"Pregnant?" Max looked at Quinn's imposing figure standing before him with her arms crossed over her bosom and wearing an all-white Chanel Suit with soft gold adorning her ears, neck, and ankle. Max looked at Quinn as though there had to be more than her silent accusation behind the statement on Stacey's condition.

He doesn't know… or even suspect. God, he looks upset- and sad… Damn it! Well… Stacey is still gonna need help and he has a responsibility to her- and their child.

"Taking care of a child isn't easy under the best of circumstances. She's scared and doesn't know how to tell her parents-"

"That's not the only thing she doesn't know how to tell them," Max muttered remembering his humiliation standing there on their perfect all American porch.

"What…?" Quinn didn't understand his remark, but figured that it must have something to do with Max and Stacey's breakup.

Max looked at her.

Perfectly polished…are you anything like Stacey? Would you do what she did? Or didn't do? You guys are friends…. The way that you came charging in here on her behalf speaks volumes.

Quinn looked at him closely, studying his reaction.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Max shrugged and shook his head.

"Tell her I'll do whatever she needs me to. I'll help however I can."

"So there's no chance for reconciliation?" Quinn had been more optimistic before her confrontation with Max. She had been certain that once he found out about the pregnancy, Max would be able to try and work things out with Stacey. Stacey hadn't given her any details beyond the fact that she was pregnant and Stacey had no idea that Quinn had taken it upon herself to go and see Max about it. Looking at Max now, Quinn realized that in her rush to protect her friend, she hadn't really thought about how everything would affect Max. She had made a rash assumption that he must have done something to cause the break up but now…

"Just let her know that I'll do whatever she asks." Max bit out.

"Max…"Quinn touched his arm gently sensing rather than seeing his pain, "I'm sorry about coming in all high and mighty, but- well-"

"You were looking out for your friend. I get it."

"She didn't really say much about your breakup…?"

Max looked away from Quinn's probing eyes.

"According to her, we were never together." He looked back at her to explain, "She never told her parents about us and the only reason I know is because I went to surprise her when we were in Lawndale and she was so embarrassed. Her mom probably thought that I was some kind of-"

"Oh, Max I'm so sorry… I- I didn't know."

"Not exactly something I want to advertise."

Damn it Stacey, why didn't you tell me?

Quinn adjusted her composure a bit.

"Well, now there's someone else to think about. The baby-"

"Just tell her that I'll do whatever she wants. No child should have to feel unwanted by their parent."

Max picked up his gear and left the rehearsal stage.

"You sure tore into him." Trent's voice almost made her jump. She turned to where he had reentered the door.

"She's pregnant and he dumped her." Quinn defended, but given her conversation with Max, she knew that there was more to it than Stacey had led her to believe.

"I know that Stacey's your friend, but- and don't get mad, you should let them handle this- thing that they have."

"Stacey needs someone in her corner. She's not thinking clearly-"

"Fine, be in her corner, but stay out of the middle of their relationship- or whatever it is."

Quinn gave a small nod.

On the bus…

"What are you gonna do?" Nick asked Max once Max had relayed his conversation with Quinn.

"I told her to tell Stacey that I would do whatever she wanted." He looked at his old friend. "…and I will. The kid shouldn't have to suffer because I'm not go-"

"Man, fuck that shit. You ain't gotta do a damn thing. She treated you like shit- serves her right for-"

"Lay off Nick," Brad's voice cut in. Customarily he stayed out of his clients business unless it affected the band, but Max was clearly hurting and though Nick meant well with his friend, Max could only feel the pain right now.

Nick looked at Brad, then back at Max.

"I'm just sayin'…you have to look out for yourself too."

Max nodded and headed back to have some much needed privacy in his space on the bus.

"Where's Quinn?" Brad asked of Nick.

"Back in the rehearsal building I guess."

Brad took off towards the place where The Spiral was using for rehearsal.