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*If you don't know what masochism is…its when someone derives pleasure from pain…*


Italicized words: Character thoughts

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Story Title: Masochistic

Chapter One: Falling Angel

Shinji stood in front of the apartment 402. He couldn't help but remember that day…an image flashed into his mind of himself falling onto a naked blue haired girl. He quickly shook the image off.

He reached out to press the dirty doorbell. "Still broken…" he said quietly. *Bang Bang* he knocked on the gloomy looking door. "Ayanami? Are you home?" he asked. There was a bit of shuffling inside and he stepped back as the door opened to reveal a very pale girl. She had crimson red eyes, blue hair, and was wearing nothing but a button down shirt that revealed most of her slender legs.

"What is it?" she yawned, obviously tired. Shinji blushed as he looked over Rei and what she was wearing, or the lack of what she was wearing. "I'm sorry. Were you sleeping?" he asked in a somewhat flustered voice. "…The restart test took all evening…" she finally replied with an empty voice, which matched her empty expression. "So unit 00 is fixed then! I'm glad for you!" Shinji smiled and pulled out some pieces of paper. "Here. These are all the handouts from class." He handed her the papers and turned to leave. "Get some rest. Sorry I woke you up," Shinji turned and began to walk away.

Rei studied the brow haired boy for a moment before stopping him, "Why don't you…come in for a while?…" she didn't blush or change her monotonous manner of speaking. Shinji turned back around with a slight redness forming at his cheeks. He thought for a moment, only a moment, before replying, "Okay…" the boy walked slowly toward her and stepped into her messy apartment. I forgot how dirty this place is, he mused.

Rei walked to her tiny kitchen and boiled some water in a teapot. Maybe I should have brought flowers… he thought awkwardly. He knew he did like Rei…His eyes examined the albino girl. She was standing in the kitchen of her small apartment and she appeared to be staring at something. Weird…

"How many tea leaves do you use to make tea?" Rei's voice asked. Her chill, emotionless tone always sent shivers down Shinji's spine. Shinji got off the chair and walked over to Rei's standing place. "I have tea here, but I've never made tea…" she said, pondering the box in her hand. "It's okay; you don't have to-" Shinji never got to finish his sentence. Rei took a large mound of leaves onto her spoon and looked at it questioningly. "This many?" she was totally serious. "I think that's too much…" Shinji said with a sweat drop forming on his hair.

"Ah!" Rei gasped as her hand touched the hot teakettle on the stove. "Are you okay?!" Shinji asked in a concerned voice. The girl stared at her finger with annoyance. "I just…got burnt a little…" she said without any trace of pain. "JUST!?" Shinji asked in disbelief. He grabbed her slender arm and gently pulled it under her faucet, running cold water on the burn. The brown haired boy never noticed that he didn't let go. He stood there gently rinsing her hand for her, with his arm on hers.

At first, Rei just stared at the water, tiredly, but then, Shinji noticed the tiniest trace of a blush forming on her cheeks. "Oh…" the boy said, as a VERY large blush formed on his cheek. He let go and grabbed the tea. "I'll…I'll make the tea…you just stay put…" he said, turning his face so she could not see his extremely red cheeks. "Okay…" she said as the redness in her own cheeks intensified.

The brown haired pilot set two cups down onto a tabletop. He recalled the night before, smiling. "Last night…we had this party…Soryu had moved in with Misato and me…we called you to invite you over, but you didn't answer the phone…" he blushed as he finished the sentence. It had not been 'we' who invited Rei, it had been Shinji alone. No one else really wanted Rei there, but Shinji called non-the less. "It's okay…" Rei said quietly, still soaking her hand in the cold water. "I don't like that kind of thing very much…" she sighed. "Oh…yea…but I had fun…it was a real first for me…just making all this noise and everyone was happy… I used to think that kind of thing was just stupid… You should come too, if we do it again…then…" Shinji hesitated to finish the sentence. The end would have been something like this, 'I could get to know you more', but Rei saved him this little embarrassment by interrupting, "Ikari, you're talking a lot today…" She shut the faucet off and turned to face the brown haired boy who was just a little taller than her. Her stone-faced expression almost gave Shinji a chill. "Oh…sorry…"

Shinji finished making the tea and poured the liquid into both the cups that had been set out earlier. "Ayanami…you…you talk with my father all the time… What do you talk about?" the male pilot asked, somewhat tensely. His father…had…always been…a 'touchy' subject. The air seemed to condense as Shinji saw Rei was also tensing. She had even slapped Shinji once for insulting the Commander. "Why…?" she asked after a long silence. Shinji's blue eyes spotted her neck muscles tighten. He shivered mentally from her icy tone. "If dad was at that party…maybe I could've talked to him…a little… He wouldn't have come even if I invited him, though…" Shinji could see her neck muscles relax. "You…want to talk with your father?" she asked, in a soothing voice. Shinji stared into her crimson eyes. "…Yeah…" He gently put the teapot down. "It's not like anything would change if we talked…but it's hard…the way things are… I keep hating him…so why do I keep piloting Eva for him?" he finished, expecting a slap, but only receiving a somewhat caring look. "You…should tell him," the blue haired girl said in response. "Huh?" Shinji asked, totally confused. "You should tell your father…what you're really thinking…" she finished, life springing into her eyes like a rainbow after a summer rain. There were only two people Shinji knew to receive a similar look: Himself and his father. It wasn't a pleasant look, nor was it unpleasant, it was just…Rei…

Shinji stared into Rei's eyes, feeling he could get lost inside them. She began to rub her hand subconsciously. "Otherwise…nothing will change for you," she continued, referring to her earlier advice. The boy's ice-blue eyes continued to swim inside Rei's sunset colored ones and he couldn't help but notice how very pretty the albino girl was. Rei stared at the tea.

"What a pretty color…you're good at making tea." Why does he stare? she thought. Her pale, slender hand reached out and grabbed a cup. "Can I drink it?" she asked quietly. "Oh…yea," Shinji said, snapping out of his daze and grabbing his own cup. The cup pressed to Rei's chalk white lips and the hot liquid rushed into her mouth, past her taste buds, and down her throat. "It's a little bitter…" Shinji said as he took a drink. "Yes…but it's warm," she replied looking him straight in the face. She almost smiled, just a slight upturn of the lips, but Shinji still couldn't really qualify it as a smile. Shinji smiled though, his warm smile reaching Rei's crimson eyes and warming her insides. The second, full-fledged smile Shinji had ever seen crossed Rei's lips. It was a very beautiful smile, her eyes complimented it greatly as the empty, cold look in them faded and was replaced by a warm, soft glow of life. As they stood staring into each other's faces, red rushed to their cheeks.

Shinji put his cup down and took a step toward the girl in front of him. She looked into his azure colored eyes and set her cup down also. Shinji held his breathe and stepped even closer, close enough to be qualified as intruding on one's personal space. "What…are you doing Ikari?" Rei asked in a quiet voice. Shinji snapped back to reality and looked over the situation. He was so close to Rei, he could feel her breathe on his neck. His body was almost touching hers, their clothes brushing against each other. "H-huh?" Shinji asked stepping back at once, nervousness and embarrassment coursing through him. He almost stumbled over the chair in the middle of the room. "I-I-I'm sorry…g-g-goodnight," he managed to stutter as his trembling hands gripped his backpack and slung it around his shoulder. Rei watched with a mixture of embarrassment, anxiousness, and something she couldn't quite put her finger on. Shinji stumbled out the door, almost forgetting to open it, and ran off down the street toward Misato's apartment. The bewildered, blue haired albino standing in the kitchen stared at the door for a long time. What just happened? What…what was that I…felt? Rei sighed and went into the bathroom to take a shower and organize her thoughts.

Shinji opened the door to Misato's apartment, feeling the embarrassment starting to disappear. "That took you a long time! All you had to do was drop those handouts off with Wondergirl! Baka!" came Asuka's voice. Shinji froze. Misato was eating at the table with the redheaded nightmare. The Major turned to her charge and analyzed him. "You're sweating Shinji…you little devil!" she teased. "I-I-I-I-I-I-I…it's not what you think…I swear!" he gulped nervously. "The hell it isn't! You idiot! What where you doing? It sure took you a hell of a lot of time!" Asuka's harsh voice intruded Shinji's mind and rattled his brain. "I-I'm sorry…" he whispered. "DAMMIT! STOP SAYING YOU'RE SORRY!" Asuka yelled at the timid pilot. "I-I'm sorry…" he repeated. "Dammit! You're hopeless!" she yelled.

Shinji hurried to his room when Asuka was done insulting him. "Oh man," he sighed, sitting on his rolling chair and pulling out his homework. 'You should talk to him' Rei's words came back to his thought process. Shinji's shaking hands reached into his bag and pulled out a cell phone. *Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep* the sound of the buttons broke the silence in his room. He pressed the phone to his ear and shook violently as the dial tone came to his ear.

"Commander Ikari"

"Do you know what tomorrow is?"

"Shinji? Don't call me here unless there is an emergency,"


            How could you forget? Tomorrow was the day mother died…

Thoughts of Rei crossed Shinji's tired mind. She was definitely attractive, as was Asuka, but…there was just something about the mysterious albino girl. Shinji blinked away all thought as sleep slowly caressed his eyes and caused them to droop.

In his dreams, Shinji felt all the anger and hatred he felt towards NERV and his father be released. He screamed in agony as an intense pain seared through his veins. He blamed himself for all that had happened to Toko-3. He blamed himself for everything that others did. That was the reason he felt he had to apologize so often. He felt that this pain he felt somehow helped deal with his thoughts. He felt sick.

Shinji gasped, waking up in a convulsion of muscle spasms. His hand was bloody and stuck with little pieces of glass. In his sleep, he had broken a glass bottle used to hold pencils and pens. Shinji winced as he moved his hand and stood. He slowly moved to the bathroom and stuck his hand under the porcelain sink and turned on the cold water. The liquid flooded from the faucet and hit his hand, causing yet another searing pain threatening to overtake his senses. His blood fell into the sink, staining the white marble-like bowl. He pulled the pieces of glass out of his cuts and winced in pain. After an hour of cleaning himself, he had stopped bleeding, successfully cleaned all the glass from the maimed hand, and bandaged it.

"Damn," he said as he pulled the last bit of bandages around his clenched fist. Shinji pulled his school uniform on and grabbed his bag. He sighed as the pain in his hand slowly throbbed. This…feels…enjoyable? I must be sick… He walked out the door to the apartment and headed toward his boring middle school.

As he entered the halls of the school, he found it deserted. He found his way to his locker and used his good hand to open it and enter his bag into it, withdrawing the contents he would use during class.

He sighed and walked toward his homeroom class. Why do I enjoy this…feeling…this…pain? he asked himself as he entered the dull classroom.

A girl with blue hair was sitting in the corner, staring out the window. She didn't notice Shinji enter. He hid his mangled hand and slowly walked toward her. "Ayanami?" he said timidly. The girl jumped and turned to face the stranger. "Oh…Ikari…" she turned back to the window. "I-I'm sorry about last night…" the boy said, blushing heavily. "Why?" Rei asked. "I…I…I was out of line in my…t-thinking…and I'm sorry," he said as the blush on his cheeks steadily increased. "What were you thinking?" Rei pushed.

When Shinji didn't answer, Rei sighed. "…I…was…thinking about…k-k-k," Shinji swallowed and forced himself to finish, "I was thinking about kissing you." The blush on his cheeks increased so badly, it appeared his skin was on fire. Dammit! Where is my backbone? he kicked himself mentally.

For a moment, the girl was in deep thought. Shinji turned to go to his seat. "Ikari?" Rei said, finally turning to him. Shinji spun around and met Rei's eyes. "Why?" she continued to push. Why me? Shinji thought. "I…that is…I…oh boy…A-Ayanami…you…are…er…very…a-attractive…" GOD! he thought. His cheeks burned with embarrassment. "It…was just an instinct…I'm sorry…" Shinji said, a sweat appearing on his brow.

Rei studied the boy in front of her. She sighed and looked back out the window, that lifeless look once again on her face.

Shinji stared at her. Why couldn't I say I liked her?! I'm just a coward!  he kicked himself mentally yet again. "A-Ayanami?" he said nervously. She once again turned to face the brown haired pilot. He summoned all the energy in his shy body and forced himself to say, "I…l-like…I…Dammit! I like y-you…sorry," he turned to his seat and turned his SDAT on, plugging it into his ears.

Rei watched the boy and observed what he did when everyone else disappeared in his mind's eye. He was not a happy fourteen year old. Rei could tell as much by his posture and the facial expression he wore while listening to the soothing music exiting the earphones on his SDAT. She thought of what Shinji had said, 'I like you.' What does that mean? She remembered reading about the courting process between a male and females. Silently, she rethought everything from the book. 'When a male tells a female he 'likes' her, he means he is attracted to her and interested in a relationship, whether as friends or as more.' She was pretty sure that was what it had said. She stared at Shinji and got frustrated with herself. Why do I not know this feeling?

Just when Rei was about to stand and talk to Ikari about it, the class came pouring in. "Oh, hi puppet," Asuka sort of greeted Rei. Rei said nothing, staring, once again, out the window. "Psh…doll…" the flaming redhead walked over to Shinji. "Idiot! Why were there blood stains in the sink?" she asked the cowering boy. Rei's ears perked up, but she pretended not to hear anything. "I-I-I…um…had an accident," he mumbled timidly, showing her his bandaged hand. Asuka's blue eyes narrowed dangerously. "Baka! Next time be more careful stupid!" she struck Shinji on the head and walked off to her seat.

The class giggled and talked until the Sensei showed up. Shinji thought about Asuka and Rei as the sensei droned on with yet another second-impact lecture. This one was on its impact on Australia and its economy.

Shinji had been fascinated with the mysterious blue haired girls beauty when they first met. Then, when Asuka showed up, he was obsessed with her for a short period of time, but he felt less for her after she began to get bitchy toward him. He still felt like she was a friend. Asuka always showed her good side whenever Shinji needed someone to talk to, but Rei…was…different. There was always something about her that attracted Shinji.

Shinji's eyes drooped. How boring. His eyes slowly moved to Rei as she sleepily stared out of the window. Asuka was typing messages to Hikari and Toji was whispering to Kensuke. Shinji felt that this boredom was too much for him and he dozed off, falling onto his laptop.

The bell brought Shinji from his nap. He jumped up and looked around quickly. The class was leaving slowly, going to lunch. "Yo Shinji! Whad up buddie?" Toji put his arm around Shinji's shoulders and led him out the door. Kensuke fallowed fumbling with his camera, a disc in his mouth.

"How'd you like the party?" Shinji asked both of them. Kensuke grunted because of the disc in his mouth. Toji decided to reply loudly, since Asuka was near, "It was awesome, man! It woulda been better if dat bitch wouldn't have been dere do," Toji looked straight at Asuka as he said that. He was rewarded with a large, red handprint across his cheek. Asuka stormed off muttering German curse words and left Toji to wince in pain. Shinji laughed and helped the jock up.

Unknown to the three stooges, the albino pilot had been watching them. What strange behavior… she thought.

"So, Ikari…What's with your hand?" Kensuke asked, finally putting his disc into his camera. "Uh…I cut myself…" Shinji said, putting his hand away. "On purpose?" Toji asked dumbly. "No! I was asleep, but…I don't know…" he trailed off and looked at the ceiling. "Oh well…What's wit you and Ayanami? You seem ta look at her a lot in class…and she talks to ya more now…you haven't been getting any without telling us, have you?" Toji teased. Kensuke nudged Shinji with an evil smile. "No!" Shinji yelled, blushing a deep shade of maroon. "Do ya want to? Huh? Huh?" Toji nudged Shinji too. "Uh…" Shinji scratched his head, the blush deepening.

Rei didn't know if she wanted to hear anymore. She started to press forward, but stopped as Shinji's reply came, "I don't know…she is pretty you know…but there's something else about her…" Shinji thought for a moment.

Rei's cheeks were burning. Why? Why am I feeling this way? What is this feeling? "What about Soryu?" Kensuke asked with a cringe. Shinji shivered, "She's pretty too…but she treats me like dirt. She also treats Ayanami like dirt and that pisses me off…" the blue eyed pilot continued to walk. "So, you do have feelings for Ayanami!" Kensuke said.

Rei frowned. I do not understand teenage boy behavior…I do not understand any behavior… she thought sadly. Rei walked forward, right passed Shinji, saying a quick, 'excuse me' and blushing slightly. "Do ya think she heard?" Toji asked, furrowing his brow. "I hope not," Shinji replied as he took his seat at the lunch table. He just got a bowl of ramen noodles, he wasn't very hungry.

His eyes kept making their way toward Rei, no matter what Shinji's brain told them. She was eating quietly, never looking up once. Man…emotions are confusing… "See you guys in gym," he said as he walked away from Toji and Kensuke.

Shinji sighed, "Co-ed class again…" he complained to Toji. "Wonder what game dey thought of dis time," Toji frowned and stepped onto the blacktop. "Dodge ball!" Asuka said cheerfully, a red ball in her right hand. "Damn…She's gonna kill us all!" Toji yelled. The coach smiled and pulled a whistle to his mouth. "GO!" he screamed, blowing on the whistle.

Shinji was put on a team with Rei, Toji, and Hikari. Toji picked up a ball and threw it at another boy. Shinji threw a ball occasionally, but he and Rei were mostly being defensive, catching the balls thrown at them. Shinji ducked as Asuka threw a ball at him. It went by and nailed Hikari right in the face. "OW!" she screamed. "Oh Hikari! I'm so sorry!" Asuka said as she was nailed in the face too. The redhead slumped to the sidelines to watch with the class rep, very pissed. Asuka grumbled about losing, but didn't haul off and knock someone out of that century, thankfully.

There were only a few people left: he, Rei, Toji, and five other boys. The other boys sent a hail of balls at Toji. He jumped out of the way, accidentally slamming into Rei. "Ah!" she gasped as her feet went straight into the air. She plummeted toward the concrete headfirst. "No!" Shinji yelled as he dove for her. He caught her fragile body in his arms and stopped her head from being smeared across the blacktop. Since he had been traveling at a high speed, he flew a couple more feet through the air before skidding to a rather painful stop. The pale girl was at his chest and she was sitting (somewhat awkwardly) in his lap. His arms were around her and she was breathing really hard.

Shinji was bleeding from his leg, because he had been wearing shorts. He stared down into Rei's eyes as if he was trying to see inside them. She stared back, trying to see inside him. Their moment was spoiled however by the clapping from the rest of the class. The brown haired pilot couldn't help but smile. "Thank you Ikari…" Rei said quietly, a blush forming at her cheeks. She never changes her expression…it's always so emotionless… he thought. "Will you please let go of me, Ikari?" she asked in her usual tone. Shinji let go nervously and stood up. All the girls giggled. Rei stood and walked inside. The bell rang soon after and Shinji walked inside, followed by a bunch of catcalls.

Shinji pulled his clothes off and stepped into the shower. Blood fell off his cuts and ran into the drain. Pain shot through his veins, but he smiled. He enjoyed this new pain as it spread to every nerve ending in his body. Why do I enjoy this? Am I sick? As the pain subsided, he sighed. "What's wrong with me?" Shinji dried off and stepped into his uniform. "Back to work," Shinji said, walking out the door.

Shinji put his books in his locker and walked toward the door. Asuka hurried after him. "Yo idiot! Wait up! Jeez!" she caught up and panted. "What's your hurry?" she asked arrogantly. Shinji looked off to his right. A cemetery labeled, 'Second Impact Cemetery' stood there. Row upon row of gravestones polluted the green grass and the sun dimly lit the dull gray stones. "I have something to take care of," he said, veering into the cemetery. "Whatever," Asuka said, continuing down the road and turning toward Misato's apartment.

Shinji wandered down the rows of headstones until he reached the grave marked, 'Yui Ikari'. A man with glasses, a beard, and light brown hair stood there. "Dad…" Shinji breathed. The man didn't look up. "Shinji," he said as he bent down and laid flowers down. "You…you came to visit her grave?" Shinji asked in disbelief. "Yes. Her body is not here, but it will do for now," he turned to face Shinji. "For now?" Shinji asked with a bewildered look. Gendo completely ignored his question. "Dad…can we…talk…" Shinji asked sadly. "Learn to stand on your own two feet. I did the same when I was a boy. Don't go thinking we can understand each other. We can't. People will never be able to. People…are such sad creatures," he said firmly. Shinji felt his heart sink. "It is time, I must go," Gendo said as he looked into the sky. An airplane landed just behind the person Shinji used to call 'father', kicking dust up into Shinji's eyes. "But!" Shinji cried, real tears spilling from his eyes. "Don't try and find me again." Gendo stepped onto the plane. Shinji could not see it, but Rei was in the plane, staring sadly at him.

"How is it going Rei?" Gendo asked, sitting next to the girl. "Fine. I'm going to see Dr. Akagi to tomorrow and to school after that," she looked over at the commander. "That's fine," he said in a faraway voice. He seems to care about me, but his mind is somewhere else. I'm the one for whom nothing will change…

"It's over Cocos Island Station…Obstat-6 has target on visual! Now on main screen!" Misato looked at the angel. It was a giant eye with two limbs that had similar eyes on them. "Ugly…" she whispered. "Look at the size of it! It's an offensive use of its A.T. field!" the purple-headed women said.  "The angel uses a piece of itself as a bomb, detaching a portion of its mass. Combined with the kinetic energy gained in its fall from space, the impact force is immense! It's in a 119-minute orbit…pull back…" Maya said to the Major. A screen came on showing some very large craters. "Those are the hits from its first and second pass, both in the ocean." Maya reported, pointing at the screen. "It's clearly begun to correct for error." The angel came back on screen. "It's sighting in!" Misato yelled. The giant angel got blasted by a few N² bombs on the screen. "That's the intercept by our N² bombs. Damage to target still unknown." The angel's screen disappeared. "We've lost visual and tracking ECM form angel!" Misato stared at the screen as the bridge bunnies continued to bumble about. "Well, we can guess where it's going to land," Misato said to Ritsuko. "The next one's on Tokyo-3. Then it'll use its entire mass!" said the blonde doctor, biting her lip. "Can you reach the commander in Antarctica?" Misato asked. Maya looked at the Major, "No. This is on the scale of a 5-5 solar storm; there's a complete blackout of high frequency communications over the Polar Regions…Even the gulf channel is out." "Are the three Evas in position?" Misato asked. "Ready Major!" Maya replied.

"Insane…" Asuka whined from within Unit-02. "This is some plot you came up with Misato! 'Catch the angel when it falls! Your Evas have hands right?'" Asuka mocked. "Did you say something Asuka?" Misato asked in a terse voice. "Nothing…Where's the rendezvous?" Asuka asked in a defeated voice. "Afraid that's hard to say. We don't have an exact location for you, but using the data we collected up to the point the radio jamming began, Magi has calculated an estimated radius for the fall point," Misato replied. A screen came up with a very large radius spanning nearly over the whole of Tokyo-3.

"The range is this large?!" Asuka's eyes widened. "That's right, so we've placed your Evas to best cover the drop zone. Once you can confirm the exact point, you'll need to run to it as fast as you can and then catch the angel, using your A.T. field at maximum," Misato said without any worry in her voice. "You talk as if that's easy!" Asuka yelled in reply. "Well…if you fail…NERV Headquarters will be gouged right out of the ground," Misato retorted coolly. Silence fell on Unit-02. "Keep that in mind," Misato said to the silence. "Shinji, Rei, did you get that? Get ready, you'll have to do that on a moments notice!" The Major yelled at Unit-00 and 01. "Ready," Rei said in her calm, even voice. "…" Shinji didn't reply. "Shinji!" Misato yelled. "Yeah, I know," the boy said.

"I'm worried…he seemed depressed these past couple of days," Misato said to Ritsuko. "A cheerful, excited Shinji would be all the more disconcerting," Ritsuko replied. "You're just an old bitch," Misato said to the doctor. "The 'old' part was un-called for," Ritsuko replied, grumbling.

Shinji went back over the conversation with his father in his mind. He didn't even notice when Misato yelled for them to go. 02 and 00 ran toward the angel, but 01 stayed. "SHINJI! SHINJI WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" Misato screamed.

Shinji snapped out of his train of thought. He willed his Eva to bolt toward the falling angel. "Damn!" Shinji yelled to no one in particular. "Here it comes!" the angel appeared through the clouds. "A.T. FIELD AT MAXIMUM!" Shinji roared as he skidded to a stop just below the angel. It's A.T. field stopping the angel from crushing 01.

Shinji felt like his elbows were bending backwards and his bones were smashing into his elbow. "AH! D-DAMMIT! ASUKA! REI!" Shinji screamed in agony.

"02! Maximum A.T. field!" Rei yelled. "Yeah, Yeah!" Asuka replied as 02's A.T. field spread. 00 and 02 ran beside Shinji and helped push the angel back with their own A.T. fields. "Rei! Do it now!" Shinji yelled at the albino girl. 00 drew a progressive knife and managed to split the angels A.T. field, leaving its core wide open. "You…popeyed FREAK!" Asuka screamed as 02 pushed its own progressive knife into the core of the angel.

There was a large explosion as the angel blew up. "Thanks…" Shinji said into the silence following the explosion.


Author's notes: Heh…damn…I've had this idea written in my notebook for so long…I finally found the time to type it up…anyway…A lot of technical dialogue in this chapter was quoted from the manga…so…This is my second fic to be typed up…my first was a horror called "Resident Eva"…so yea…I'm still a beginner at writing…so please ignore anything I did wrong grammar wise or spelling wise. There is an interesting plot to this story…and yes…it is a Shinji/Rei fic…so bluh!

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