Because I'm sin

Adrien Agreste.

He was the person whom everyone admired because his face was plastered all over posters around the city. Ah yes, the famous model with a pretty face and the son of a successful man. The boy who already had a bright future laid out for him.

He was the person everyone envied.

He could understand. He was famous, and already had a future where millions couldn't even dream. But he didn't think they should envy him. For everything to him always seemed so empty. He had everything a kid could ask for, and yet he still felt something was missing. That something was hollow.
He couldn't shake the feeling that he was missing something in his life. But he had a roof over his head, popularity, a pretty face, food, friends, a magical kwami, and an education. A private education until recently at that. After all, how many kids could even afford a private education?

He knew Nino was a true friend, Alya too. He wondered if he should consider Marinette a friend though. She couldn't even form a full sentence around him, which he assumed was from the fact that he was the famous model son of a famous fashion designer like what she aspired to be. But when she wasn't around him, she spoke loudly and like someone who was self assured. She was a great artist and designer, and was a brilliant thinker.
Not to mention, his father noticed her.

Over the summer, she was one of the lucky few selected to intern at his father's company as young, aspiring designers. He recalled she was the youngest of the bunch by around two years, but she was one of the most talented in his opinion. There being only seven interns, his father noticed all of them and went around guiding them through design, when not teaching the group doing it personally.

He couldn't help but stare at his father, leaning over the table Marinette was sitting at and pointing at her paper, speaking things he couldn't hear over the chatter of the people in the large room. Her smiling and nodded, occasionally looking up supposedly to ask a question. And he envied Marinette.

For the first time in his life, he actually envied someone.

He envied her because his father payed attention to her. Though it was only five days a week for a few hours a day, he hardly got a few minutes with his father.

He and his father didn't used to be like this.

But that was a long time ago.

The only difference between back then and now is that his mother isn't around anymore.

Should I continue or nah.

Because man

If I continue you're gonna get a huge mouthful of heartbreak