Disclaimer: I don't own Xmen.

Alright people let me get down to this. I haven't updated for forever and a month, why? I like the story, I like the characters, BUT I have turned myself, my original character...into a Mary Sue. I was aware that I was inserted myself , kinda, into this, but I had not really realized the full impact of my own vanity until a minute ago...*sigh* *tries to be more dramatic, but saves it for her Romy fic* I have wronged my devoted-well my considerate reviewers :P So, I shall be BASHING my Mary sue out of here so that I might once again go back to my ROMY Storyline. Yes ROMY , but ...with the dismissal of Miss Mary Sue "Roni" which happens to rhyme with my name...I cannot help but find the appeal in a Evan + Rogue. Okay kids, I'll be doing some editing on this Story.

Also on my new Real World Story. ^_^;; please you guys, set me straight next time.