"Sorry…..sort of," she sheepishly apologized for being the cause of the back of his head slamming against the wall. Then, she kissed him with fevered passion. She had heard The Spiral and they had improved by leaps and bounds compared to their sporadic sleep deprived practice sessions in the Lane basement in the past, but this duet that Trent and Jesse did with Max and Nick free styling in the background had truly showcased just how far they had all come. It had happened so organically between them all once they were on stage at The Zon, for old time's sake, at the manager's request. The sound was a deep hypnotic beat; Nick had reframed from doing his usual 'wiling out' at his convenience, Max had kept that guitar chord simple and steady, varying on the riffs that he knew were his strengths in a way that accompanied the piece, Jesse had started the lyrical side with a surprisingly deep baritone, lending a roughness around the edges that was sexy and seductive, and then Trent came in with accompanying lyrics in an amazingly beautiful falsetto that no one there could recall ever hearing. No one- including his girlfriend, who had always found him attractive, but upon hearing his voice in this particular way had found her body at complete red alert with arousal. She couldn't wait until he got off of the stage and into her arms. Something about his voice in that falsetto- it had her in a state of mind that she had openly mocked others for, but now knew first hand that it was nothing to be trifled with.

"What the-"

A few high notes and this? Wow!

Trent managed to get the dressing room door open and they stumbled in almost falling, but he managed to balance them and lock the door.

"So I take it you liked the song?" he smirked watching in fascination as she made fast work of discarding both her top and bottom and then his bottom. He made to take off his tee, but her raspy passion filled voice told him to leave it. "You always manage to surprise me-"

"You talk too much Lane."

She kissed him then and molded her body to his and just as she had thought the light roughness of the soft tee against her delicate skin felt sensational and added a new dimension of sexy to the atmosphere.

Why take off your clothes, but leave on the undies? I can fix that- there, much better. She always feels so good and she makes me feel sooooo… good. She's beautiful too…

"Something wrong?"

"No why?"

"Well, you stopped and you're looking at me…..oddly."

He let a finger trace the outline of her face. The finger lingered on her lips, tracing them lightly over and over as he spoke.

"It just hits me sometimes how much I love you. You make everything better- you make me better."

"We complement each other," she corrected kissing his finger to punctuate each word. "I love you Trent Lane. Now let's have some fun." She a coquettish smile before covering his finger with her mouth and giving it firm suckle.

No need to tell me twice…