Spike Discovers Tumblr

Buffy was out doing her standard patrol – almost done on her route – when she got a text from Spike: "Has Red been tinkering on the net?"

She scrunched up her nose, trying to imagine just what on earth he could be talking about. Before she could actually reply, though, he sent through a second text: "The thing's enchanted!"

Buffy ran the whole way home in a panic, not knowing what to expect when she got there…

Laughter filled the entire hallway leading up to the Slayer's apartment – giddy, out of control, rolling sobs of laughter.

Buffy's eyes widened. What on earth has Willow done?!

Tentatively placing her key in the door, she opened it to find nothing more than Spike sat directly in front of a computer screen, his face wet with joyous tears.

"What the fu-" Buffy's sentence was halted, the second her vampire realized she was there.

"Buffy! Buffy, come look!"

Bounding over to her with all the unfettered excitement of a hyperactive child, Spike took her by the wrist and led her to the desk.

"Look!" he said again, pointing, before breaking once more into giggles.

There, on the screen, before her very eyes, was an animated GIF of Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny fighting over posters of the Sex Pistols and the Ramones.

Eyes still wide, they scanned back and forth between the image and Spike's expectant face a couple of times before Buffy took a surreptitious sniff of the air.

Nope, not been drinking. At least, not enough to cause deliria...

"Amazin', ain't it? How'd she do it?"

"Huh? Spike, you're not making any sense!"

"Red. She's enchanted it, hasn't she? I mean, pictures don't just… move!"

His tone was a little exasperated, now, the joy almost dropped completely from it.

Buffy kicked herself.

She loved this side of Spike more than anything else – his sense of genuine awe, and wonder, at the most random array of things.

"Sorry, sweetie," she soothed, reaching for his arm as he looked away, clearly embarrassed. "I didn't mean to kill your vibe, it's just… well, it's not magic."

His eyes snapped back to hers, then to the screen again. "What? You are seein' what I'm seein', right? Pictures don't just bloody move!"

Buffy bit her lip. "Eh, well, yeah, they kinda… do."

"No!" Spike threw up his hands, angry now. "You're makin' fun o' me!"

Despite herself, Buffy's expression softened. "You're such a big dope," she told him. And there it was – the bashful smile she could always count on when she called him that. Once more, almost shyly, he approached her, where she was still stood by the desk.

"This is what technology can do?"

"Amazing, right?" She was smiling at him, and he beamed back – his eyes alight with pleasure.

"Pretty damn cool," he affirmed, before quietly adding, "Sorry for being a dope."

"I wouldn't have you any other way," Buffy insisted, before kissing his lips, tenderly. "Now, how 'bout we check out some of those non-moving pictures you have bookmarked that you somehow think I don't know about."

If Spike could blush he – well, probably wouldn't have, because he definitely had no shame when it came to porn.

"Nah," he said, lifting Buffy into a fireman's hold and proceeding with her to the bedroom. "Can't live up to the real thing."

Life was totally wacky, living with an undead Victorian guy in a totally twenty-first century relationship, but it was also bliss.

Author End Notes: the image in question actually exists, and I wish I could link it here for you. It's what inspired this story.