Brad had heard her when she came out of the bathroom, but he hadn't seen her since he had just come back from getting the delivery order from downstairs.

"Thought we might go out tonight, I feel like stretching my legs,"

"What did you sa-"

Shit a fucking brick!

He looked at her from head to toe. Her auburn hair hung in stylish layers to her mid back; it fell softly against her fair complexion and emphasized the largeness of her eyes. She wore diamond studs and a matching dainty diamond bracelet around her wrist; those things were barely noticeable to him. It was the dress or the little there was of it that made him swallow hard. It was cream and had the tiniest straps that he had ever seen. It scooped down in front to hint at the cleavage, but the fabric was so sheer that it served a mere cursory homage to a slip as it clung to her soft curves and fell just shy of where a mini skirt would. It left him momentarily breathless.


"Oh- I ordered in again, but-" he held the bags up in explanation, "whatever you want is fine with me."

"I just didn't want to stay in hiding…you know?"

"I get it. Let me just put these in the fridge." He hurried and put them up and returned to the front room. "You sure you want to go out tonight."

"Absolutely," Quinn asserted. "I have been a terrible hostess keeping you cooped up in my little apartment for these last few days and we haven't even gotten anything work-related done. I kind of owe you, so let me take you to dinner."

"You've allowed me to be in your company. You owe me nothing," Brad said sincerely.

"I need to get back out there anyway. I wouldn't want anyone to think that I'm withering away from despair."

She was using her compact to apply some gloss as she spoke with her back to him. He gave her back side an appreciative once over paying special attention to her beautiful legs, the left of which housed a ankle bracelet that was as intricately beautiful as the one on her wrist. The heels that she wore only make her legs look even more long and shapely. He reluctantly brought his eyes back up and saw that she was watching her. His eyes flicked away and he felt embarrassed at being caught like that. Such a high school move, he had thought.

"Do I need to change?" he had asked. "I wasn't sure where you wanted to go, so…"

"You can if you want, but you look great. Armani is always in vogue."

"I'll just get my jacket then." He retrieved the jacket to the Charcoal G-Line Basic Sharkskin Two-Piece Wool Suit and helped her into the soft pink faux fur that fell longer than her dress. "Quinn?" he was still close to her, having just made sure that her coat was on properly. She looked up over her shoulder at him. "You look really good."

"Thanks Brad."

They left for dinner.


He knew that it wasn't about dinner or him when they left. He had enough female relatives to know that this was more about her and what she needed to do to regain some kind of control over that aspect of her life right now. Watching her walk so confidently ensconced in the softness of that coat and knowing that she was practically naked beneath made Brad even more acutely aware of his ever growing attraction to her. It caught him by surprise, not the attraction- he was a man after all, but the way that it had manifested itself. Normally he would enjoy the game of the flirt and reeling in a beautiful woman, but with Quinn he had found himself wanting to protect her from the pain that he had seen in her eyes. Paul had hurt her badly and whenever Brad thought about it, he wanted to hurt the guy. Paul didn't deserve Quinn she was too good for someone like that douche. So if she needed to get dolled up and go out to show the world and herself that she was still her same beautiful self there was no way in hell that he would deny her that.

Quinn floated in the restaurant like the social butterfly that she had cultivated herself to be. All eyes were on her and the owners fawned on her, telling her how very much they missed her from coming in and brightening up the place. Quinn was demure with the slight lowering of her lashes and her promises to make sure that she comes back more often and they were lead to the best seat in the center of the room. There were audible gasps when her coat was removed before she sat. The waiter came to nervously take their orders while trying not to openly check out Quinn.

Brad took it all in with amusement. He had dated- well- kind of- many a beautiful woman, but Quinn seemed to be her own unique breed; she was truly a force to be reckoned with. He gave the waiter his order and looked at Quinn with a smirk.

"What?" she asked taking a sip of the golden champagne while looking at him with huge innocent eyes.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself."

"I am," she smiled at him genuinely. "This champagne is delicious." She took another sip.

I hope so I don't order Armand de Brignac Brut Gold NV 6L Rated 94W&S for just anyone, but seeing that look on your face… best money I ever spent.

"I'm glad you like it."

"I was thinking about going to Boston," She spoke looking directly at him making it hard for him to completely concentrate on what she was saying, "I'd like to visit my sister and check in with my folks in Lawndale. I wasn't sure when you had to get back to The Spiral; I know they are getting ready to finish their tour and you were so good about giving Trent the space he needed to work through things and now with me- I know that you have a life to get back to and I don't want to keep disrupting that."

Brad gave an unsure chuckle.

"You trying to get rid of me or something? I don't want to crowd you Quinn. If you want me to go, just say so and no hard feelings." He said everything with a smile and he meant it, but he found himself trying to work past a lump that had suddenly formed in his throat.

"Not at all," her hand automatically covered his, "you've just been such a good friend. I don't want to take advantage of that."

He felt the warmth of her touch radiate through him.

"I'm all good. Don't worry."

"Okay," she smiled at him warmly.

He smiled at her.

"What's say we get out of here?" she looked at him impishly. "There's this club that is just across town-"

"You've had a few sips of champagne and you haven't even eaten yet." Brad was caught off guard by her sudden whimsicalness.

"I know, but we could tell them to pack it up for us and have it later," she suggested.

How can I say no to that face?

Brad made the necessary arrangements with the waiter and left a hefty tip. He watched as Quinn slid back into her coat then took her hand and they both exited to the outside to wait until their driver pulled up. He put an arm around her when he saw her gather her coat in a shiver against the breeze. She looked up at him. He looked down at her. He lowered his head closer to hers.

She's still hurting man. Don't take advantage. Who said that? The chick is looking up at me with those 'come hither' eyes and I have an attack of conscious or something. What the hell?... she's not some girl. This is Quinn. You like talking to her. You laugh with her… she trusts you…

"What's wrong Brad?" Quinn's voice brought him back.

"Nothing, car's here." Brad was glad that the driver had pulled up and got out to let them in providing a temporary distraction from whatever the heck was going on. They both got in the back seat. Brad did his best not to look at Quinn. Quinn lounged against the seat in a slanted position so that she could look at Brad.

"Where to Mr. Ruttheimer?" the driver queried.

"Let's just go for a long drive." Quinn suggested.

"You heard the lady," Brad said. The driver let the privacy window up.

"Are you- okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. You seem… different. If you'd rather turn in-"

"I want whatever you want. I'm not tired. Let's just see where the night takes us."

"Agreed." She ran her hands through her hair in the back, lifting it out of the coat that had now slightly opened. Brad looked at the long leg that she had crossed closet to him. It looked like flesh colored silk. "You should really talk to Jane about doing some limited edition artwork for some of The Spiral's covers. It could be like a collectable sold at very specific places and it would put them on a more elite clientele map, as well as mainstream."

"That's a good idea. Get in on the ground floor before she gets too expensive for us," Brad said half joking. He could tell that Jane was going to be very big in the art world and her helping them would help her as well.

"Jane will help her brother and friends don't worry. She's good about that."

He brought his eyes back to hers.

"You've been a huge asset to The Spiral too. Your social media skills top a lot of the people that our company pay top dollar to," he praised her watching the reflections of the soft car light play across her skin in car.

"Oh please, any sixteen year old knows how to handle their-"

"Don't undercut yourself. You're brilliant and beautiful."

She nodded in appreciation.

"Thanks Brad."

Their eyes met again. Both looked the other over appreciatively, then suddenly they were kissing. Everything happened like an explosion. The kiss was hot sending electrical bolts of passion through them. He pulled her onto his lap needing to feel more of her. One of his hands strayed from where it had been cradling her face to slide down her throat momentarily pausing to allow his thumb to caress the rapid pulse in her neck, then on to stroke the curve of her shoulder where the coat had shifted over to expose.

She kissed him with a passion that frightened and excited her. She ran her hands in his always perfectly combed hair, reveling in it's softness before pushing him back against the seat in order to change positions slightly and shrug out of her coat.

His head hit the back window with a small thud, not that he noticed since the discarding of her jacket meant that she was now in his lap with that thin 'dress' hiked up even further. She was reveling in the wonderful sensations that Brad, his kisses, and his hands were bringing forth in her. She silently cursed every button that Armani had as she undid them after he had slid out of his jacket while still kissing. She broke the kiss so that she could kiss the side of his face and rain them down first one side of his neck and then up the other- straying to nip his earlobes on each side.

He revealed in her kisses and the feel of her. He reluctantly stopped her delicious assault on his neck and kissed an exposed shoulder where the thin strap had slipped off. Each kiss from shoulder to the center of her neck had made her want more and more was what he gave. He slid down in the seat slight slightly so that he was now eye level with he barely covered bosom. His hands cupped her derriere and he leaned forward and took one fabric covered breast in his mouth. The throaty sound of her inhale…the clutching of his head urging him to take in as much as possible…. He willingly obeyed feeling his own needs rushing forward like a locomotive. She impatiently turned slightly so that his mouth could give equal attention to her other breast, something that he was more than happy to do.


His name had never sounded more sweet or seductive to him. He helped to shift her so that she was now poised to straddle him. Their lips met in another kiss and their hands both found their way towards undoing his buckle and zipper. She raised herself slightly never breaking their kiss and allowed him to align himself with her. Then with their eyes connected, their bodies joined. Both were in a state of awed ardor. The intensity of the situation and each of their unexpected responses seemed to surprise them. Their lips met again in a flurry of kisses while their bodies set a tempo that neither had ever experienced, but the two together knew to be their own.

Their breathes were coming to a steady rhythm and still they were in each other's arms… they were still connected even after each had rode their powerful waves of desire. Their heads buried in the crook of each other's necks, their arms limply holding each other… neither wanting to move. Brad kissed the cheek nearest him.

"We should take this back to your place…"

She nodded not turning to look at him.

What's this regret? Well I don't regret one damn thing.

She began to shift, but he placed his hands on her thighs to stop her.

"Not so fast," he let his hands travel back up her thighs to settle at her waist where he steadied her and started to rotate his hips in a slow grind. "I didn't mean right this second."

He could feel her smile against his cheek, then he could feel her succumbing to what he was doing; soon they were on their way to another fulfilling interlude.