Chapter Twelve


The night seemed to fly by so quickly and Helga didn't remember much of it. There was dancing, there was necking with random guys she didn't know, there was taking her top off along with Sheena and Lila. There was also a talk she'd had with Phoebe. And with Iggy. Then she remembered puking. The rest was pretty much fuzzy to her. Waking up that morning with a pounding headache, Miriam came in to check on her, saying that Gerald had been nice enough to drive her home. Sheena and Lila had crashed on the couch downstairs, but they'd already left. "Crimminy..." Helga moaned, sitting up in bed. She looked at the clock. 10:23.

(How the hell did I wake up this early? And with a hangover no less...)

She was still in her swimsuit, her shirt pulled over inside out and backwards and her shorts on but not zipped up or buttoned. Her hair was an absolute mess and her make-up was beyond repair.

Helga desperately tried to recall what happened the night before. She remembered being with Brainy, talking to Phoebe, making out with Sid, talking to Gerald, and then being with Sheena and Lila.

(One too many drinks.)

Helga desperately hoped she hadn't done anything stupid. Shuffling out of bed, she walked over to her pink love seat and sat down, grabbing her phone off the corner table. Automatically, she dialed Phoebe's number. She hadn't dialed her number in at least a year, but she still remembered it as clear as remembering her own name. Helga rubbed her throbbing temple as the phone rang. Once. Twice.

"Hello?" came the small voice of Phoebe.

"Pheebs...I really need to talk to you. I really had too much to drink last night and I'm not quite sure if I'm remembering things correctly. I think I talked to Iggy..."

Phoebe interrupted. "Don't call me again." He voice was icy and she hung up instantly.

Helga looked bewildered as she slowly pulled the phone away from her ear as though it were some rabid dog. Obviously, talking to Iggy hadn't been the smartest move. Another thought occurred to Helga though. When she'd talked to Gerald.

(Oh shit...told him about Pheebs being pregnant.)

Well that would account for Phoebe's attitude. Helga sighed, hoping she'd be able to apologize. She really hadn't meant to tell Gerald. Helga wasn't good at keeping secrets. She'd have to call Gerald.

Once again, Helga dialed. Gerald's number this time which she still remembered as well. It rang. Once. Twice. Three times.

Finally, "Hello?" Mrs. Johannson obviously.

"Gerald there?" Helga asked, winding the phone cord around her fingers.

"Hold on." Helga heard Mrs. Johannson call loudly for Gerald and suddenly Gerald picked up.

"Yeah, what?" he asked. It seemed he already knew who it was.

"Gerald..." Helga began. "...Phoebe's really mad at me right now, and I just wanted to apologize for telling you--"

She was cut short by Gerald's ferocious reply. "No need to apologize. I would've found out anyway when you announced it to everyone at the party about her and Iggy." He hung up before she could speak again.

Helga's eyes were wide. "What the hell did I do last night?" she asked herself, and wondered whether she should bother dialing another number.

"I need to figure out what happened...." she reasoned with herself, and picked up the phone again to dial Sid.

The phone rang. Once.

"Talk," answered Sid suddenly and Helga was a bit surprised. His voice sounded awfully sullen.

"Yeah...Sid, it's me," Helga said, her voice a little nervous.

Sid sighed loudly. "Oh...calling up so you can use me again?" he asked acidly, and Helga bit her lip.

(Don't get pissed don't get pissed don't get pissed....)

"No," Helga replied, trying to choose her words carefully. "I will be more than willing to discuss that with you later, Sid, but right now I really need to know what I did last night. I've got a big headache and I can't remember a damn thing. Will you tell me?" Helga pleaded, trying her hardest not to have any ounce of scorn in her voice.

Sid snorted. "Yeah...I'll tell you what you did. You announced to the whole party about how Iggy raped Phoebe you stupid bitch. Now the whole town is talking and Phoebe is ashamed to show her face to anyone anymore. Gerald's crushed. And Iggy got off with nothing. All his friends think he's so cool for fucking the most popular girl in school. And now the whole planet knows because of you, Helga Pataki. And to top it all off, you're a tease. Later." And Sid hung up.

Helga was close to tears. It took a lot to break Helga Pataki, but she was pretty close to the edge at that moment. There was still one more person she needed to talk to, even though it would probably kill herself to do so.


Helga realized she wouldn't have to call him. She didn't have his number anyway. He would be out working in Miriam's garden. Sniffling and stifling her tears, Helga made her way downstairs, effectively avoiding Big Bob or Miriam. Silently, she opened the back and stepped outside to the backyard. The one she didn't even know she had.

It was small, and the majority of it was covered with various flowers and vegetables. Helga saw Brainy, stooped over a tomato plant and pulling furiously at the weeds around it. She walked over to him, already positive that he was aware of her presence.

Standing behind him, he stopped pulling weeds, but remained in the crouched position. Silence. And it was the awkward kind. The REALLY awkward kind.


"Brainy...Devin...I don't know what to say," Helga tried, crossing her arms over her chest, but immediately putting them back down. Her palms were sweaty. She still had a throbbing headache. She was so nervous.

Brainy didn't reply for awhile. Helga began to wonder if her voice was loud enough for him to hear. He spoke. "I guess it was too much to hope for that you actually liked me," he said finally, still turned away her, stooped over the tomatoes.

"I do like you," Helga choked. "Listen, I did a lot of stupid things last night. You were probably already gone, but Iggy--"

Brainy held out a hand to silence her. He stood up, wiping his gloves together. His expression was steely, but he looked straight into her eyes. "I know Helga. Everyone knows. I know about Sid. I know about Phoebe, and Iggy, and Gerald." Brainy. Devin Clyde. The boy with the messy sandy hair gave a sigh. He sounded defeated. "You screwed up, Helga. You screwed up big time."

And Helga was broken.


Wow...that ended so sad-like. I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of enemies now. *cowers* Let me explain! Gah! I wanted to end it strong, and I figured something this emotional was the best way to go. Remember: Sequels! *continues to cower* Don't hurt me. ^_^