jennifer. Marty is broken and attempts to escape, refusing to buckle down, thus forcing to the authorities to shoot Marty dead.

Marty thought the forced death was the only way out of the loop, but maybe just maybe, there is no way out. As Marty is about to find out...again.