Arthur always hated how he got bullied at school

At home Arthur had just got a new game it was called Undertale.

Arthur always took out his anger using this game, he did genocide runs, and it seemed like Chara was his only friend.

Still, she seemed to be getting very mad.

One day on his 100th genocide run, his computer screen flickered and the speakers came on.

"Arthur..." a creepy voice giggled.

"Ahhh!" yelled Arthur, but no one came.

"Ho... how do you know my name?" Arthur asked trembling.

"You like genocide too much Arthur" said the voice.

"Why not some in real life?" the voice asked.

"Wh.. wha.. what do you mean?" Arthur asked frightened.

"I mean this!" the voice yelled.

The screen turned bright red and blood began oozing out of it.

Arthur's vision turned red and he blacked out.

When Arthur awoke he was holding a bloody knife and he stood over the corpse of Binky.

"What have I done..." he said crying.

"Only what you tried to do to us..." said the voice.

Arthur spun around and saw that it was Flowey.

"But.. but I thought you said it was kill or be killed" Arthur trembled.

"Take a look around" Flowey giggled.

Arthur walked around Elwood city, and realized that everyone had been killed, he looked at all the blood on his clothes and realized what Flowey had made him do.

Arthur started crying, and Flowey laughed, "Genocide hurts in real life doesn't it Arthur"