She's up there with him… he hasn't come down or I would have seen him from this spot that I choose at the bar. Man, I am really a glutton for punishment. Sitting here drinking while that asshole is up there feeding her a bunch of bullshit lies… She can't take him back… She wouldn't… I have aunts that have taken back guys that have done what he did and worse. She's human… and a lot more vulnerable than she lets on. If he talks a good enough game…

"Hitting it pretty hard there Brad," Trent sat on the barstool next to Brad, his mellow voice breaking in on Brad's thoughts. Brad gave no reply. "Have you seen Quinn?"

Brad gave a snort/laugh.

"Yeah; she's upstairs with Paul." He practically spit the guy's name out.

Paul? Well that explains why you're so messed up. Wait; didn't my girl say something about Quinn and that guy breaking up? Yeah, she did cause she was all upset about Quinn being so over it so soon.

"Brad," Trent said sharply making the young man look at him instead of the drink that he held, "how did Quinn seem?"

Brad thought for a moment.

"Quinn seemed very…in control. He wanted to talk about…their relationship and she agreed." He downed the drink, put the glass on the counter, and signaled for another.

"I should go check on her," Trent said absently rising from where he sat.

Quinn can take care of herself…

Nevertheless, Brad found himself rising and joining Trent on what would be his return trip up to Quinn's room.

Quinn's room…

Quinn opened the door with questioning eyes as to why Trent was there. Upon seeing Brad her eyes narrowed and drew their own conclusions.


"He didn't call me or anything," Trent explained quickly.

Quinn's look remained somewhat skeptical.

"What can I do for you?"

"We just were…checking in on you," Trent explained.

Quinn crossed her arms over her chest and drew herself to her full height giving both men a stern look.

"I'm just fine. Paul, on the other hand," she turned sideways so that they could get full view of Paul hunched over on the floor after having been apparently kneed in the groin. His face was contorted in pain and he didn't really cry out, only gurgled a bit incoherently with a slight whine on the edge of it.

"What the-" Trent looked at the slender woman with a whole new found respect.

"Let's just say he doesn't take rejection well, but I don't take unwanted advances at all." She smiled devilishly at them and sauntered back in not even giving Paul a cursory look as she went to the bar to pour herself something to drink. "Would either of you like something to drink?"

"Uh- nah, like I said I just wanted to make sure that you were okay." Trent was still taking in the scene with a bit of disbelief. He looked at the sobered by shock Brad that had remained silent. Brad was looking at Quinn and now Quinn was looking at him. "Why don't I take out the garbage and let you guys talk?" Trent helped Paul to his feet and strong armed him on out the door leaving Brad still standing in the entrance and Quinn at her bar.