Outside of the bunker Alden, Han, Chewie, and Finn walked up to a power station to take a look at the base.

"The flooding tunnel is over that ridge, Will get in that way." Finn said.

"What was your job when you were based here?" Han asked


Han then pauses for a moment then grabs Finn. "SANITATION!?"


"Then how do you know how to disable the SHIELDS!" Alden shouted

"I don't!" "I'm just here to get Rey and _ _ _."


"Solo, Alden, we'll figure it out." "Will use the force."

"That's not how the force works!" Han responded.

"I feel insulted right now cause I use the Force, I'VE NEVER BEEN INSULTED IN MY LIFE!" Alden said


"Oh really,you're cold?"


"Come on!"

They all then rush toward the base.

In the command center Hux walks up to one officer to see how long until the weapon is fully charged.

"Report?" He asks.

"Weapon charged in 15 minutes sir."

Meanwhile the three men and wookie make their way inside. A stormtrooper then spots them as the door slides open.


Chewie then takes him down with his bowcaster.

"The longer we're here the less luck we're gonna have. "The shields." Han asks Finn.

"I have a Idea about that."

They walk towards an area where they see Captain Phasma. As she walks towards a hallway Chewie then jumps onto her. He then takes her to an area where Alden, Han, and Finn are.

"You remember me?" Finn asks her.

"FN-2187." She responds.


"Bring it down, Bring it down." Han says.

"Okay." He then turns to Phasma. "Follow me."

On the other hand You and Rey made it down a hallway to find a ship. The two of you see a hangar with a Tie fighter, but then see a bunch of stormtroopers walking behind.

"This way." She says leading you down towards the reactor shaft below. Both of you climb down to avoid the incoming troops. Rey spots a lever and uses it to open the wall, which both of you then climb into.

"You want me to blast that bucket off you're head?" "Lower the shields!" Finn says.

"You're making a big mistake." Phasma says.

"DO IT!"

She then complies with his orders lowering the shields. Finn then walks to Han and Alden.

"If this works, we're not going to have a lot of time to find both _ _ _ _ and Rey."

"Don't worry kid, we won't leave here without them." Han says

Phasma them gets up and turns around. "You can't be so stupid to think this would be easy, my troops will storm this block and kill you all."

"I disagree, Solo what do we do with her?" Finn says

"Is there a garbage chute? Trash compactor?" Han says

"Yeah there is." Finn says with a smug face.

"Oh this is gonna be good." Alden says with excitement.


"General, their shields are down!" A Cadet says to Leia.

"Thank the maker!" Threepio says.

"Han did it! Send them in." Leia says.

"Give Poe full authorization for attack!" Admiral Statura says to an officer.

"Black leader, go to sub lights on your call."


"Roger base, Red squad, Blue Squad take my lead." Poe responds to command.

"Dropping out of lightspeed." One Pilot says.

The x-wings then come out of lightspeed as they near the Starkiller. They make it to the surface, nearing the oscillator.

"Almost in range."

"Hit the target dead center, as many runs as we can get." Poe says.

"Approaching target."



Hux walks up to see the x-wings coming in.

"Dispatch all squadrons!" He says.

"Yes General!"


"Alright lets light it up!" Poe says.

The x-wings fire their proton torpedoes at their target.

"Hah! direct hit!" A pilot says

"But no damage!" Ello Asty says.

"Yeah we got to keep hitting it, another bombing run." Poe begins. "Remember when the sun is gone, that weapon will be ready to fire, but as long as there is light we have a chance."

BB-8 then spots incoming Tie Fighters.

"Guys we got a lot of company!"

Both Tie Fighters and X-wings then clash together to attack.

Back Inside Alden, Finn, Han, and Chewie make it towards an area.

"We'll use the charges to blow that blast door, I'll go in and draw fire but I'm going to need cover." "Finn says.

"You sure you're up for this?" Han asks him.

"Hell no, I'll go in to try to find them but the stormtroopers will be on our tail."

Han then suddenly looks behind him.

"There is an access tunnel- why you doing that? hmm, I'm trying to come up with a plan." Finn says referring to Han trying to direct his attention behind him.

"Look behind you farthead." Alden says

He turns around seeing a window where he can see of you and Rey climbing up a shaft.

"Let's Go!"

You and Rey walk up a corner but then get surprised as you see the four guys in front of you.

"You two alright?" Han asks.

"Yeah." Both of you respond.

"Did he hurt you too." Finn asks.

"Finn? What are you doing here?" You say.

"I came back for the both of you."


"What he'd say?"

"That it was your idea."

The two of you then hug him. "Thank you."

"How'd you two get away?"

"I can't explain it but you wouldn't believe it." Rey says.

"She used the force." You said.

"Escape now, hug later!" Han says.


"Who is that- wait that's Alden of the New Republic!" Rey says.


"Uh-I-." Finn stutters.

"Wow he has some strong language." You say.


"All of you make it towards an elevator outside. Chewie then hands Han his jacket, leaving him confused.

As the battle outside rages on, x-wings tries to manage to stay alive.

"I got one behind me!" Snap says.

"Yeah, I got it." Jessika Pava responds.

Just then an X-wing gets taken down.

"Gurrelo's been hit!" Jess says.

"Watch out for ground fire!"

The five of you rush outside seeing the battle take place.

"They're in trouble, we can't leave." Han says. "My friends got a bag full of explosives, let's use them."

"Alright then Finn, Rey you take that way the rest of us will go this way." Alden says.

"Why can't _ _ _ _ be with us?" Rey asks.


"About what?"



They all then scatter off.


"General, are you seeing this?" Kaydel Ko says.

"Two more x-wings down, that's half our fleet destroyed!" Vober Dand reports.

"And their weapon will be fully charged in ten minutes!" Threepio says. "It will take a miracle to save us now."

As you, Han, Chewie, and Alden enter the oscillator, a couple of stormtroopers try to block you off as Han shoots them down.

"This way." Han says.

On the other side of the base, Rey and Finn manage to open a couple doors for you guys.

"Huh, girl knows her stuff." Han says.

"Yep, she knows a lot about mechanics from scavenging all that wreckage on Jakku." You say.

The four of you then enter the oscillator.

"We'll set the charges against every other column."


"You're right, that's a better Idea, You and _ _ _ take the top, Me and Alden will go down below. "We'll meet back here."

All of you then take off as you begin to set the charges around the perimeter.

Kylo arrives into the oscillator with a couple of stormtroopers. He looks around the area as he senses his father.

"Find them." He says to the troopers.

Outside Rey and Finn then get out of their speeder as they spot The sunlight disappearing. They then hurry to climb up the tower..

Back Inside as Kylo walks around Han and Alden spot him.

"Maybe you should go up with _ _ _ and Chewie." Han whispers.

Alden then nods his head in agreement with worry that he might die.

Both you and Chewie turn around to see Alden.

"What are you doing?" You ask.

"Han said I should go here, so he could talk to his son." "Come on and see."

Han walks up to the catwalk behind his son.

"BEN!" He yells.

The three of you walk up to watch as Kylo turns around.

"Han Solo, I've been waiting for this day for a long time." He says.

You then hear a door open above as Finn and Rey enter.

"Take off that mask, you don't need it." Han asks him.

"What'll you see If I do?"

"The face of my son!"

Kylo then takes off the masks to reveal his face.

"Your son is gone, He was weak and foolish like his father, so I destroyed him."

"That's what Snoke wants you to believe, but it's not true."

"My son is alive."

"No, the supreme leader is wise."

"That's what Snoke wants you to believe, he's using you for your power, when he gets what he wants he'll crush you." "You know it's true."

"It's too late."

"No it's not, leave here with me come home, I miss you."

"I'm being torn apart, I want to be free of this pain." Ben says. "I know what I have to do, but I don't know If I have the strength to do it." "Will you help me?"

"Yes anything."

Han and Ben then hold on to Kylo's lightsaber. Just then the sun suddenly disappears from view. Darkness then comes over them. The red lights then surround Ben as He then stabs his father In the chest reverting back to Kylo Ren.


"NOOO!" Rey screams.

"HAN!" You and Alden yell.

"Thank you." Kylo says.

He pulls the lightsaber out of him. Han then puts his Han to Kylo's face as he then falls off the catwalk into the depths below. Just as that happens, Kylo's face showed a bit of remorse to his actions, that probably lead the darkness to further penetrate him. Through the force Leia sensed his death at the resistance base, feeling all alone as not only Han died, but feeling she lost her son forever and her brother Luke missing as well.

Then back at the Oscillator Chewie screams as he shoots his bowcaster at Kylo, wounding him. You and Alden proceed to follow him as he begins to shoot stormtroopers in anger. Rey and Finn then use their blasters as well. Chewie then presses the detonator which sets off all the charges.

"WE GOTTA GO NOW!" Alden says.

Kylo then looks up at the top and spots Rey and Finn. He then manages to get up as they leave when he spots them.


"The oscillator's been damaged but it's still functional." Ackbar says.

"Admiral the weapon will fire in two minutes!" An officer says.

You, Alden, and Chewie run outside to be met with stormtroopers. Some pull out their z6 batons after they spot Alden with two lightsabers.

"You have those?" You ask.

"Yes, and this one is yours I believe." He says handing your lightsaber.

"Where you find this?"

"Fight now, ask later!"

The two of you then charge at them as chewie takes the other ones down.


The X-wings outside try to fight off the Tie fighters as they can.

"We just lost R1."

"We're overwhelmed, what do we do? It isn't working." Jessika says.

"Black leader, there's a brand new hole in that oscillator."

"Looks like our friends got in."

"Red 4, Red 6 cover us." Poe says.


"Everyone else, hit the target hard, give it everything you got!"

The x-wings then fly towards the oscillator as they make it way through a trench.

"I need some help here!"

"I got you!"

"Watch out!"

"I'm Hit!" Ello Asty yells.

Poe then decides to go into the oscillator as everyone else covers him. Poe then fires inside the building as he makes his way out again. The oscillator then suddenly blows apart in a huge explosion, starting the collapse of the planet.

In the command area, the officers see the explosion going off outside as Tie fighter try to scramble off the planet. One Lieutenant decides to leave the area.


"JUST LOOK! WE WON'T SURVIVE, EVEN HUX IS GONE!" He says as other people start rushing out as well.

Hux runs up to talk to Snoke. "Supreme Leader!" "The fuel cells have ruptured." "The collapse of the planet has begun!"

Snoke then turns to him. "Leave the base at once and come to me with Kylo Ren." "It is time to complete his training."

Rey then rushes towards an Injured Finn because of Kylo Ren, Since I skipped this whole section of the battle.

She then cries silently as she then sees the Falcon appear. You and Chewie then walk outside as Alden takes care of the ship.

"_ _ _ _! Chewie! Help me, Finn's injured!" Rey says.

"Get him on board Chewie!" You say to him.

The Falcon then takes off the planet as the x-wings follow behind.

"All teams, I got eyes of them!" Poe says.


They make their way off the planet as it begins to crumble. Fire then burst out of the planet as a big explosion turns it into a new star.

"Our job's done here, let's go home." Poe says.

Every ship then makes the jump to light speed back to the Resistance base.

At the Resistance base everyone cheers on the destruction of Starkiller Base. Chewie then hands Finn over to the medics as Everyone walks away.. Rey walks slowly towards Leia as they then hug each other.

Inside the base R2 then wakes up from his low power mode. BB-8 then spots this as he walks toward him. They then talk to each other as Threepio and Alden walk up to them.

"R2-D2, You've come back!" Threepio says.

"Glad to see our favorite astromech droid awake!" Alden says.

Artoo then beeps at the both of them.

"You found what?"


"How dare you call me that!" Threepio says as he hits him.


"Find master Luke, how?"


"You have a map?" Alden asks.

"We should tell the good news!"

"General, excuse me." "General." Threepio says as Leia turns around. "R2D2 may have some much needed good news."

"Tell me!"

Everyone then gathers around to see the map that artoo has. bb-8 rolls toward it and then turns to Poe.

"Alright buddy hold on!"

BB-8 then walks up to put the missing piece on.

"The map, it is complete!"

"Luke!" Leia says.

"So that's where Master Luke's been." You said.

"Oh my dear friend, how I missed you." Threepio says.

"ALRIGHT! Rey, _ _ _, Artoo, and Chewie can come along to see him with me!" Alden says

"We shall get you ready then."

As everyone gets ready to leave while Rey said her goodbye to Finn.

"We'll see each other again, I believe that." She said to him. She then gave him a kiss on his forehead as she left.

Outside while Chewbacca was getting everything ready, Rey then walked towards the falcon.

"Rey." Leia began as she turned around. "May the force be with you."

She then smiled at leia as she turned towards the falcon again. She walked inside the Falcon where the rest of you were. She and Chewie started up the Falcon as everyone outside cheered on.

The falcon took off into lightspeed after it left D'Qar. After it pulled out of hyperspace a blue planet appeared in front of everyone. The falcon then landed on a Island where Luke was posed to be on.

Everyone got off as You, Rey, and Alden went up the stairs to find Luke while Chewbacca and Artoo stayed to watch the ship. Walking up the pathway it felt if the Jedi steps. All of you pass some ancient ruins on the island as your making your way up to the top. At the top a hooded figure was standing over something, who then sensed your presence and turned around. He took off his hood to reveal Luke's face as Rey set her staff aside and pulled out his father's lightsaber. Luke stared at it for a while feeling something inside him that he hadn't felt in a long time. Everyone stood their while Rey had her arm out with the lightsaber, marking a new return of the Jedi.