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Morlun stared at the red and gold spider in front of him. The devilish smirk still prominently on his face, as the citizens of Xander ran away from him, frightened.

Spider-Man just stared back, worried. The alien who fell with the asteroid hadn't broken eye contact with him since he landed. Peter felt like...prey. This...thing, this alien, had evil flooding off of him in waves. It was obvious looking at him that this was not a normal person. This was not a good person. Malice pulsated off of him, as his muscles seemed to tighten in anticipation at the fight in front of him. He seemed eager, as if this was something he has waited a long time for.

"Do we have a plan?" Rocket asked the others, as the Guardians were prepared to fight.

"You know our plan," Quill retorted, as he tapped the device behind his ear to summon his helmet. "This is NOT part of the plan."

"Can someone please tell me what's going on!?" Peter cried, looking around at the others. "And who the crazy alien asteroid guy is!?"

"He is looking right at him," Drax observed, as Morlun's stare was unwavering from Peter.

Gamora turned her head towards Spider-Man, who just kept looking towards the invader. "He knows..."

Morlun slowly started to walk closer to the heroes. The same evil expression on his face, he meticulously stepped towards them.

"I am Groot..." Groot shook in his potted pot, as Rocket held him in one hand, and pulled out a lazer pistol with the other.

"Yeah, we're probably gonna die," Rocket stated. "It's been a good run."

"The Guardians of the Galaxy," Morlun greeted, coming ever closer. "I have heard of your plans to stop me."

"Whatever we do," Quill whispered to the others. "Do not let him touch the kid."

"Wait, what?" Spidey asked.

Morlun narrowed his eyes at the teenager, the smile on his face becoming more wicked. "Obviously, Guardians, your plan has failed."

The instant Morlun finished talking, he launched right at Peter, almost immediately getting to him with an unreal speed. However, Drax was able to jump in front of the webhead at the last second, protecting him. Morlun threw a powerful punch into Drax's stomach, making the destroyer hunch over in shock and pain. Morlun then grabbed him, before tossing him away, like he was nothing. Drax flew through the air, before crashing into the side of a building, cracking the wall.

After a quick moment of observing his work, Morlun whipped his head towards Spider-Man. Ready to pounce, he was interrupted by a kick to the face by Gamora, who was unleashing a series of sword strikes, yelling a battle cry as each one connected. However, it seemed to merely stun Morlun for a second, as the sword slashes did nothing to him otherwise. There was no blood, no cuts. She could've hit him with a stick and the result would've been the same.

Peter couldn't believe what he was seeing. A man who just shrugged off a lady as scary and dangerous as Gamora was not someone the web slinger wanted to mess with. Which sucked since it seemed that he was what the alien wanted most.

His thoughts were interrupted as Star-Lord quickly ran up to him, and grabbed him by the shoulder. "Kid, stay back, don't let him get near you! We're gonna handle this!"

"He threw the big, scary, green guy like a bean bag and he's acting like Gamora's hitting him with a nerf sword," Peter argued.

"Just listen and let us fight him!" Quill yelled, before letting the boy go and pulling his dual lazer pistols. He began firing at will, sending a barrage of blasts towards Morlun, who had just kicked Gamora away from him. Morlun, however, noticed them coming, and swatted them away with his hands, acting like they were nothing more than annoying bugs. The blasts then flew in several different directions, hitting several structures around the fight, causing them to start falling apart.

Spidey noticed, and quickly realized that groups of people were hiding out nearby. Peter looked at where the blasts hit, and saw that it was making the structures slowly crumble apart, putting the people in danger. "Alright," he mumbled to himself, as he started to swing away. "always wanted to save aliens. If 10-year-old Peter could see me now."

"So, pineapple?"

"You aren't one of those, are you?"

Tony Stark was sitting in the living room of one of his business rivals, getting over a rejection that had crushed him more than he wanted to let on. Next to him was someone he never thought he would even think of again. Harry Osborn, Stormin' Norman's son. Even more surreal, they were being friendly enough with each other, while eating pizza.

"I'm not one of those," Tony clarified. "Good food is good food. I'm just surprised is all."

"Why is that surprising?" Harry asked, confused as he held a slice in his hand.

"Us rich types tend to be waaaaay too snooty," Tony explained, as he reached for another piece himself. "They have all the money they ever need. Who are they trying to impress?"

"Says the guy who made a robot suit to fight evil," Harry stated, taking a bite.

Tony shrugged, trying to figure out if Harry meant that as a harmless joke or as a personal dig. "Fair enough."

Harry smiled slightly, before frowning once again, slouching on the couch. "My dad does act like that though. Maybe even worse. He just thinks he's better than everyone else."

Tony looked at the young man with sympathy. "You don't really get along, do you?"


"Understatement," Tony thought aloud. "Definite understatement."

"He always puts me down," Harry told the billionaire. "It's just so annoying sometimes. Yeah Dad, I get it, I won't be as good as Peter, I know."

Tony furrowed his brow. "He says that to you?"

"He's always comparing us," Harry explained. "When me and Pete started hanging out, he would come over here all the time. I had more video games than him. And my dad, just loved him. Super smart and nice kid, how couldn't you like him? Except when he acts like a jerk. Hell, you liked him more than anyone else at the school. That's why he's your intern."

Tony looked at him for a moment, before he looked at the floor. The two ate in silence for a few moments, before a question popped into Stark's head. "What made you like Peter?"

Harry put down his slice of pizza, before sighing a little. "He, uh, he was one of the few people that didn't treat me different because of my dad. Everyone else either bullied me or tried to be my best friend so they could get my money. But Pete didn't care about that. He just wanted to be my friend."

The redhead rested his head on his hand, as he had a far away look in his eye. "I know things are still weird between us, and I don't know if we can actually fix things, but he's not a bad guy. At used, he didn't use to be."

"He's not," Tony stated, matter-of-factly.

Harry sighed. "If you say so. But we were friends because he was nice, and because he was smart. He helped me out with my homework a lot. He has this way of looking at a problem we've looked at a million times from a completely different perspective that almost makes no sense. I can't tell you how many times that's helped me out."

Tony thought about it for a second. A completely out there perspective. Thinking a bit, an idea suddenly popped into his head.

He jumped to his feet, inspiration striking him, as he started to make his way to the door. "Gotta go, kid, just remembered that I have an appointment to get to," he quickly explained. However, when he got to the door, he took a quick look behind him, to see a depressed Harry, looking at the ground. Tony stared at the redhead for a second, suddenly feeling very guilty for having to leave. He was looking at a sight that he knew a little too well. The feeling of being unloved by his father.

"Kid, uh, look," he started, earning back Harry's attention. "My old man was a dick too. He was running his company, constantly dealing with the government, didn't have time for the family. But, he wasn't able to stop me from being who I am. You make your own good, Harry. Doesn't matter who your family is."

Harry stared wide eyed at the former Avenger, processing what he said. Hearing support from an elder for the first time in a while, Harry almost didn't know how to take it.

Tony frowned slightly, before turning back around. "See you around, kid."

With that, Tony finally left, leaving the trouble boy alone. Slowly, he took another slice of pizza, nibbling at it while a million thoughts raced through his head.


Spider-Man quickly swung around the city buildings of Xander, as the Guardians continued to clash with Morlun. However, they weren't fairly well at all, with Morlun seemingly playing around with them now. If anything, Morlun's only concern at the moment was causing as much destruction as possible, putting the citizens in the city in danger. Spidey's main concern at the moment was getting them out of the way.

"Alright, already saved one of those gasmask guys, a woman with seven eyes, and a kid who may or may not of been some kind of bug," Peter mumbled to himself, as he hurried towards the voice that was screaming. "Let's see what this one is like."

"ZIORRAK! ZIORRAK!" The voice screamed again.

"I'm coming!" He called. "Keep yelling!"

The red and gold hero jumped off his web, sticking to the wall of a futuristic looking building, as he crawled along the side to where he heard the voice. He stopped at a window that had some debris sticking out of it, hearing the alien's voice emanating from the other side. "I'm here!" Peter said, as he pulled the debris out, rock by rock, carefully and quickly.

As he got the destroyed building blocks of the building out of the window, the sci-fi nerd in Peter couldn't help but wonder what kind of alien was behind there. A Cyclops? A person who's half man, half frog? Maybe a giant lobster guy?

Spidey finally got the last rock out of the way, tossing it over his shoulder, to see who it was.

A pink octopus-like lady, with 4 eyes, two fangs, and four tentacle arms. She had fuzz over her shoulders, and had a thankful look on her face when she saw Spider-Man

Peter's eyes widened under his mask. This is the coolest thing ever.

"Abroadish!" The pink octopus lady cried, grateful as she wrapped her tentacles around Peter. "Abroadish thiake!"

"Uh, you're welcome, I guess," Spider-Man said, not sure what she was saying. "Just hold tight, I'm getting you out of here."

The lady nodded, seeming to understand the hero, as she latched on tightly, surprising Peter. "Whoa! Ok, octopus lady. I don't know what I expected. At least you seem nicer than the last octopus person I've met. Better looking too."

"Wrickeaas," The lady responded.

Peter then crawled out of the window, down the wall with the alien on his back. "Wait, did I just accidentally flirt with an alien?" He asked himself. "Would Gwen be jealous? Well, I think so, but because of the flirting or because of the fact that I met an alien?"


"You're right," Spidey stated, still crawling. "Both."

Out of nowhere, Drax came crashing into the wall next to Peter, making a crater that embedded him in it. "Jeez!" Peter yelped. "Hey buddy, how's it hanging?"

Drax shook his head, a few pebbles flying off while he did it, before he turned his head over to the web head, confused. "How is what hanging?"

"Oh, right, you take everything literally," Peter said. "I actually forgot about that, I don't know how. Anyway, how is the fight going?"

Drax simply pointed towards the ground, making Peter look in that direction.

Star-Lord and Rocket had their guns out, firing at will as they tried to get their sights on Morlun, who was just moving way too fast.

"Can you get a clear shot!?" Quill asked, freaking out.

"If I did, I would be hitting him!" Rocket yelled back.

"That's a good point, SHOOT HIM!" Star-Lord yelled, as he kept firing. Morlun was just a blur though, as he jumped around the crumbling city. He suddenly landed in front of Quill, grabbing him and slamming him brutually into the stone ground, cracking the tile. Quill's weapons fell out of his hands, as he coughed, the air being completely knocked out of the space explorer.

Morlun took in the sight of Quill suffering, before a large blast of energy hit him in the back, pushing him a bit. He smirked, smoke coming up from his shoulders, as he slowly turned to see Rocket, large gun in hand, staring defiantly at the unstoppable man.

Morlun slowly walked up to him, towering over the raccoon, no worry showing on either one's face. Rocket fired his gun again, making Morlun stumble back for a bit. Morlun simply shook it off, staring at the Guardian.

He then grabbed Rocket by the throat, making him drop his gun, before picking him up to eye level. "Oh, real impressive," Rocket taunted through a chocked voice, "picking on someone smaller than you."

Morlun just gave a sadistic grin. "You know, I always had a thing for feasting on those of the animal persuasion," the invader said.

"You probably could of worded that better," Rocket retorted.

"You mouthy, little-"

A small branch of wood suddenly whipped Morlun in the face, surprising him enough to drop Rocket, who gasped for air on the ground. Morlun quickly turned to where the branch came from, to see a tiny, potted plant, just sitting there.

"I am Groot."

Morlun frowned. "You are dead."

With that, Morlun charged at the potted plant, ready to kill, when a web grabbed Groot, and pulled him away. Morlun looked up, to see Spider-Man quickly swinging in the air, Groot in hand and the octopus lady on his back.

"I am Groot!" Groot said, grateful.

"Anytime, buddy. You're one of two people on your team who doesn't hate me," Spidey said.

"Dsat," The octopus lady stated.

"I know right? I am charming."

Morlun snarled in anger, getting ready to jump at Spidey, before he started getting pelted by multiple laser beams coming from the sky. He looked from where it was coming from, to see the energy raining from the sky, and where it was coming from. Men in blue armor and gold helmets, flying through the sky with jetpacks.

"Who are they?" Spider-Man asked, as he landed on the ground near the other Guardians, all just that more worse for wear, bruises and scratches obvious on them.

"The Nova Corps!" Star-lord estactically said, looking up at the sky with the rest of the team. "They're the galaxy's police force, and they're kicking ass! Wooooo!"

"Uh, Quill?" Rocket said, tugging on the man's coat, "Ya might wanna look again."

Peter looked back at the Nova Corps, to see Morlun swiftly knocking them out through the air, taking them out one by one.

"No..." Quill groaned, frustration taking over. Peter watched as the space soldiers were absolutely decimated. He didn't think it could get any worse.

Until it did. Morlun snatched a panicking Nova soldier by the throat, slamming him into the ground with extreme prejudice. The soldier let out a blood-curdling scream, as a light blue energy started coming out of him. Morlun had a smile of pleasure on him, as he closed his eyes, enjoying himself as the energy was absorbed into his body.

Peter was shocked. The light slowly drained out of the Nova Corps soldiers eyes, as he eventually fell motionless, dead. Morlun seemed to relish what he had done, glowing, as he quickly whipped around towards the rest of the Nova Corps, backup coming in the form of warships coming in from the sky.

Spider-Man saw the look on Morlun's face. He seemed energized. Confident in his abilities. Morlun slowly looked over at Peter, making eye contact with the teenager, a knowing look on the monster's face. Morlun smirked, wicked intentions evident on him. Peter felt chills going down his spine, his blood turning ice cold.

Morlun then pounced with incredible height towards the ships, landing on one, smashing it with his bare fists, and having it spin out of control into other ones nearby, making them crash into nearby buildings, the ships exploding violently.

"Time to go!" Quill ordered, as he and the other Guardians started limping away from the fight. Spidey was shocked that they leave when everything was going to hell.

"What do you mean time to go!?" Peter yelled. "What about the people!?"

"They're being evacuated!" Rocket stated, pointing out the few ships that Morlun was ignoring, the innocent citizens being loaded up by a few soldiers, obviously scared. "There's nothing we can do now! Now we gotta get you outta here or the universe is screwed!"

"Wait, what?" Spider-Man asked, confused. "What do you mean?"

Before he got an answer, another ship crashed behind them, making them turn towards the wreakage. A few pieces of melted and bended metal were moved out of the way, as Morlun moved out of the debris, not a scratch on him. "Enough games!" He called, staring right at Spider-Man and the Guardians. "Give me the Spider!"

"What!?" Peter cried, before he was grabbed by Drax and dragged to the ship before he could fully process what Morlun had said. Spidey looked back behind him, terrified as Morlun was quickly catching up to them, before a barrage of Nova Corps tackled the vampire, keeping him at bay long enough for the Guardians to board the Milano.

"Go! Go! GO!" Quill yelled, desperate to get out. Everyone quickly jumped into their seats, as the ship started taking off.

Morlun shoved off the Nova Corps, one by one, only to see the Milano speed off into the sky, leaving the planet.

Morlun frowned deeply, upset his prey has escaped. But he will find him. And he will rule the galaxy.

"Hello, Logan."

Wolverine stood at the doorway to a study inside the X-Mansion, looking at a man that he had nothing but the upmost respect for.

Not that he'll ever tell him that.

Professor Xavier, confined to his wheelchair, sat behind his desk, looking over a few papers. The headmaster of the school always working hard for the sake of his students, and mutantkind.

"Hey Chuck," Logan greeted, walking into the study. "You got a minute?"

"Of course," Charles stated, placing down the papers, before staring at one of his pupils. "I must say, I'm surprised to see you. Your session isn't scheduled until tomorrow."

Wolverine nodded. "I know. But I haven't talked to you since you came back from the trip."

Charles kindly smiled. "I never took you for someone with those kinds of sentiments."

The Canadian mutant shortly chuckled. "We both know I ain't. I need a favor."

Charles looked surprised, his eyebrows thrown up in slight disbelief. "Really? I thought you liked to handle things yourself."

"Yeah, but I ain't able to do this by myself," Logan said. "I'm stubborn, not stupid."

"I never implied you were...stupid..." Charles chided, a smirk on his face.

Logan rolled his eyes. "You're lucky you're actually funny."

"So what can I assist you with?" Xavier asked.

Wolverine sighed. "There's this kid. He's a good one. Annoying as all hell, but good. He's got these weird spider powers."

"You're talking about this Spider-Man that you encountered," Charles observed. "Is he a mutant that you wish to have enrolled here?"

"No, no. He ain't a mutant, as far as I know. He's in space."

"...I beg your pardon?"

"He got launched in space fighting Doctor Doom, and they're trying to figure out if he's still alive," Wolverine explained.

Xavier fell silent for a moment. "That...is a bit to take in. Who is 'they'"?

"Nick Fury and the Avengers," Logan answered. "Mainly Stark. I think he has some kind of mentorship thing going on with the kid."

"And may I ask how you know about this?" Charles inquired.

"Fury showed up when you were out. Said he knew 'bout Cerebro."

Xavier's eyes widened slightly. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised...still though...that's a bit unsettling."

"Is there any chance we can use it to find him?"

Xavier rubbed his chin, thinking. "Cerebro is mainly used for finding mutants who are Earthbound. I'm not sure if I can find a non-mutant in outer space."

Wolverine looked down, disappointed. The kid didn't deserve this.

"But," Xavier started, as his chair rolled out from behind his desk. "I suppose there's only one way to find out." He then rolled right up to the Canadian, who was standing still, surprised. "Are you coming, Logan?"

Logan merely smirked at him. "Right behind you, Professor."

"Off the wall...from a completely different perspective."

Tony was hard at work in his lab, simultaneously typing at a computer terminal with one hand, while swiping holographic images around with his other.


"How can I be of assistance, sir?" The AI chirped.

"Bring up every file of every plan I've had yet to being back Peter," he ordered.

"Right away, sir," JARVIS stated, as several holographic screens popped up in front of the genius.

Tony quickly started shifting through them, swiping away as he analyzed the information on them as fast as he could. "Hmmm...I think we have something with the Stark Industries satellites...but I can't triangulate the missile since I don't know anything about its energy frequencies..."


Tony turned to see Natasha standing in the lab, arms crossed, an emotionless expression on her face. "Natasha, where have you been?" Stark asked. "Birdie boy's been worried sick about you. He's been calling you like a drunk ex. Which, now that I think about it, might not be too far from the truth."

"Shut up," the former assassin ordered. "Where's Peter?"

Tony went quiet for a second. "I don't know. You understand that I'm trying to find him, right?"

"Don't be you right now," she said. "How close are you to finding Parker?"

"Not too close, considering you keep bothering me."

Unexpectedly, Natasha grabbed the billionaire by the collar, pushing through the holographic images, making them violently whip out of the way, before she slammed him into a work bench, pinning him by shoving her forearm into his throat.


"I told you not to be you," she stated, an ice cold look on her face. "Now, how close are you to finding Parker?"

"I-ugh, it's hard to talk like this-I keep trying new things but they're all dead ends. I'm trying to find something new right now," he choked out.

Natasha's frown deepened, as she released Tony, making him fall to the ground, gasping for air as he held his throat. He sat up, trying to catch his breath. "What the hell is your problem?" He gasped out, coughing slightly.

The former assassin just crossed her arms again, not bothering to look at him. "I'm angry," she said.

"What?" Really? I just thought that was how you say hello! By leaving choke bruises on people's necks!" He yelled, still coughing as he slowly pulled himself up.

"I went back to Latveria," she suddenly told him, earning Stark's full attention. "I wanted to see if there was anything there that could help us find the missile. I'm a world-class spy, I'm not use to not finding what I'm looking for."

Tony frowned. "You didn't find anything?" He asked.

"The only thing I found was the trajectory the missile was suppose to be on," she stated, as she pulled out a flash drive. She threw it to Tony, who was able to catch it with one hand. "But it's pretty much worthless. Peter...Peter was able to completely throw it off course."

Tony nodded. "Yeah, he, uh, he really did a number on it," he said, as he turned back to his work, grabbing a couple of the holograms back.

"He was...is really smart," she agreed. "Smarter then he lets one." She scoffed at the thought. "Why does he always act so stupid?"

Tony just kept typing, ignoring Natasha.

"Uh, Stark?"

"Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, are you talking to me? I couldn't tell because I could still breath," he sniped.

"I said sorry."

"Nope!" Tony loudly said, pointing at her without looking. "You did not say sorry. You weren't close at all to saying sorry."

"I must of been blindsided by your ego."

"That doesn't even make sense."

"The fact that it doesn't speaks volumes about you," she sighed, as she started to make her way out of the lab, only to stop near Tony. "Stark?"


"...please, find him."

Tony paused, before he looked over, only to see that his teammate was gone. He furrowed his brow, confused at how she was acting. However, he couldn't focus on that right now. There were more pressing issues at the moment. He needed to think of a plan and fast, who knows how much time Peter had left. In fact, it'd be a miracle if he was still...

He's not going to think about it. Peter's alive. He's alive. And he's going to find him.

"Uh, sir?" JARVIS suddenly interrupted the billionaire's train of thought.

Tony threw his hands up, irritated. "What!? What JARVIS!? What's so important that you have to tell me while I'm trying to get a super powered teenager back from space, huh!?"

"Actually, sir, it's an intruder."

Tony went silent for a moment. "A what?"

"There's an intruder in the kitchen," the AI reiterated. "For whatever reason, the security systems aren't working."

"How?" Tony said, as he pulled up another holographic screen. "They're state of the art. I was working on them nonstop before the Latveria thing." He looked at the screen, to see all the systems were still fully operational. "JARVIS?"

"No Avengers are here," JARVIS stated. "Miss Romanoff has just left. I have the emergency plan ready."

Tony nodded, not looking forward to what was about to happen. A small box suddenly popped out of the counter near him, as he turned to it and opened it, to reveal a small, silver watch.

He grabbed the watch, getting out of the lab and making his way to the kitchen, feeling equal parts determined and uneasy. He tapped the watch, having the face of it open up, before flipped it by the openings, having it turn into a glove of one of his suits of armor, a fully functional repulsor blaster on it.

He finally got to the door of the kitchen, staring at it for a solid minute, breathing hard, suddenly nervous. He didn't want to do this. He didn't want to fight bad guys again. He had quit this, and for good reason. But there was nothing else to do.

Tony took a deep breath, and closed his eyes, trying to get his composure. Finally, he opened his eyes again, and began charging his blaster. He opened the door, having it slide open, as he pointed his hand right at the intruder.

However, after a moment to comprehend what was going on, he lowered his hand, deeply confused. In his spacious kitchen, with a giant window overlooking New York City in it, and his many, high tech appliances, the intruder was sitting at his large table, wearing military-like gear, a mechanical robot arm laying limply on the surface of the table.

"Please...I can't fix it," Bucky Barnes pleaded, as Tony stared at him, shocked.


"I can explain!"


Spider-Man was on the Milano, staring in the face of Star-Lord, confused and angry. The rest of the Guardians were sitting nearby, trying to recover from the fight.

"Look," Quill started. "Just, come on, calm down."

"Calm down!?" Peter screamed, furious. "What do you mean calm down!? I am calm! I'm as calm as I can be, since there's a giant unstoppable monster guy who apparently wants to eat me!"

"Look, kid, he's, he's not unstoppable," Quill argued.

"He destroyed like, half of a space army!" Peter yelled, as Drax stood up, and walked closer to the conversation. "And he beat you guys up like you were nothing!"

Quill rolled his eyes. "He did not beat us up that bad."

Peter gestured towards the destroyer. "He kept punching Drax in the throat!"

"He kept punching me in the throat," Drax agreed, earning a look from Quill. Drax noticed after a second, before furrowing his brow. "What? He did."

"What is he anyway?" Peter asked, removing his mask. "Who is this guy? Is he just some weird monster guy?"

"Actually," Drax piped up. "He's a being from an ancient vampiric race that feasts on the life forces of people."

Quill threw up his arms, frustrated. "Dude!" He cried.

"What? He is," Drax defended himself.

"WILL YOU PEOPLE JUST TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Peter yelled at the top of his lungs, completely fed up.

"I am Groot," the plant said, looking at Rocket.

"Ugh, fine," the mechanical genius conceded. "Millions of years ago there was a race called the Inheritors. They named themselves that because they thought some deity gave them the right to rule the universe." The raccoon then scoffed. "Egomaniacs."

"Rocket," Gamora piped in.

"Yeah, yeah," he said. "Anyway, they declared war on the rest of universe, and they almost took over."

"What stopped them?" Spidey asked. "I mean, if they were all that powerful, what stopped them?"

"They enslaved this one race," Quill spoke up, his arms crossed as a rare, serious expression flashed across his face. "They needed to eat them in order to get more power, and if they didn't, they'd eventually just wither away."

"So they just used this race like cattle," Gamora added, "moderating it so they could be strong enough to take over."

"What was the race called?" Peter asked.

"Who cares?" Rocket fired back. "They were basically Inheritor TV dinners."

"Rocket," Gamora scolded. "That is very insensitive to that poor race of people."

"Seriously," Drax agreed. "That is mean. You should feel ashamed."

"Ok, yeah, right," Rocket brushed off.

"No, really, you're very selfish," Drax pressed on.

"Ok, sure."

"You should feel terrible about yourself."

"I get it!"

"I don't believe you, you're a terrible person."

"Guys!" Quill stopped the conversation. "You are so not helping right now!" He then turned back to Peter. "Anyway, since the Inheritors were basically unstoppable, the universe only really had one option."

Peter frowned, as he thought for a moment, realization coming onto him. "They killed the slaves."

"The Inheritors kept eating others, but that only got them so far. Eventually, they just died out. Except for one, Morlun" Star-Lord stated. "He was in some kind of stasis that the rest of the race put him in as some kind of last resort to preserve them. He just woke up about two weeks ago."

"Which is why we found you," Gamora said, looking at Peter.

"Wait, me?" The brunette responded.

"Yeah, we figured out that he was set on this one trajectory," Rocket explained. "Then suddenly he changed direction out of nowhere. So, we followed the trail to where he would've been going, aaaaaand voila, annoying jackass."

"So, he was hunting me?" Peter asked, bewildered. "Why? Why does he want me so bad?"

"So... remember that race the Inheritors needed to eat?" Quill inquired.

"...yeah?" Peter uneasily responded.

"Well, we did some tests on you when we first picked you up, and, uh, your DNA is almost identical to their's."

"Wait, what?"

"Morlun thinks you're one of those old aliens, and if he eats you, he'll be almost unstoppable," Rocket clarified.

"Yeah, because he's such a pushover right now," Peter stiffly joked.

The rest of the Guardians went quiet, the air tense in the room.

"...was it something I said?" Peter asked. "Is pushover a bad word in space?"

"Kid," Quill got his attention. "What we saw today, with Morlun, that's as weak as Inheritors get.

Peter's eyes widened in sudden fear, dread taking over. "Oh my God..." he breathed.

"Things are...desperate, to say the least," Gamora chimed in.

"So, what was the plan?" Peter desperately wanted to know.

Quill cleared his throat. "Uh, what?"

Peter furrowed his brow. "The plan," he said. "You said you guys had a plan. What was the plan?"

"Oh!" Quill exclaimed. "The plan! Yeah, uh, well, it wasn't really that great, and uh, obviously we need to change things, so-"

"We were going to kill you," Drax revealed.

Quill turned to the brusier, his mouth agape, as he put his hands on his head, shocked. "Why, in the world, would you tell him that!?"

"What? We-"

"I swear to God if you say 'we were' I am going to shoot you!" Quill threatened.

Drax silently stared at Quill, thinking. He then looked at Peter. "We were. You've earned my honesty."

Peter just stared at Quill. "You were going to kill me?" He quietly let out, not able to believe that Quill would do such a thing.

Quill pursed his lips, obviously upset. "We didn't know what Morlun wanted," he said. "We just saw the rocket, we thought there was something on it that could repopulate his race or something. We figured we'd get it first and destroy it so he couldn't get it. But the only thing we found was...you."

Peter sighed, deeply. "I can't believe this. You wanted to kill me."

"No, he didn't," Rocket said. "None of us wanted to kill you. Until you opened your mouth at least. But if Morlun gets you, we're done."

Peter went quiet, not sure what to say. He just looked at the ground, silent.

Quill went up to him, and put his hands on the hero's shoulders. "Listen to me. We are not going to kill you. Do you understand? We are going to find another way to stop him. Ok?"

Peter had an uncertain expression on his face, not sure on what to do. "Ok," he said simply, as he turned around, and slowly walked away, leaving the rest of the Guardians alone.

They looked at each other, all of them thinking the same thing.

"What if we have to kill him?" Gamora asked, vocalizing it.

"It's not going to come to that," Quill said, adamant.

"There's like a 95 percent chance that it will," Rocket argued. "Now he doesn't deserve it, but we can't choose one guy over the universe."

"What are we suppose to do?" Quill asked, not wanting to kill the young man.

The Guardians went quiet yet again.

"I am Groot," Groot suddenly stated.

Rocket looked right at his friend, his muzzle twitching, before smiling. "That...could actually work."