Title: What She Wants

Chapter One: The Wish

Author: Kitty Malfoy

Rating: R

Setting: After Galaxia. Everyone, except for the Outers, and Mamoru, are in college.

Summary: Usagi comes to terms that her love with Mamoru has died. Never knowing what she really wants she wishes on a shooting star. Now everything in life is coming together and Usagi finds a new person inside herself. Way Yuri!!!

Disclaimer: Naoko Takeuchi owns everything. Except for the plot. I came up with that. {My plot bunnies are on vacation =) }

A/N: Ok, for you Mamoru lovers out there. This is not a U/M fic. But there is also no Mamoru bashing...I think...so you should still read it. Ok, I'm gonna turn on my Five Iron Frenzy CD, watch some stand up on Comedy Central and get CRACKING!


"I love you Usako."

"Mm hmm..."

Mamoru Chiba looked over at his girlfriend with a hurt look, but Usagi Tsukino's eyes weren't on him. The young woman was curled against the corner of the couch and staring out the window into the twilight. She sighed and her face lifted from it's resting place on her folded arms and she watched as a beacon of white streaked across the star dotted sky.

*I wish I could figure out what I really want* She though quietly to herself. Her deep blue eyes closed and she sighed again.

"Starlight, star bright..." Mamoru whispered into the darkness, more to himself than his distant girlfriend. Usagi turned slightly and looked at his downcast profile in the flickering firelight. She wanted to make him smile again. Wanted to kiss him and make everything all right. She knew he wanted her too. Wanted her to leap into his arms and be with him. But Usagi just couldn't, and for once in her life she couldn't help him. Usagi was reputed with putting everyone else's needs before her selflessly.

She wanted to think that denying Mamoru what he wanted was selfish but in her heart she knew going to him would only hurt him later. She just couldn't make herself do what he thought he needed, and she knew why.

She didn't love him.

There was no attraction; no fireworks. It was like the spark of their love had been snuffed out by a careless summer breeze. She wasn't sure if she had ever loved him. She thought so, but her memories of long ago were riddled with youmas and her own multiple deaths during numerous apocalyptic catastrophes. Usagi sighed again and stood up. Her ankle- length golden hair trailed behind her as she made her way to the door and grabbed her jacket. As she thrust her slender arms through the sleeves and Mamoru looked up at the clock on his mantelpiece. It was only 8:00.

"Are we done Usako?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah, Mamoru. I have to get home..." She said in an equally quiet voice.

"No, Usako. Are WE done?"

Usagi's features slipped into shadow as she ducked her head to avoid his gaze. Her bangs hung low over her eyes as she turned to the door and grabbed the brass handle. "Yeah," she said somberly, "We're done." The door of the apartment closed quietly behind her and Usagi walked out of Mamoru's life for good.


Usagi didn't feel sad or depressed at all as she walked towards home down the streets of the Juuban District. Just tired. It was only the respect of Mamoru's memory that kept her from skipping down the street. Deciding to treat herself she stopped at an ice cream shoppe hoping it would lighten her mood. As she stepped up to the bar she knew exactly what she wanted. Even the girl behind the counter was stunned as Usagi immediately asked for a 'Chocolate Mint Shake.' Usagi, who was a regular at the corner shoppe usually wanted everything on the menu, and had extensive problems making up her mind.

*Maybe my wish is coming true after all.* The blonde thought to herself. The girl handed her her shake, and Usagi handed over the money. She pocketed her change and headed out of the ice cream parlor. "Thanks!" She called out. "Cutie!" She hadn't even realized it had slipped out until the girl behind the counter blushed. Usagi blushed as well and flashed the thoroughly confused girl a Sailor V sign as she stepped back outside and headed down the street.


"Moshi Moshi?"

"How much do you love me, Motoki?"

"Hizuma?" Motoki asked.

"How much do you love me?!" Hizuma asked looking out the windows of the ice cream parlor.

"What are you talking about?"

"Someone just called me a 'cutie'." She said with a giggle.

"What?!" Motoki screeched into the phone. Hizuma held the phone away from her ear and winced as Motoki screamed at her. "Who is calling my cousin a 'cutie'!" He demanded.

"Motoki, calm down! There's no need to flip out..."

Motoki was not gonna calm down.

"Who is he!" Motoki pressed.


"What?" Motoki's voice was quiet and surprised.


"What did you say?"

"What did I say when?"

"Just now."

"Now what?"


"It was a girl, and you're not gonna believe who it was."


"It was Usagi."

There was silence on the other line, and Hizuma started to get worried. She bit her lip. "Uh, Motoki..Motoki?"

Blocks away at the 'Fruit Crown Parlor and Arcade' the phone hung dangling off the hook; forgotten.


Usagi was only 3 blocks from the Hikawa Shrine when it hit her. She was so startled by her sudden epiphany that she stopped dead in her tracks. It was so simple that she burst into laughter. Tears streamed down her face as she realized the solution to her problem and couldn't stop laughing. She had to tell the girls!

"Oh my god!" She shouted jumping up and down, "This is great!"

With a squeal of excitement, Usagi tore down the street and towards the Hikawa Shrine.


Usagi scrambled up the huge stone steps up to the temple and ran at a breakneck speed at the ancient Japanese home. She flung open the door and ran inside chucking her shoes off as she went. Her friends must have heard her coming, because the Shinto Priestess opened the study doors in time for Usagi to come barreling into her. The girls rolled into the room earning surprised sounds from the other three girls in the room.

"Usagi. Mamoru told us what happened..." Ami explained softly.

"Huh?" Usagi looked up, "Were you talking to me?"

Her friends looked at her in surprise. "Mamoru..." Makoto started.

"Oh yeah!" Usagi exclaimed, "Yeah...That was so forty minutes ago."

"USAGI!" Rei exclaimed from her tangled position beneath the blonde.

Usagi looked down at her best friend and grinned. "You're so cute when you're angry." She said in a husky voice. "I would kiss you right now, but there are people around, and it would be impolite........LEAVE PEOPLE!"

Rei blushed crimson, but the other girls were totally confused and surprised. Usagi had had a feeling about her fiery friend, which was confirmed when the girl grabbed her and kissed her. Usagi returned the girl's passion and then some. Eventually, Usagi pulled away with a grin before turning back to the others. "I'll come back to you later."

"Usagi? What's going on?" Minako asked dumfounded.

"I'll explain the Mamoru thing later, but what I wanted to tell you was that I wished on a shooting star today. I wished that I could figure out what I really want. And it's already started coming true. I knew exactly what I wanted at the Ice Cream Parlor; I even flirted with the counter girl! It was like totally weird until I saw these too girls kissing in the park and it hit me. I like girls. I love girls! It never could have worked out with Mamoru 'cuz I like girls. And I know now everything I want to do. It's great!"

She took her first gasp of air since she'd started her tirade. She gasped looking down at her watch and jumped to her feet. "Yikes! I gotta go!" She grabbed her half eaten shake off the floor and ran out the door, her footsteps echoing down the hall. The four girls stared at the doorway in shock with their eyes practically bugging out of their sockets. The sounds of quick footsteps returning snapped them back to attention. Usagi grabbed Rei's arm crushing her against herself. She kissed her again on the lips and then a peck on the forehead. "Call me," She whispered, and ran off again.

"Was that Usagi?" Ami whispered in disbelief.

"What happened?!" Minako exclaimed.

"I like it." Rei said wistfully looking at the door dreamily. Her face was flushed and her eyes danced. She bit her lower lip and grinned while turning back to the others.

"REI!" Ami and Minako exclaimed together.

Makoto took a different approach........she fainted.


As Usagi ran down the steps of the Hikawa Shrine she knew a change had come over her after she had made the wish. Her thrill for life, which had already been unusually high was now abnormally so. Turning down the street she bumped into someone going the opposite way. It was Motoki.

"Usagi, I-" He started.

Usagi turned around to face him, but kept walking backwards. "Everything's great, Toki-chan! I got Rei-chan calling me tonight for a little pillow-talking session."

She grinned as Motoki's jaw dropped and his eyes bulged.

"See ya later, Motoki!"

And then she was gone.


Usagi grinned as she ran home. Her golden hair flew behind her like a cape as her speed increased. Bubbling with excitement she did a Sailormoon flip and landed back on the pavement balanced on one foot. She was jumping up and down with happiness when a shop door opened and a voice called out to her.


Usagi turned to see Haruka and the rest of the Outers file out of the shop they had been in.

"What are you so excited about?" Setsuna asked.

Usagi ran up to them and started talking fast. "Oh my god! It's so great! I'm gonna have to tell you all about it tomorrow, cuz my parents are gonna kill me if I'm late!" Without taking a breath she pulled Haruka's face towards her and kissed the surprised older woman. Michiru was petrified with shock, Setsuna looked thoroughly confused, but Hotaru giggled. When Usagi pulled away her eyes gleamed and she looked a bit flustered. "I always wanted to do that." She whispered with a laugh. She gave the rest of her shake to little Hotaru and took off running again.

Michiru looked over at Haruka. The woman just stood there grinning like a madman and then touched her fingers to her lips. Michiru laughed at her cousin's expression and elbowed the girl in the ribs bringing her back to reality. They both turned to Setsuna. She was practically hyperventilating and her face was chalk white. "That wasn't supposed to happen!" Setsuna shrieked hysterically.


They looked down at Hotaru.

"She's much happier now..." The little girl pointed out smartly.

"I'm glad she dumped Darien. I mean she must have in order to even think of kissing Haruka..." Michiru reasoned out.

"I like her better this way!" Haruka declared with a grin. She licked her lips.

Setsuna listened to the others describe the total collapse of the Timeline and was horrified. She let out a high pitched whimper and keeled over.


R & R!

Kitty Malfoy

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