"I really wish that you hadn't gone there Quinn," Stacey told her over the phone. "Max has enough going on- with the tour- and stuff."

"You can't just let him walk away from his responsibilities Stacey. You have an obligation to yourself and to the baby- and so does he. I tell ya though; you might have misjudged this whole situation." Quinn spoke remembering the sorrow in Max's eyes. "He seemed…quite remorseful for whatever happened between you two. You should at least talk to him- if only to make sure of your feelings, that and define your boundaries because of the baby."

Stacey was silent.


"What did he say Quinn?"

"He said that he would do whatever you wanted." Quinn tried to gauge her friend, but found it hard to do so over the phone. "Talk to him- in person, then see okay?"

Stacey was quiet.


"I have to go Quinn. Tell Max… tell him, I'm sorry."


"I've gotta go."

Stacey hung up the phone before Quinn could continue, leaving Quinn to stare at the screen for a moment before becoming aware that there was a knock at the door to her suite. She went and opened the door to see Brad standing before her.


Hello gorgeous…

"Hi, Quinn."

"Hey Brad."

They stood looking at each other for a slightly awkward moment before both gave a nervous laugh and generic hug. Quinn gestured for him to come inside.

"Would you like something to drink?" Quinn asked going to the little bar that was in her room.

"No, thanks," Brad stood a bit awkwardly in the sitting area waiting for her to join him. She returned to the area and sat in the chair furthest away from him, he noticed. He took his seat and looked at her. "How are you Quinn?"

"I'm fine." She spoke in a warm enough tone, but seemed to be holding back.

"You talked to Max."

"I had to. Stacey is my friend and I was just trying to help."

"There are two sides to every story."

Quinn hesitated slightly.

"I know, I guess I didn't think about anyone other than Stacey." She shifted her eyes from his. "I didn't want her to be blindsided."

…like I was…

"How are you doing?"

"Me? I'm good, I'm good, I'm great."

Geesh that sounded false to my own ears….. He was really there for me. He's been such a good…..what, friend? Are we friends with benefits? Oh, crap…what am I doing? Guys don't care about stuff like that. Just chill and go with the flow…we're both adults here.

"Glad to hear it."

Have you heard from that dirt bag Paul? Have you forgiven him? Why haven't you told anyone about your breakup? Do you think of it as a breakup? …what about us?...is there an us?

"I wanted to thank you," Quinn said in a softer tone. It was the voice that he considered her real voice. It was filled with emotion and revealed more of what she felt than her actual words.

"Oh? For what?"

What the fuck are you sounding like such an excited ass for? Calm down…jerk.

"Your discretion…with what happened in New York. I appreciate you not saying anything to anyone- about the break up."

"I would never do that."

God you sound like a wuss.

"I know. I also appreciate your staying and just…being there for me like you did. It meant a lot."

Meant? Past tense… is she pushing me away or something?

"Yeah, to me too." He looked at her perfectly seated form sitting what felt like an ocean away and suddenly he wanted nothing more than to go to her, pull her into his arms and kiss her until she remembered what they were like for those days.

She stood.

He stood.

They both moved towards each other.

What am I doing? I can't just- dear god he's- oomph- kissing….. me…..on my neck…and my ear…and it feels so good….. so damned good.

She stilled him by placing both hands on either side of his face and looking into his eyes.

She doesn't want…me…?

Why does he have to look…like that?

She kissed him then- with a passion and intensity that surprised her. Brad eagerly returned the kiss. They stayed that way…locked in an embrace kissing sometimes delicately, then all at once with a vigor but each time, they retreated going to the point where they would end up tearing one another's clothes off…for now. Each wanted to savor what was happening. Finally, they slowed down enough to remain in each other's arms, each still giving the other an occasional kiss on the neck or cheek or wherever.

"Should we talk about it?" Quinn ventured quietly, while praying that she wasn't screwing this up royally.

Brad pulled back to look her in the eyes and nodded.

Okay…now what?

"I feel-"

The ringtone on her interrupted whatever was to come next from her lips.


Damn it!

"I'll just-" she went and jerked up the phone answering it. "Hello?" The annoyance on her face turned to a slightly confused look. Brad moved closer to her out of concern. She looked up at him and gave a small smile. She covered the phone and whispered to him, "It's my assistant. I won't be but a minute." He squeezed her elbow.

The knock at the door made them both jump. She gestured for him to answer it and gave a silent 'thank you' to him as he did so. Brad smiled to himself as he walked towards the door feeling better about things. Once Quinn was done on the phone, they would talk about things and come to some clear understandings about the two of them. He felt confident that she was feeling something for him and he really wanted explore these new and sometimes very scary feelings that she had brought forth in him. Brad opened the door to an impeccably dressed Paul standing in the hallway.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Brad's anger sprang forth.

Paul gave Brad a dismissive look and pushed past him to further himself closer to Quinn. Quinn had already hung up and was approaching to see what was going on. Paul was now standing before Quinn and Brad was looking on the scene with a mixture of feelings.

"What are you doing here Paul?" Quinn demanded.

Why don't you tell him to leave?

"Darling," Paul's voice was smooth like velvet and he looked down at her exuding all of the charm that he could muster. "I've given you time to cool down and- well- it's been too darned long. I miss you and I am sorry for that unpleasantness that you witnessed, but we owe it to ourselves to work things out." He took her hand in his. "Don't you remember how good we were together? The energy and fast paced life that we lived… don't you miss it?"

Tell him NO- Hell no. No, you don't miss it and no you don't miss him. Make him leave…and get back to us.


"Give us some privacy," Paul threw over his shoulder at Brad.

Brad looked to Quinn. Quinn looked from Paul to Brad standing there near the door.

"I can handle this Brad," Quinn said to him, then turned her attention back to Paul.

Brad looked at her and then at the hand that Paul still held. He left the pair silently and slowly headed to the nearest bar as his thoughts honed in the possibilities of what was happening in the room that he'd just left.

You fucking moron…when will you ever learn?