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Notes: This will be crossing over with another cartoon(actually a anime) and maybe other versions of Xmen, much later, but be warned they will not stay in Bayville.

Rogue, poor pathetic Rogue, cursed forever. " Not if Ah have anything to say about it." The southern girl said to herself , staring up at the ceiling in the med lab. It had been a mistake to tell Jean about her dreams, about other mutants, and the chance to be rid of her powers.

They where fantasy's really. She groaned. "This is pathetic." She said out loud. ''The only time ah'm not miserable is in my dreams...course being bed ridden dunna help.' She thought. "Ah got ta get out of this pity spiral." She muttered into her pillow. " I 'tink dat'd be a good idea." She shot up, looking at the Acolyte standing in the doorway.

Her eyes went wide. " LOGAN! PROFESSAH!" She screamed. The Cajun blinked in surprise. Before the red eyed Teenage terrorist could make another move there was a very disgruntled Canadian man , showing him his lovely collection of Adimantium steak knives. (A/n: his claws)

The 'whir' of the Professor's wheelchair didn't stop Logan from putting those knives of his very close to our dear Remy's throat.

(A/n: anyone else think that Gambit sneaking into the med lab is gonna happen? Would Logan let ANYTHING happen to his "stripes"? think people. OH and I might not have him refer to himself in the 3rd person in this chapter)

" Hey I was jus' walkin' past Chere` and I heard 'er sound a lil' upset, what's wrong with helpin' out de damsel in distress?" He flashed his ' I've cheated death a few times with this smile' smile. Rogue's jaw dropped. " Breaking in here and harassing me is hardly-!" He put up his hands , and turned his attention to Rogue.

"I didn't need ta' break in." Nobody seemed to notice the bald guy in the wheelchair by the door. " You know he's right Logan, I would appreciate it if you didn't hold him up in the air like that." Logan dropped Gambit.

Who landed on his arse. "Merde." He said, rubbing his neck. Rogue was not only angry but slightly confused. "Professor , why in tha world is he here?" She said, keeping her voice even.

Then something happened, and this author does not know how she should describe it...so I'll just use a word that works, but doesn't quite cover how she felt.

....Rogue freaked out. In the doorway stood Erik Lansher , better known as MAGNETO. She pulled up her blanket , not realizing it until it was under her chin. " We're joining forces with Erik and his Acolytes to stop mesmero from destroying the Earth." (A/n: I know he would have added a few dozen big words, but does he have time to think of something to soothe the girl in critical care?)

There are limits to what a girl can take, granted for a member of the Xmen the bar has been considerably raised but Rogue couldn't take it, she fainted.

*In a dark and shadowy place*

Two shadowy figures watched Rogue on what looked like the super computer from the Batman cartoons , their dwelling also looked alot like the bat cave.

the figures stepped up to the screen, both teenagers, one girl and one boy. The girl sat in the swivel chair in front of the main keyboard. " We need to get to her now. She can't handle it anymore, this is inhuman." She said turning to the much taller teen.

He shook his head. " We can't , and we're not only here for her." The girl sighed. " Alright..." The boy leaned over her and pushed a button the screen changed to a computer desktop. " That's enough for today. Why don't you check your mail?" She nodded , as he turned and walked through the shadowy....where the heck are they anyway?

*Rogue's Dream*

Rogue looked around, she was outside the mansion walls , snow was falling and she was wearing her purple shirt , and baggy jeans, boots, and her gloves. Light snowfall surrounded her. She started walking down the street , hearing

It was either early morning or dusk, because the streetlights were on , she almost remembered the tune to song that was being hummed.

She turned a corner as the humming got louder, she saw a girl her age sitting on the bench near the bus stop , a few shopping bags on and around the bench , she started singing.

" Why do you build me up? Buttercup baby, just to let me down , and mess me around. I need you more than anyone darling you know that I have from the start, so Buttercup , don't break my heart." She broke off into humming again. She was balancing a umbrella in the crook of her elbow, it missed her head, and her hair was wet from the snow.

The girl looked at Rogue. " Hi Rogue." She smiled. Rogue raised her eyebrows. " How do you know my name?" The girl blinked, a bit confused. "Well , because you were my hero." Rogue took a few steps forward. "Excuse me?"

The girl stood up and reached inside a shopping bag , pulled out a grapefruit , then handed it to Rogue. " You'll understand later..." Rogue looked at the girl again , she had two white stripes in her hair like hers. " It's time to wake up now Rogue or you'll never know." She girl said shaking her arm a little.

" What?" A bright light was in her eyes. " Like Rogue, I said it's time for you to wake up!" Kitty, and quite a few Xmen where standing over her , Rogue shrugged Kitty's hand off of her arm. "Turn off that light." Kurt was standing at her side with a flash light. "Sorry, vut , we couldn't vake you up." She moaned, and buried her face in her pillow.

A repentant looking Jean lifted her off the bed with her telekinesis. " Look I'm sorry about um..." She saw the other students giving her a 'what are you talking about' look. " Anyway we managed to get Mr. McCoy and the Professor to let you out of the lab." Rogue blinked.

" Really?" Bobby coughed. " No need to thank us all at once." He didn't duck in time as a bed side books was tossed at him. Jean suppressed a giggle, and Kitty proceeded to Push Bobby out of the room .

" Okay boys get out, she's only wearing that gown." Ray raised his eyebrows. "Then why would we want to leave?" Fortunately for Ray he ducked in time.

Kurt , Ray , Bobby , and Scott had left , Kitty Rahne and Jean stood around her bed, it was only then she noticed the cards, and flowers. " You guys didn't have to-" Before she could finish Kitty dropped her usual clothes on the bed. " Like, don't sweat it, that's what friends are for." Rogue looked a bit surprised but they informed her they'd wait out side her room until she got dressed, and then escort her to her room.

Ten minutes later she came out.

Rogue blushed as the three girls walked around her like body guards. " I appreciate this but um , I think I can go to my room with out help." Kitty just smiled at her.

Jean glanced back at her. " Sorry Rogue, but we've decided you don't need another encounter with Mr. Boom bam Acolyte, we don't want you blown up." Rahne nodded. " Thas' right Rogue, yeh canna get rid 'o' us now." Rogue looked indignant. " You can't make my decisions for me-" Kitty stuffed a cookie in Rogue's mouth. "Well Rogue you really don't have a choice." She said in a chirpy voice.
They walked into the elevator , with a very unhappy Rogue. She looked at the other three girls. " Um, thanks. " Kitty smiled. Rahne nodded. " It's the least I-we could do. "Jean said to Rogue, blushing slightly.

(A/n: Is it possible to make a fan fiction with Rogue and Jean as friends? Well duh. Rogue stabilized Jean during her power rush, when she was ripping apart the mansion, and risked her life. When Scott asked her why , she said . " Because I know she'd do the same for me." That's what I have to say 4 people who make Jean the bad guy. Just because the girl is responsible...)

Rogue knew Jean wanted to talk about what happened. (A/n: Check the beginning of the chapter if you're lost) So when the door opened to the main floor she coughed into her hand, hating loose ends.

The girls turned around. " Ah need to talk ta' Jean." Kitty didn't say anything, but Rahne gave her a weird look.

Rogue watched Jean wring her hands. " Jean, Listen ah forgive ya. " Jean shook her head. "Rogue I didn't take you seriously, and this is serious, I tried to get into your mind but it was like trying to open a vault. It wasn't like that before, the professor doesn't know, but Rogue this might have something to do with your dreams." Rogue raised her eyebrows as they walked into the kitchen.

" Are yah sure?" Jean nodded, her " I'm a honor student" nod. " Very sure. I think it may be-" She stopped talking as was looking at the fridge.

Rogue followed her line of vision and saw the Acolyte from before. He was holding a grapefruit.

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