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Annabeth and the girls were chatting contentedly for what felt like the first time in forever. They were comparing dresses, Annabeth and Percy were meeting against curfew in the halls, and she felt the princess that she was destined to be.

Annabeth, Reyna, Rachel, Calypso, Queen Agatha, and Dean Sophie all showed up in Annabeth's dorm room.

Annabeth gaped at all the people who had shown up. Well, her roommates not so much, but not the Queen and Dean. "What are you doing here?" she blurted out, then immediately had the desire to cover her mouth, as Sophie and Agatha were exchanging amused looks. Sophie raised a perfect eyebrow, wincing a little as the scar from the Battle turned up. "Why, would you rather that we weren't here?" Sophie purred, as Agatha rolled her eyes at Sophie and gave Annabeth a small smile. "We are just here to help. Also, your charming boyfriend, Perry or whatever his name was-" "Percy," muttered Annabeth. "Yes. Well, the boy invited us to the dance, as he is in charge… or he is your boyfriend, and you're in charge," she said apologetically.

Sophie now rolled her eyes and winked at the open mouthed girls. "Well, the paparazzi won't be able to wait!" she sighed, as Agatha finally sighed heavily, muttering, "Haven't I told you that there isn't any paparazzi?"

Moments later, Sophie twirled in her long black and velvet gown, dotted with sequins, and a cashmere underlayer. She took that look as an Evil Queen with her long golden hair tied up on top of her head like a beehive, little trinkets along the border of her scalp, emerald eyes, mascaraed eyelashes, and painted nails. Her smile was flashing, pout blood red lips fashioned with swirls along her collar. With a cape that was dark magenta and led into an ombré of black, she looked dazzling. "Fancy." Sophie said with a shining smile. Calypso leaned away, brush nearly flying. "Perfect," she declared with an approving nod from Agatha. Sophie stood up, sweeping her cape through the floor, a wicked glint in her eye. "Now it's your turn, Aggie," she nearly hissed.

Agatha protested as Calypso and Sophie pushed her into the chair, Sophie keeping her in place with a lock spell. "Let's do this," Sophie grinned. Calypso removed all excess makeup from Agatha's plain-looking face, wrinkling her nose at the little amount of makeup that was on it. "Let's transform her by adding blush.." Sophie muttered.

Unnoticed, Annabeth left the room.

Annabeth sighed as she sat down in front of Piper and Hazel, ready to get away from the others. "Fix me up," she declared, planting herself in front of the clean mirror in the Groom Room that the Evers had lent the Nevergirls; they had come to respect each other.

Piper sighed as Annabeth stared at her through the mirror. "Annabeth, I'm not that good at it…" she warned, but still taking out an enchanted brush that would do Piper's command. Annabeth smiled and spread her hands in a gesture. "Work on me, Beauty Queen."

First starting with her cheeks- Piper instructed the brush to gently dab on blush on Annabeth's pale cheeks, then slowly darkened it with a pink blush. With it, ignoring the foundation brush that was twisting itself as a question mark, she dabbed a little foundation on her fingers and gently smoothed out Annabeth's dark circles and bruises from the big battle. Next was the concealer; the dark circles could still be made out. Piper once again put some just beneath Annabeth's eyes- after the foundation dried. Blending it in, Hazel was muttering at the amount of dresses that were installed in the room, then she sighed and took platinum-colored fabric and a few diamond pearls. "YOLOUAT, right?" she chuckled, then explained to Annabeth's puzzled face- "You Only Live Once Upon A Time." Clucking darkly, Piper now tugged gently on Annabeth's lashes as she took the eyelash curler. When finished, Annabeth looked ready already. She now backed off, talking to the mascara wand. "I'm not that confident with wands, so just… make her look pretty, yeah?" she described bluntly, then to Annabeth's stink-eye, she said with an eye roll, "Oh fine, beautiful if you must."

As the wand darted to maximize Annabeth's eyes, Hazel was flipping fashion books and grabbing materials out of shelves. When the wand was done, Annabeth looked downright stunning. Next, with Annabeth's surprise, Piper grabbed some tape and plastered a piece right on the side of her eyes. "Just relax, chill," Piper assured her. She muttered something to the eyeliner pencil, which was a shade of lightest lily pink and darkest smoky gray, then it sprung up and began to brush Annabeth's tired eyes with the lightest of strokes. When done, Annabeth looked even better than Queen Agatha. Taking a cream highlighter, Piper backed up and turned it sideways, like an artist. "What-" Annabeth started to say, then Piper shook her head and applied highlighter to her already-slim nose, which rounded it out to a button nose that princesses were always so known for. Whipping out a lipstick, she pressed it hard on Annabeth's lips. "Press together. Smack. Rub," she commanded. After, she went back to Annabeth's eyes and put on the softest colored gray. After, she stepped back and admired her work.

Annabeth was nothing other described as gorgeous. Her eyes popped out, her lips were the perfect shade of perfection, her cheeks rounded and her nose a button. She was ever more beautiful than Dean Sophie, including makeup.

Annabeth turned, beaming, to Piper, who was beaming right back. Then her face morphed into a phase of blank shock as she spotted the gown that Hazel had put together. Curious, Annabeth turned back too to find a glimmering dress that was fit to be worn by her.

Pinned on a mannequin, the slinky dress tumbled and cascaded down to the floor, just the right height. There were a few ruffles vertically crossing from her chest, to her feet. It was silver with sequins along a lace collar, and around the waist was a gold greek girdle. Her dress summarized a gorgeous modern ruffled chiton.

"And… the princess is born!" Piper exclaimed, as Hazel clapped her hands in delight.

Annabeth clinked down the halls as people left and right turned and stared at her. Her diamond pearls glittered.

She met Percy, who was open mouthed, and smiled coyly. She gestured to the scattered dance floor. "Hello. Do I know you?" she teased gently. Percy blinked. Then he blinked again. "Percy Jackson. Nice to meet you." Annabeth laughed and pulled him to a kiss. She felt Percy's heartbeat through the lips. She smiled. Just a few weeks ago she had been so worried about the heartbeat stopping.

There was no stopping it now.

In the corner of her eye she noticed Luke, leaning against the wall. Her heart clenched at the prince that could have been hers… but no. This was her time. This was her ever after.

She pulled away and pointed at Luke to Percy. "Look. Let's call Piper," she urged him. He looked confused. "What?" Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Just leave it to me."

She dragged Piper near Luke, then explained it to her. "Ah," said Piper. A grin split into her face. "I'll take care of this." A few seconds later Leonora in a beautiful black magenta dress, purple eyeshadow, her hair in a beautiful golden bun, emerald eyes, and perfect complexion introduced herself awkwardly to Luke. "May I… have this dance?" He asked with a first-ever smile. He held out his hand, and bent down. Leonora laughed and clasped his hand, as they started to waltz around the ball room.

Piper turned back to Annabeth, beaming and winking slyly. "I see that the old dog can be given new tricks." Then she vanished, laughing in hand with Jason.

Annabeth turned, almost shyly, to Percy. He was still staring, open-mouthed at her, eyes never leaving her face. "W-what?" Annabeth blurted. Immediately she wanted to cover her exposed self- where had the self-conscious, book-loving, messy Annabeth gone?

But Percy just shook his head, smiling slightly, as he clasped his own warm hand into Annabeth's small palm. "May I have this dance?" he asked. Annabeth's face broke into a large grin, before taking his hand solemnly as her own. "Absolutely."

They were at the center of the ballroom; their friends surrounded them. Frank and Hazel, Jason and Piper, Leo and Calypso, Luke and Leonora, and of course, the main couple themselves.

Annabeth laughed as Percy wobbled, trying to match Luke's unmistaking dancing to his own. She gently grabbed his hand. "Like this, Seaweed Brain." She swayed from left to right, Percy laughing every time he stumbled.

All of a sudden, a pink spell hit him on the back. He went rigid, the started dancing perfectly. Annabeth turned back, confused, when Dean Sophie and Hort sashayed up to her. "My specialty," Sophie called out. She jabbed a finger to her husband. "Did the same to this oaf; he never took dancing classes." With a beaming smile, Annabeth let herself loose to her prince, Boy and Girl, Ever and Never (kinda), Prince and Princess.

After what seemed like hours of dancing, she collapsed in her prince's waiting arms. "I'm so tired I could just fall asleep and not care," she complained softly. Percy chuckled, then took her hand. "What now?" yawned Annabeth, groaning as Percy swept her up to her feet. "One last thing," said Percy.

They ran and walked, walked and ran, in the empty castles as the prince led the princess to the destination that would seal their Ever After. "Here," he announced, voice echoing off the empty hallways. Annabeth looked up, the flight of stairs going forever and ever, as her voice went faint. "Here? We have to climb these many?" she said faintly. Percy groaned and hoisted her up in his strong arms. "Fine. I'll carry you."

At the top of the very familiar tower of the Good castle, Percy gently let Annabeth down. "Remember here?" he said softly, lacing their fingers together. "Remember the kiss that stole you away from me? Right in this very spot?" Annabeth blinked, surprised. "You saw me and Luke in Valor tower?" she asked. Percy nodded. "Do you know how heartbroken I was?" His voice deepened and Annabeth suspected it wasn't just because it was cold. "I was broken, Annabeth. I was no longer good Percy. Without you, I'm just plain old Evil. That's why I need a pact," said Percy, voice growing stronger. "A pact?" Annabeth asked, confused. "Just listen."

Percy took Annabeth's hands, sea-green eyes never leaving hers. "Do you promise that we will never grow apart?" Percy asked. Annabeth startled to hear the words that had once charmed her out of her true love's grasp. "Do you?" Percy pressed. Annabeth looked up to him, eyes suddenly wet. "I do." "Do you promise that we will be happier together than apart?" "I do." "Do you promise…" Percy's eyes searched the gray, both swimming with tears. "Do you promise you will never leave me? Us?" Annabeth pulled him closer, sparkling gray eyes finding the green. "I do."

And the kiss that came between them, the kiss that ensured their forevermore Ever After, was enough to say that all those promises came true.

In the School Master's tower, a brilliant painting of Percy and Annabeth blossomed out in its worn pages. They were locking lips, tears streaming down their cheeks, as the words that sealed the Ever After inked on-


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