A/n: So I'm having one of those days and I wrote this in my head at work today. Dean/Reader

What a morning, being a teacher was usually fun but today you were just having one of those days. The kids that you taught were acting up, running around, throwing things and hitting each other. You almost yelled yourself hoarse trying to get them to calm down. You were glad that you now had a two hour break from them; an hour for their lunch and an hour for music class. As soon as they were out the door, you laid your head down on the desk and just let out a sigh, you weren't hungry yet, so you just stayed in that position for awhile.

You didn't hear him come in but your body visibly relaxed as soon as you smelled him, he smelled like motor oil, leather, cheeseburgers and pie. He placed a hand on your shoulder and said, "Sweetheart, are you alright?"

"Long morning," you mumbled into your arm.

"Wanna talk about it?"

You nodded and lifted your head and turned to where he was. You got lost in his emerald green eyes, they held so much depth and you've gotten lost in them more than once. Dean chuckled and you shook your head.

"Good, now that you are done getting lost in my eyes, don't deny it. Let's go get you some food and then we can talk."

You both stood and after grabbing your purse out of your locked desk drawer, you placed your hand in his; enjoying the warmth and the calluses that were on his hand from all the work he's done over the years, and you both walked out to the Impala. Upon passing the office, you popped your head in and told the secretary that you would be back before the kids got out of music. She just nodded and went back to her computer.

Upon sliding into Baby, you relaxed further into the seat. Dean drove to the closets diner and after helping you out, you headed in. The waitress came right over and you placed your order; a double cheeseburger with a large soda and Dean ordered the same thing. After the waitress left, Dean's phone rang and he took it leaving you to think back on how you meet Dean.


Two years ago.

You had just finished Teacher's College when Dean rolled into town. At the time, you learned that he was on a case with his brother; they both worked for the FBI, but it wasn't till almost getting killed by a Windigo did you learn that Dean and Sam were in fact Hunters. After Dean and Sam drove out of town, you were sure that you would never hear from him again. But you had been wrong, not a week later, your phone rang. You didn't know the number and weren't one that usually answered the phone when it was an unknown number but something told you to answer it.

You were surprised when you heard Dean's gravelly voice on the other end. You guys talked for a long time and after that first phone call, you kept in touch with Dean through texts, calls and emails. When Dean was able to he would make it down to see you, and even though the visits were only a day or maybe a weekend, you guys made the most of your time together.

It was six months into your relationship when you guys finally took it to the next step and Dean was a fantastic lover. He knew that it was your first time and he was so gentle and loving, making sure that you were alright every step of the way. That was also the first time that you told Dean that you loved him and he responded that he loved you as well.

~end flashback~

You were brought out of your thoughts by the waitress placing the food on the table. After taking a couple of bits, Dean asked, "Why so stressed Sweetheart?"

"Well the children have decided that they were going to act up this morning. I'm just glad that I have this two hour break from them and I hope that they are calmer this afternoon."

"Sounds like the demon spawns want their weekend to start now."

"They are not demon spawn." you say angry.

"No, you are right. Demons are worst than what you described." he chuckled and you couldn't help but laugh with him.

Once you were both done eating the burgers, you order pie; chocolate for you and apple for him, and you asked him what he was doing in town. He told you that he and Sam were in the next state over trying to take out a vampire nest. When you asked if Sam was going to be ok on his own, Dean told you that Cas was with him and he was going back soon. You smiled thinking of Cas, he really was an interesting person to be around; sometimes he was like a child way he needed to be told what things were when he wouldn't take it for face value.

After you both were done eating, Dean paid and then you guys headed out to the Impala. After climbing in, Dean turned to you and said, "Do you still have time?"

After checking your watch, you told him that you still had fifty-five minutes. Dean smirked and then gunned Baby, you guys were flying down the road and you were shrieking with laughter. Dean drove for about twenty minutes and then pulled to a stop and looked over at you, you had a huge smile on your face and you were definitely feeling a lot better. You and Dean made out for ten minutes and then he drove you back to the school but he stayed for another five minutes just holding you in his strong arms where you felt at home.

You sighed because you knew that you still had to set the room up for the afternoon. Almost as if he understood, Dean pulled back and said that he had to leave; you were sad but knew that he had to get back to help Sam.

"Thank you Dean for always being my hero and protector. I don't know how you always seem to know when I need you the most but I thank you for always being there for me."

"I'm no hero sweetheart; you are the hero teaching these children, helping to mold them into great people. And you are the one who is always there for me."

"I think that we should agree to disagree hunter." you reply with a chuckle.

Dean laughed with you and agreed.

"I love you my hunter," you said with a smile.

"I love you my teacher." he answered with a smile of his own.

After giving you a searing kiss, Dean promised that he would call you tonight. You nodded and then after one more kiss, pushed Dean out the door because neither of you wanted to say goodbye.

Once Dean was gone, you set up the room feeling much better and when the kids arrived after music, they seemed to be better behave as well and you ended up having a better afternoon and once you got home, true to Dean's word, he called to see how you were doing and you both ending up talking for the rest of the night.