Their kisses were hurried fevered in the darkness of the room. No words had been spoken in the car ride…none were necessary. They both knew what was to take place. So with a kick shut of the door they made their way, with Jesse leading, kissing through the discarding of clothes. The arrangements in these places were all pretty much the same and who cared about any furniture other than the bed anyway. He didn't need the light; he knew exactly whom he was with. Their breaths were ragged with anticipation. She let her head fell back and cradled his head, as she reveled in the passionately rough kisses that he rained down her throat. She gasped sharply when his mouth clamped down on a breast and his hand caught the other and gave it a firm squeeze and pinch of a firm nipple. When he'd finished feasting on one, he repeated the process on the other. He brought his kisses back up the trail from where he had come, taking more time to linger on the arc of her neck before reclaiming her mouth in the most delicate, yet passion filled kisses. This left her more than ready to feel him inside of her. She shifted beneath him adjusting so that they were at the optimal angle. They both groaned at the merging of their bodies. They then met one another each intensely titillating thrust for thrust, each almost painfully grasping the other as they both let their desires consume them.

I won't be the first to speak. Look at him…... wonder if he knows that I'm awoke. I'll shift so that- there, he knows… still nothing. He's just sitting with his back to me… wonder what he's thinking? Does he think that this was a mistake? Dear God, what if he thinks that this was a mistake! What if he thinks that it was awful or that I was awful… We felt too good together though. Our bodies were- It's not like he doesn't have experience with women. Obviously, he knows how to please a woman in bed- and the sofa – and against the wall – and- stop, you're getting off track. What was the point of this vein of thought? Oh, yeah- wonder where his mind is?

"I'm gonna go for a walk. I'll- be back." His voice was thick and husky, something that she would have found sexy under other circumstances, but considering what had just happened between them and the fact that he wasn't looking at her left her feeling somewhat cold in the wake of what she had thought to be a really good time. Once the door closed, she sat and thought for a moment before getting dressed and leaving after casting a last glance at the room that they had shared.

It is cold as shit out here! What the fuck did I just do? Well, duh- but when the fuck will I learn? I keep doing a repeat on fucking up. It's like my life is set for it or something.

He closed his eyes briefly remembering… he didn't know how long he had been walking, but the early morning light was piercing through the trees and across the street he saw the familiar golden arches offering the promise of semi-decent hot breakfast that he could take on the go. He stopped outside to light up an old stale cigarette that he'd found in his jacket pocket. That was when he saw him- DeMartino.

Well Good Morning to my ass! Just what I don't need.

"Careful, those things will kill ya," DeMartino sounded all cheerful, before getting in his car and leaving.

He would be all cheerful, the dick!

Jesse took a regretful drag, threw it to the ground, and stubbed it out with his toe. He made his way inside, got an order for two and took it to go back to the room.

Jesse entered the room and found that it was empty. No note, no text, just an empty room… he put the bags on the bed flipped on the tv to nothing in particular.

I should text my mom and let her know that everything is okay. She's been in overprotective mode sine I have been back…. And since we'll be back on the road soon… well I don't want her to worry so much.

He sent the text and allowed himself to drift off into sleep…