Author Note:

The characters are all around twenty-six and twenty-seven at the time of our story. There are some more adult scenes, which is why this story is rated M.

The songs used in this chapter are See You Again, Carrie Underwood and Torn, Natalie Imbruglia.

Chapter One: See You Again

Lucas Friar couldn't believe that he was packing up everything in his Texas apartment that he'd called home for the last four years, he only had one more thing to pack away . . .the vision board he'd made during his freshmen seminar eight years ago. The poster board he'd used had faded, and he could see the outlines of dreams and goal's he'd accomplished, which he removed. Some had been replaced with other short term dreams, but only one thing remained from when he'd first made the board.

He'd been razzed about it for years; first by his college roommate Clint, later by his frat brothers, even his cousins Tucker and Kevin would tease him whenever they saw it. Riley Matthew's face still stared back at him, framed by a purple construction paper heart, in sharpie he'd written my future wife.

He could still feel the pang of confusion when he tried to think about why Riley had broken up with him. It never made sense to him, she just stopped talking. She wouldn't take his calls, she wouldn't answer his emails, and worst of all she sent back the promise ring he'd given her. It had been a simple silver ring with stars engraved on it.

He asked their friends, but none of them knew. She was in Colorado, Farkle was in Cambridge, Maya and Zay were both still in New York. She wouldn't tell them, all she would say was Lucas knows. But he didn't.

The last time they'd spoken everything had been good, they were talking about the upcoming Thanksgiving break, but they wouldn't get to see each other since they each only had a few days and most of it would be spent traveling. She'd be in Philadelphia with her Grandparents; he'd be at the ranch with Pappy Joe. They were making plans for Christmas, and Lucas already knew that it would be one they wouldn't forget.

He'd already bought the ring, and he was planning to propose on New Year's Eve, up on the roof of her building. The same roof where he first heard she loved him, the same roof that they shared their first kiss, the same roof where he told her he loved her for the first time, the same roof where they agreed that going to different colleges was the right answer for their future.

He never proposed though, she wouldn't see him that holiday. She refused to talk to him. He climbed up her fire escape on Christmas Eve, desperate to see her, to find out what was going on. Was their someone else, had he done something? He ended up sitting there in the dark, cold New York air, watching her sit on her bed, staring at pictures of the two of them before she would pack each away in a box. He couldn't bring himself to tap on the window, even though all he wanted to do was pull her in his arms and tell her that everything would be okay.

He'd confessed this to his friends a few days after, and begged them not to tell her. As far as he knew they never did.

He'd gone back to New York every Christmas, always leaving the day before New Year's Eve, and every year he climbed the fire escape on Christmas Eve to try and talk to her. He never did, one year she was laughing with another guy in her room and the jealousy burned like a fire inside of him. It took everything inside of him not to bust through the window and ask what was going on. Other years she would be wrapping presents, talking with Maya, and then last year she wasn't in the room at all. It had been converted to an office, and Maya later mentioned that Riley had moved out once and for all.

When Lucas had gone up during the spring, Farkle told him he knew a great building that had not only a retail space for rent, but also an apartment. So he allowed Farkle to bring them to the old neighborhood, to Riley's old building, which he soon learned was actually her current building.

"Mrs. Matthews bought the building a few years ago. Last month the electronics store that had been in this space closed down. She's looking for someone to rent it that will add value to the neighborhood, like say an Animal Clinic." They stood out on the sidewalk; the intoxicating scent from the Bakery filled the air.

"I don't know Farkle; do you think she would rent it to me? I would still need an apartment."

"I happen to know for a fact that in July unit four will be available." Farkle had grown into a confident young man, who still dressed in mostly dark colors but it fit.

Lucas didn't know, and he couldn't help but be drawn to the purple curtains hanging in one of the lower units.

"I think it would be the perfect spot, the bakery is just down on the other side Mr. and Mrs. Matthews love you."

"They did, before the break up."

"No one knows why she broke up with you, accept her." Farkle told him. "She never told me, she never told Maya, and considering Mr. Matthews still asks how you're doing tells me he doesn't know what it was either."

Lucas sat on the front steps of the building, "She hasn't told Maya after all this time?"

"Nope" Farkle sat next to his friend, "We don't ask often, but it comes up once in a while. She always says Lucas knows. But you don't."

Looking around the old street he knew this was where he wanted to be. New York was home, he wanted to come back, he wanted to resolve things with Riley, and maybe this would lead to it. "You're right Farkle, this is the right space. Do you think you could call Mrs. Matthews to ask her about it?"

"I'll do you one better." Farkle went up to the call box and a few minutes later Lucas and he were in the Matthew's apartment.

Some of the furniture was different, new pictures were added, but it was still the same comforting space Lucas had spent many evenings of his high school years in.

"Farkle, what's going on?" Cory came into the room and stopped when he saw Lucas, "Mr. Friar, it's been a long time."

"Yes Sir, it has." Lucas rose just as Topanga came in.

"Okay boys what's this about?" Farkle had already told her he planned to bring Lucas by today, convince him to move back.

"I'm going to be done with my grad school soon, and I'll be a practicing veterinarian." He looked to them, "And I want to move back to New York and open my own animal clinic. I was hoping we could talk about leasing the space downstairs, and the apartment that will be vacant in July."

"I have a few questions for you." Cory circled around the boys, "Why did you and Riley break up?"

"Sir, I'll be honest with you. I have no idea why we broke up. She stopped talking to me. She wouldn't answer my calls; I don't know what I did to upset her. She sent me the promise ring back, with a note." Lucas pulled his wallet out from his back pocket, pulling out the worn piece of paper and the small silver ring.

Topanga took them from him, reading the words her daughter had written. "Most men wouldn't still have these after almost eight years."

"I know that."

"Would you be living alone, or would your girlfriend be with you?" Cory studied the boys.

"I would be living alone; Riley is the only girlfriend I've ever had. When she broke up with me, I focused on studies and threw myself into being a Zeta Gamma Nu." Lucas confided as he watched Cory read the note Riley had sent him.

"So you've had these with you all this time, how many times have you read this letter?"

"I have it memorized sir; I still look at it to see her handwriting."

"You know Topanga; the neighborhood could use an Animal Clinic." Cory handed the paper back to Lucas along with the ring.

Topanga smiled, "I was just thinking the same thing. Lucas, I think we could work something out. Come on back to the office."

Farkle and Cory were silent for a moment when Cory turned to his former student, "You didn't tell him she lives downstairs did you?"

"Nope, he doesn't know she owns the Bakery now either."

Cory smiled, "Let me guess, you're going to ask him to be your best man right?"

"I certainly am sir."

"Farkle, I always liked you."

"Thank you sir, you know I would do anything for Riley and for Lucas."

Cory checked the hall before turning to Farkle, "Just don't let Maya and Zay in on your plans just yet."

"Do you think she still loves him sir?"

"I know she does. I don't know what happened between them, but I do know that he tries to talk to her each year, but he never does. I also know that she waits for him each year, they're just trying on different days."

Lucas put the vision board in the box before closing it up. He would see her in a few days, they'd both be at Farkle and Isadora's wedding, and they would have to spend time together since she was the Maid of Honor and he was the Best Man. At the very least he could find out what happened between them, and at the very best he would win her back. She was the missing piece in his life.

"She still hasn't asked you who your best man is going to be?" Maya pulled the cork out of the bottle of Pinot Noir before pouring it into the three glasses of her kitchen counter.

"Nope, do you think she knows deep down and is afraid for the confirmation?" Farkle was getting married in less than a week. Tomorrow Maya, Zay, Riley, and Lucas would be going up to his parents' house in the Hampton's. It was all part of his grand plan, that he had a little help with from one of the kings of schemes.

Zay looked up from his phone, "So let me get this straight, you really think that Riley and Lucas are just going to fall back in love when they see each other?"

"No, but I think being in the Hampton's for a few days before the wedding will be good for them. Hopefully it will give them a chance to talk and clear the air. At the very least Lucas can hopefully find out why she broke up with him." Farkle took his glass of wine and sat down on the futon Maya had in the middle of her loft.

"Why force this, it's been almost eight years." Maya took her own wine glass and sat on the ottoman.

"Because, until they at the very least clear the air neither will really move on, I don't know about you but I'm tired of Charlie Gardner still showing up as Riley's date to stuff."

"I can't stand that guy, he's so fake." Zay took a long sip of his wine before sitting very close to Maya.

"Okay, so if they clear the air, what happens next; Ranger Rick lives in Texas?" Maya picked up her phone scrolling through twitter as they talked.

"That's up to them, but wouldn't it be better for all of us to have this in the past. Aren't you sick of not being able to tell Riley we're hanging out with Lucas when he's in town? Don't you want for all of us to spend the same week at the Hampton's?"

"That would be nice." Zay's fingers traced lazy patterns on Maya's legs, Farkle noticed, he always noticed.

"So let's get this set into motion." Farkle checked his phone, "Lucas is going to arrive tomorrow morning, Zay you and he will be on the same train ride out with Maya and Riley. You've got to sit together."

"Yeah that won't be awkward." Maya rolled her eyes as she leaned against Zay.

"They either fight or don't talk to each other."

"Or she falls into his lap." Maya smiled.

"Don't be obvious."

"Okay, okay." Maya took a sip of her wine, "We'll figure it out. Worst comes to worst we'll make them walk home from dinner tomorrow night."

"Oh that's good." Zay smiled, "This might be fun."

"You don't get the neurotic one." Maya reminded him.

"Okay, if they fight I'll deal with Riley, you can deal with Lucas, deal?"

"Deal." They shook, which surprised Farkle, he was sure he was going to witness a kiss between his two friends.

"I have a feeling that Riley and Lucas are going to be reunited, that Rucas will be back together by the time I'm married."

"You know something, spill."

"When Lucas was here for that trip in the spring, I found out something from Mr. Matthews." Farkle confessed.

"Wait, I think we're missing a few pieces of this story Farkle." Zay warned.

"Mr. Matthews told me that every Christmas Eve he gets a call from the lady across the street from Riley's old room. Apparently every year a blonde man climbs the fire escape. She calls Mr. Matthews to warn him of the strange man, and he always tells her not to worry, it's one of Riley's friends looking for the courage to talk to her."

"Matthews helped you come up with this, didn't he?" Maya put her glass down on the floor.

"I can neither confirm nor deny if hambone is involved at all." His smile gave it away though.

"What else do you know Farkle." Zay looked at his friend, one of his best wondering what he knew that he didn't know.

"Everything I tell you in this room tonight is secret."

"Of course." They both agreed.

"Lucas is moving back to New York, he rented that retail space in the Matthew's building."

"Wait the one that's got the brown paper up, but is still empty even though Topanga took the for rent sign down—wow Ranger Rick."

"Yeah, he's also rented the apartment that's available starting July first."

Zay's mouth dropped, "You are wicked little man."

"This is going to be an interesting few days." Maya picked her glass up, "To the Rucas Reunion! Everyone should know the epic yet silly love story."

"Hashtag it, tweet it for prosperity." Zay joked, but the joke became a reality later that night after Maya had several more glasses of wine.

Let us tell you the story of 2 silly kids who were once in love but broke up, & we don't know why. #RucasReunion IZayBay TheFarkle

You see once there was a boy named Lucas, who moved from Texas to NYC. #RucasReunion

& there was a girl named Riley, who spent her whole life I the city, when one day her bestie pushed her into the lap of a cowboy. #RucasReunion

He was smitten, told his best friend back in Texas all about her, for hours on end. #RucasReunion

They could barely talk to each other at first until a fateful night at the library. #RucasReunion

Where they opened up to each other & started to fall in love, well as much as possible when in the 7th grade. #RucasReunion

What they shared couldn't be denied, even when MayaPHartArt had a crush on the cowboy. #RucasReunion

Hey, we don't need to bring that up TheFarkle.

Eventually after a hiccup or 2, Riley & Lucas started to date. #RucasReunion

They dated all throughout high school. They were the sweet couple everyone loved & hated. #RucasReunion

They got into different colleges though, but agreed to stay together & do the long distance thing. #RucasReunion

High school ended, but these 2 were so in love that Lucas gave Riley a promise ring #RucasReunion

Then something happened, we don't know what even almost 8 years later. But Riley sent Lucas the promise ring back. #RucasReunion

She stopped talking to him, broke his heart. #RucasReunion

But he did something that broke her's first, we think. #RucasReunion

We really have no idea what happened #RucasReunion but over the years we their friends know one thing.

We know that Riley and Lucas are still crazy about each other, even though they haven't seen each other #RucasReunion

We kept waiting for them to run into each other, every spring break they went to the same location, same week. #RucasReunion

But they never saw each other, but tomorrow that all changes. #RucasReunion

Riley and Lucas will have to each other when they arrive in the Hampton's to prepare for my and TheSmackle's wedding #RucasReunion

Riley is the maid of honor & Lucas I the best man. She doesn't know it though. #RucasReunion

I don't know why she doesn't know, I swore I told her. #RucasReunion MayaPHartArt

You never told her, none of us did, just like none of us told her about Lucas' yearly Christmas visits. #RucasReunion TheFarkle

Back on track now, when they're reunited for the first time we expect tension, but we're also hoping to see if they still have the spark #RucasReunion

They'll be engaged by the end of the weekend, guaranteed. #RucasReunion

I don't think so IZayBay, care to make a wager? #RucasReunion

Sure what are the terms? MayaPHartArt #RucasReunion

If they're engaged by this time next week, I will take you to dinner at that new place in SoHo you're dying to try. #RucasReunion

And if they're not, I will take you to dinner at that place in Williamsburg that you love so much. #RucasReunion

Riley Matthews knew she and her best friend Maya should've rented a car and just driven up, but Maya insisted this would be better. Maybe she didn't realize just how much stuff they would have to take up for the five or so days. So now Riley tried to make her way down the train car with her suitcase, garment bag, purse and work bag.

Maya was already in their seats, her feet up as she ignored Riley's pleas for help. Maya packed lighter and planned to spend as much time in a bikini as possible; while Riley had to not only bake and decorate the wedding cake, and also bake a few other things her friends had grown to love. Plus being the Maid of Honor was no easy task.

The cake was why they were going up today anyways; Riley wanted to get it started tonight. She wanted to make sure it was done except for final touches before the Minkus' family chef took over the kitchen for the weekend. If things were going as planned Farkle and Smackle wouldn't be at the house yet, it would just be Maya and Riley. It would give her time to focus on the cake without extra distractions.

"Maya, please will you hold this? It has all my cake supplies." Riley tried to hand her friend on of her bags while looking for a place to stow the others. Why had she agreed to the train ride? Why was it packed in the middle of the week?

Maya took the bag, focusing on her phone while she watched Riley start to fall backwards and into someone's arms. She bit her lip to keep from smile, she didn't have to ask who it was that caught her.

"Hey, do you need help?"

Riley froze when she heard his voice, her heart was about to leap out of her chest when she realized that his hands were on her again. This couldn't be, no why would he be on this train of all trains?

"I've got it, thank you." Her words were fast as she pulled away from him, afraid if she hadn't she would've melted into him and made a huge fool of herself once again.

"Riley?" He looked around to see her face, a smile growing on his lips and in his peridot green eyes.

"Hi Lucas." She couldn't look at him, she wouldn't. Why had she not thought about this being possible, why hadn't Farkle warned her?

Lucas stood back and looked around to Riley to see that her companion was Maya. "Hi Maya."

"Hey Huckleberry, let me guess you're off to the big wedding this weekend huh?"

"Well, I am the best man." He wished Riley would look at him; he longed to see her barn wood brown eyes in person. "I guess I'll see you girls there, Zay and I are sitting back here."

Riley couldn't move until she was sure he was gone and not still right behind her, she could still feel the impression his fingers left on her skin. "Maya,"

"It's okay Riles, I mean of course he was going to be there this weekend, he's Farkle's best friend." Maya looked at her phone for a moment, and then back up, "Wait, you did realize that Lucas would be Farkle's best man, didn't you?"

Riley shook her head, her shoulder length brown hair dancing on her shoulders, "I've been so busy helping Smackle, designing the cake, convincing Charlie I didn't need a date for this, I didn't even think about who the best man was, or that Farkle would ask Lucas."

Maya looked at her friend, she knew it was going to be a long few days, "Listen, it's a big house, lots of stuff going on; I mean really how often are you going to have to see Lucas? I mean you'll walk down the aisle with him after the ceremony, take a few pictures, maybe dance one dance, but that's nothing."

"You're right, it's a huge house. We've gotten lost in it. Remember that year we came up for the Fourth of July? We barely even saw each other." Riley thought back on that memory, Zay had been up with them. Somehow Riley barely saw either of them that weekend.

Maya leaned back, watching Riley, "What happened between you two anyways?"

Riley rubbed her left ring finger as she stared out the window, "Lucas knows what he did Maya, Lucas knows why I had to send him the promise ring back. It didn't feel right to keep it."

Still no answer, seriously what happened? "Just hide out in the kitchen making the most glorious wedding cake that the Hamptons are ever going to see, and when you're not there you'll be down at the beach with me. Maybe we'll meet a cute set of millionaires to whisk us off our feet."

Riley said nothing as she stared out the window, feeling a knot form in her stomach. It was only a matter of time before she had to see Lucas, really face him, she wasn't sure she was ready for this.

"Maya, Riley, two of my favorite ladies, I have a favor to ask." Zay's voice was warm, but Riley had a feeling she knew what he was about to ask. "A family of four wants to sit together, Luc and I were wondering we could sit with the two of you."

"Yeah that's fine." Riley continued to look out the window, "Just Zay, you sit next to me, okay?"

"Whatever you say Cotton Candy Face." He left to give Lucas the okay.

"You going to be okay?" Maya tapped on her phone.

"I have to me."

#RucasReunion has officially started, Riley literally fell into his arms on the train, I didn't even have to push her this time.

She still says Lucas knows why they broke up, he did something. #RucasReunion

Want to bet that their breakup was over some stupid misunderstanding, and Riley got insecure about something? #RucasReunion MayaPHartArt

It had to be something real TheFarkle, she wouldn't throw everything away over a misunderstanding. So yeah let's make a bet. #RucasReunion

If it's something real I'll get you tickets to that musical you are dying to see. #RucasReunion MayaPHartArt

Oh, good one. Well if it's something ridiculous, I will give you that sculpture of mine you're always trying to buy from me. #RucasReunion TheFarkle

We've got a deal MayaPHartArt! #RucasReunion

Zay dragged Lucas with him, forcing him to sit next to Maya, which gave him a chance to see Riley, watch as she stared out the window. Zay figured Riley hadn't thought about turning around and being able to see Lucas. He didn't know what happened, he was positive that Lucas didn't know either. He took his seat next to Riley, pulling out his phone, reading his twitter feed and realizing he'd missed a bet between Maya and Farkle. He moved onto his emails.

"Hey Maya, I'm hearing great buzz about your show next month." He tried to start a conversation, bot sure he could handle the train ride and the strained silence that was vibrating from Riley.

"Really? I haven't finished, I have a piece I'm working on, but something is just not working. I'm hoping a few days away will help clear my head so when I get back I can figure it out." Maya looked to Lucas, "So, what are you up to these days?"

"I just got my Veterinarian License; I'm going to be starting a practice soon." He looked over to Riley, "What about you, what are you up to these days?"

"I run Topanga's, Mom got busy with the law firm; Dad is busy as Principle, so I took over." Her voice was flat as she continued to stare out the window, trying to remind herself to breathe.

Lucas leaned back in his seat looking to Maya who just shrugged, followed by Zay doing the same thing, "We don't have to talk, silence is good, silence is nice."

"You would think that." Riley said softly, not realizing her words had been released to the world.

Maya and Zay didn't understand, but Lucas knew that it was going to take a lot of work to get Riley to do anything more then play nice during their time together this week.

Icy start to this #RucasReunion, but I think things will melt quickly.

I wouldn't be so sure of that, but I guess only time will tell IZayBay #RucasReunion

When the train arrived at their stop, Lucas offered to help Riley with her bags, but she would only accept it from Zay. As he carried his own bags, he followed behind to stop Maya, "Why is she mad at me?"

"You broke her heart; you had to have done something Lucas." Maya shook her head, "She says you know what you did."

"I didn't dump her, I didn't even suggest it, I was planning to propose to her over Christmas break." He confided in his old friend. "But she stopped talking to me, sent the promise ring back. She and I need to have a long talk, don't we?"

Maya looked up from her phone over towards Zay and Riley at the other end of the depot, "Yeah, you do, you two always need to talk."

Farkle had left two cars at the station for them to use. The girls loaded into one, while the boys followed in the other.

As Riley drove Carrie Underwood's vocals filled the space and kept Maya from asking her the questions she didn't want to answer.

Calling me back in time

Back to you

In a place far away

Where the water meets the sky

The thought of it makes me smile

You are my tomorrow

Maya turned the radio off as she looked at Riley in the driver's seat, "Who broke up with who?"

"Who are you talking about?" Riley flipped the radio back on.

Maya turned it off again, "Riley, you and Lucas; who broke up with who?"

Riley held the steering wheel tightly, her knuckles turning white as she made her way down the road, "I broke up with him, before he could break up with me. I was trying to protect myself."

"But why, you and Lucas were crazy about each other." Maya left out the part about him planning to propose, but it was obvious that they each still carried a torch for the other.

"I had my reasons, okay. None of that matters, it was eight years ago. Why do you all keep asking about it? Lucas knows what he did; Lucas knows why we broke up." She took a deep breath, "This weekend is about Farkle and Isadora, not me and Lucas, okay?"

"Whatever you say." Maya turned the radio back on.

I'm torn

I'm all out of faith

This is how I feel

"Maya?" Riley started before glancing over at her friend, "Why do you think Lucas and Zay were coming up today and not on Friday like everyone else?"

"No idea, you'll have to ask them. I'm sure they're wondering the same thing about us." Maya continued tapping on her phone.

Riley says she broke up w/ him so he wouldn't beak up w/ her. Lucas says he was going to pop the question that Christmas. #RucasReunion

He had a ring and everything, he even asked her Father for his blessing. MayaPHartArt #RucasReunion

"So, you and Riley, together, in the same place for the first time in how long?" Zay looked up from the tweet he'd been reading from Maya and Farkle as Lucas drove towards the Minkus' house.

"Too long," he breathed, "She hates me, I still don't get it Zay, what did I do?"

Zay slid his phone in his pocket, "Listen, as far as I know, she never told anyone why she stopped talking to you, why she sent the ring back, not me, not Maya, and not Farkle."

"She really took over the Bakery?" she would be nearby, at least during the workday.

"Oh yeah, after college she went to culinary school to become a Pastry Chef."

"She did?" Lucas kept his eyes on the car in front of him, following as it turned onto a long driveway, "Why didn't know any of this?"

"Because, it hurt too much to ask, I think." Zay pulled his phone back out when he felt it vibrate. "She's making the wedding cake, that's why she and Maya came up a few days early."

"Early, I thought you and Farkle said everyone was arriving today?"

"Did we?" Zay wished the car was parked so he could jump out, "No, Farkle wanted us to come up so the girls wouldn't be up here alone. You know how he worries."

"Zay, what are you and Farkle up to?"

"Farkle, Maya and I aren't up to anything." He realized his mistake as soon as her name passed over his lips.

Lucas took a deep breath, "Maya is in on whatever scheme you've cooked up?"

"Lucas, nothing is going on, we're not plotting anything."

He parked the car behind Riley, "She didn't know I was coming to the wedding, did she?"

"Nope, we all thought she would realize you would be here, that you would be the best man, but she didn't."

Lucas watched Riley for a moment as she got out of the other car and started to unload her bags. She had a bunch, why did she have so many? "Riley, let me help you with those!" He called as he climbed out of the car.

"No, it's fine. I have this." She insisted as she almost fell over trying to balance everything.

"Riley, I can help you." He took her work bag and suitcase, following her into the house.

"Okay, Farkle left a list of what rooms everyone is in." Maya announced as she looked at the piece of paper, "Well Zay, we're suitemates, you're in blue and I'm in red! Lucas, you and Riley get the white and purple rooms."

""Wait, that can't be right Maya, let me see the paper." Riley reached for it, they'd spent enough time the last few summers in the house to know which rooms shared a bathroom and which didn't.

Maya handed her the paper, "It's true, it comes from his Mother; you know the one your Dad and Shawn call Monster."

Riley sighed, "Wonderful." This was going to be a very long week, she wasn't sure how she would get through it, and it was starting to feel like everyone was plotting against her now.

"Zay and I could trade, right? Mrs. Minkus wouldn't be upset with that would she?" Lucas suggests seeing how upset Riley was.

"Nope, she would, I'm sure she just wants the best man and maid of honor near each other for emergencies." Zay looked to Maya, "Let's go get settled, that great burger place isn't far from here, let's meet down here in say an hour and go to dinner, sound good?"

"Sounds great to me!" Maya grabbed Zay by the arm and the two disappeared before Riley or Lucas could protest.

"They're setting us up." Lucas told her.

"I was starting to think so." Riley grabbed her work bag and went towards the kitchen.

Lucas followed, "Eventually we should talk, shouldn't we?"


"Because our best friend is getting married and we're important to him and his bride. Can we at least pretend to be the friends we once were, just until they cut the cake? After that you never have to talk to me again if you don't want to, how does that sound?"

Riley began unpacking her bag, "So basically a truce of sorts, let's give it a try. Just one rule, stay out of my wain in the kitchen."

"As you wish, I'll go drop your bags off in your room, see you in a little bit." Lucas smiled to her as he backed out of the large kitchen, how was he going to survive the next few days if she kept up this frosty behavior?

Riley was thankful to finally be alone as she unpacked her bag of baking and decorating tools, her hands shook. All she wanted to do was cry; release the flood of emotions building inside of her. She didn't have time, not now anyways. She could make it through dinner, and when they got back she could take a hot show and then she could cry.