I felt the other side of the bed dip and I smiled as I smelled the food. "Come on Luna... it's the big day." I heard Ginny and I smiled into my pillow. Three weeks before I had taken Scorpius as my only ally when I got the dress, and then I heard grief about it from her and Hermione too. But that just meant that I would have to keep the dress at her house, and when I was to get married, I would spend my last night as a single woman with her, and Hermione and some other 'friends' from school.

So, my last night I spent eating cookies and other sweets. I went to bed at 10pm and since the ceremony was at 11am I had to be up and ready but 10am the next morning. I felt more shaking and looked to Ginny with a smile. " I know."

"Then lets get up and get ready. We have to get everything but the dress on you." She told me and I nodded. The makeup and the hair was nothing compared to the drive to Malfoy estate where the ceremony would be under the trees Draco had planted each year. I knew he was up and ready early like he always was and as I walked in I spotted Scorpius in the kitchen eating cinnamon rolls that I made a couple days ago.

"Luna!" He shouted running over and I smiled.

"Hi, how is your father?" I asked and he laughed.

"He is pacing outside. He wanted to see the cars pull up." He said and I nodded and laughed.

"Are you happy?" I asked and he nodded again.

"Can you never leave us without food again? Aunt Alana came over an made a casserole. I used to love them... but I think my stomach dropped just seeing it come out of the oven." He said and I laughed this time and pulled him in close.

"Well... after today I won't be anywhere but here to make sure you and your dad eat right." I told him and he smiled and hugged me back. "I am not supposed to have any more sweets but is there any more rolls left?" I asked him and he nodded. "Can you warm it up and sneak it to me?" I asked and he nodded again. "Thank you." I kissed his temple and moved towards the stairs.

"Now, lets get the dress on." I heard Hermione say and I nodded and took off my clothes before seeing a gift on our bed. I went towards it and knew it was going to be more jewelry. I looked at my hand and sighed as I noticed how small the jewel was. I opened the big box and saw the blue sapphire and smiled at it before taking the small note near the clasp.

You have something barrowed and new in the terms of that ring and the dress... here is something blue from your husband. ~D

I raised it out of the box and looked at it. It was perfect. I looked to Ginny and she nodded at my silent question and helped me strap it on since my hair was up. I moved to the mirror but stopped myself before looking to the dress. I wanted to see them together.

I stepped into the hole and watched as my friends were strapping me into my ball gown wedding dress. The corset wasn't going to be too tight. It was a sweetheart neckline and had slight ruffles leading from my waist to my chest and the toule was so thick I had to have a mantra of kick walk since I had to kick and take a step.

I had to admit when Scorpius picked this out from the mannequin I was so worried about what it would look like on me... but it was perfect. And he agreed.

The dress was perfect, but add in the jewels I couldn't help but wonder what Draco would do when he saw me.

My hair was pinned up in perfect curls and the flowers going to be in my hand would make the perfect picture. Not to mention having two of the most well dressed men on both sides of me. In our wedding pictures it would be Scorp on my left and Draco on my right and I could already picture it. I wanted to get married already. I wanted to get down the aisle and marry Draco and be a family and go on the honey moon and be back just in time to drop my new son off for his 5th year at Hogwarts.

I wanted to be a Malfoy already.

I waited the twenty minutes before Scorp made his appearance with my snack and I saw him put it down and under a napkin as he made himself known. He had gotten Ginny's mind off of me as he asked for her to not only help hi but Albus with their ties. Hermione had already gone downstairs and when Ginny left promising to be right back I scarfed down the roll and wasn't sorry in the least.

I could still taste it on my stained lips as I got so nervous. I wanted to get it over with. I was pacing when Harry came up to the room. He was giving me away today. "Ready?"

"Yeah." I said and I smiled widely. "Don't let me trip over the dress please?" I asked him and he nodded happily and held out his arm for me.

I wasn't sure that the dress and Harry would fit down the stairs side by side so he went behind me and held onto my arm all the way down. Once we were done I saw how many of the welcoming presents were missing I smiled wide. It would pass as a grand affair.

Before I knew it Harry and I were trekking up and past the barn and following my bridesmaids plus Scorpius and Albus. We got to the big ceremony and I spotted Draco talking with Minerva McGonagall since she was the one we asked to marry us and I couldn't help but wait for him to look at me. Harry was walking with me as I waited and when the music started his eyes snapped to me and his mouth closed in a hard clench.

There was something in his eyes, something that told me that he wanted me beside him already so he could tell me something.

But we walked down after everyone and then we were going to the 'here comes the bride' music and then I was finally in front of Draco and he basically tugged me close and wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Just perfect." He whispered as he took me up onto the small step up. "Beautiful." He added and I blushed hard.

"We are gathered here today... to not only celebrate love, but what has been a long time coming." The ceremony started and I looked to Draco only. He told me his vows, and I told him mine as we rehearsed and when he leaned in to kiss me at the end he lifted me off my feet. He kissed my hard and I moaned so low that he would be the only one to hear it.

"Do you know you taste of cinnamon rolls right?" He asked after a moment as he set me down.

"I had Scorp sneak me the last one before the ceremony." I told him and I laughed lightly before he leaned in and kissed my again.

"Promise me that you'll always make those." He said and I smiled and laughed lightly again before nodding.

I heard Alana shouting for people to get out of her way and I looked over as her belly came protruding out and I hugged her tight.

"I wish I had been with you when you got ready. But no... I can't make it up more than two sets of stairs with this baggage." She said and sighed as she rubbed her belly. She was already 5 months along, but with her age and the fact that her hips had already settled it hurt to walk anywhere for too long.

"I know... I am happy that you're going to be beside us for the after party though." I told her and she winked. "I do want to spend a little more time kissing my husband through." I said and despite her fake gag she was happy as she turned and called out for Blaise. I looked up to Draco and he pulled me in tight.

"I like the sound of you calling me that." He murmured as he brought his face down to mine.

"Well, why don't you kiss your wife." I whispered and he smirked and leaned in so far that I was being dipped back.