"Good evening everyone," Scott, the manager of The Zon greeted The Spiral and their dates.

"Sup Scott? How's it going?" Trent asked with an arm firmly around his petite date.

"Good, good. We've made a few changes and it has done pretty good so far."


"Yeah, tonight is 90's night. Come on in and enjoy."

The group entered their old stomping grounds with varying stages of trepidation for what may await. They were pleasantly surprised for the most part. The interior had a new coat of paint and the seating all looked new or close enough to it to give the place a fresh feel to it. 90s music blared from the speakers giving everyone a sense of nostalgia. Trent led the way to what he felt was a choice booth in the corner and everyone sat down. He looked around at the group- his group of family. Jane was on his left, then there was Jesse, followed by Max, and Nick, then his eyes fell to the young woman that was still happily tucked away in the arm that he had draped around her. Everyone got their drinks and talked over each other in an effort to catch up.

"Okay guys," Nick stood up, "let's take this to the dance floor before we age another second and start talking about the young whipper snappers or the good ole days. Come on Max, there are a couple of eager ladies that need us over there." Nick nodded towards where the girls had been eyeing them from the corner of the bar. Max allowed himself to be tugged over with Nick.

"Guess that leaves us," Trent turned to Jesse, Jane, and his girl. "We can't let Nick and Max show us up and have all the fun." He gave a broad smirk to the others as he took his lady's hand and led her to the dance floor where they all got into the groove of the 90s tunes that they'd enjoyed. Everyone enjoyed the faced paced beats, dancing wildly for a while until a slower tune was put into play so that breathes could be regained, restroom breaks could be had, rehydration could be gotten and whatever else was needed could be done for the customers at the Zon. Trent held his girl in his arms closely with one hand splayed across her back and the other in her hair at the base of her neck where he made gentle circular motions with the tip of his calloused index finger. She had her arms around his waist; she had lain against his chest. Having him here- everyone really, was so nice.