Previously on MegaMan NT Warrior...

Maylu defected to World Three to get the power she needed to get revenge on her own NetNavi, Roll, for getting her out of the N1 Grand Prix after the match with Mr. Match and Maddy. She successfully got her revenge, but learned bad news.

It turns out her former NetNavi's act as Empress was not only done by her own will, but also planned by the leaders of DenTech City in order to prevent the Sakurai family from planning their coup d'etat. Realizing she had been good to her all this time, Maylu regretted on trying to delete her, and has her set on a new goal: destroying DenTech City.

In their secret headquarters by the night, Commander Beef is with Black Rose and Mysteriyu discussing matters on Maylu. He is looking at the window.

"It doesn't make sense. Maylu finally got her revenge, so why isn't she returning to Lan and the others?" he wondered.

As the two women that were sitting on a table are about to add their comments to the matter...

"Maybe it's because she got other matters to attend to with World Three?" Black Rose added before turning to Mysteriyu. "What do you think, Mysteriyu?"

The other woman is in distress.

"What is it?"

"I... I saw a vision... a horrifying one..." Mysteriyu replied with her hands on her head. "I saw... death."

"Death?" Beef turned to her.

"Yes, death. Many people are destroyed, and it's in this city. It is done by none other than Maylu."

"Maylu?" Rose just believe what she is hearing. "Why would she do that?"

"Perhaps to get revenge on..."

Before she could add details, an alarm goes off, giving them a mission to fix whatever the trouble has occurred.

"What the...?" the commander looked at the monitor to see where the trouble is taking place. "At BlazeQuest? Let's go, team!"

"Right!" the two women get up from their seats and are about to be ready for the mission.

Meanwhile at BlazeQuest, Maylu has broke the front entrance alongside Mr. Match and Maddy. She recalled on her mission.

"Yahoot is in attending a meeting?" the redhead asked coldly while talking to Mr. Wily by his office.

"Yes, he is. He is one of the leaders who set up Roll during that battle in the N1 Grand Prix. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Shuseki Blaze, Chaud Blaze's father, will be present," the old man explained.

"I see..."

"By the way, he's also one of the leaders who set up Roll. Kill him if you like."

"That's what I'm going to do."

After recalling on the briefing, Maylu stabbed two policemen with her sword, killing them. Mr. Match and Maddy also fought the other guards.

"Now that is already taken care of, onto the meeting," she said.

Their break-in at the company is quite a successful one. She is about to fulfill her revenge once and for all.