AN: Hey guys. Sorry for the long wait. It's been a long few months, and quite emotional. I just came out to my parents, and everything else in my life seems to have gotten a lot more complicated. So, I haven't had the mindset I need to write for a bit. Hopefully I get my mojo back, and things become less complicated now that I've stepped out of the closet. Still have to tell the rest of my family, though (not looking forward to that). Whatever. I'll let y'all get back to the story. Hope you enjoy.

"Healing comes in waves and maybe today the waves hit the rocks and that's okay, that's okay, darling. You are still healing, you are still healing."-Ijeoma Unebinyuo 'Be Gentle With Yourself'

Chapter 11

The doctors allowed Harry to leave the hospital four days later, on a Friday, unable to find any reason to keep him at the hospital. He was allowed to go to school the following Monday, though he'd asked Kurt and Quinn to help him get back on track with classes, seeing as he missed almost a month and they were both doing well in school. Luckily enough for Harry, Christmas was around the corner, so he only had to struggle for a week before he had more time to study and get back to the same place as the rest of the grade. When Kurt came over the morning after Harry had gotten home, he was surprised and a bit concerned to find his boyfriend sitting by his bedroom window, staring sullenly at his bandaged arm.

"Harry?" He asked hesitantly, trying to find out what was wrong. Harry jumped slightly, before glancing over to where Kurt had entered the room. He smiled slightly.

"Hey." He went to stand, but Kurt pushed him back into his seat, sitting across from him on his bed.

"What's wrong?" Kurt questioned, wanting to get straight to the point. Harry's smile faltered before he let out a pained sigh.

"My mom just changed the bandages on my arm. It's the first time I've actually seen what it looked like." He answered truthfully. Kurt gasped, remembering what Lily had said all those weeks ago. 'They burned his left arm with a branding iron. The officer said it was… it was very bad.'

"Are you okay?" He asked, unsure of what else to say, not wanting to pressure his boyfriend into telling him all about it, but leaving it so that Harry would know that he could tell him if he wanted to.

"I just… remembered, I guess. That night… it was like a blur for a while. I could see bits and pieces, but when I saw what they… what he did to me… what he branded me with… It came back." Harry looked back at the arm.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Kurt asked, leaning over and grasping his hand. Harry looked back up at him.

"No. Not right now, at least. Thanks though." He shook himself as he got up from his chair, moving to sit beside Kurt on the bed. "We should probably get to studying, right? I know I missed a lot." Kurt nodded at this, pulling out some of the books he'd brought over.

"At least the things you missed were pretty easy. In history, we learned about the war of 1812 and we'll be getting into the Civil War pretty soon. In english, we just finished Huckleberry Finn, math we learned about sine, cosine and tangent, and science was radiation. I don't think we did much in Spanish, and I'm pretty sure Mr. Schuester won't mind if you're missing some things."

As they worked through the curriculum that Harry had missed, they fell back into their old pattern, bantering back and forth in between chapters. Kurt told him all about what was going on in New Directions, including how Puck had convinced Lauren Zizes to join in Harry's absence, and how Jacob Ben Israel had been making up half-cocked theories on where Harry was, but stopped once Santana threatened to shove his camera down his throat and do unspeakable things to him with his microphone. Harry listened, enjoying the stories and the dramatic way Kurt told them. Soon, though, it was time for Kurt to head home. As he got ready to leave, Harry pulled him in for a hug, but froze when he felt Kurt flinch at the contact.

"Kurt, is everything okay?" Harry asked, his voice deceptively calm. Kurt nodded, but stopped once Harry gave him a disbelieving look.

"The jocks have gone back to their old ways since you've been out, and I've just got a few bruises on my back. It's nothing." He said quickly, seeing Harry's frown deepen. He grabbed his boyfriend's face and kissed him hard on the lips. "Harry, just forget about it. I'm fine. I can handle myself, okay? You need to focus on getting better." He kissed Harry again, softer this time. When he pulled back, Harry had closed his own eyes, obviously fighting with his own emotions. Finally, he opened his eyes and nodded.

"Okay. I'll try not to go off the handle. But I won't forget it. I love you." He said gently. Kurt felt his heart melt as he saw the tenderness in Harry's eyes.

"I love you too. I'll see you on Monday, okay?" He gave Harry a final kiss before leaving.

"You'll call me if there's any changes in your condition, right? Or if you have any pain or discomfort?" Harry sighed as his mom rattled off her conditions of letting him go back to school as she drove him there. He knew she was just worried about him, but having her constantly checking on him and not letting him have a moment to himself was starting to grate on his nerves.

"Of course Mom. I'll call you if anything starts hurting too much. I'll see you later. Love you." He said as she pulled into the parking lot, leaning over to give her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled at him, patting his cheek affectionately.

"Love you too, Sweetheart."

Harry hopped out of the car, waving as she left. As he turned around, he noticed everyone outside of the school staring at him. 'Well, I guess that'll be the norm of the day.' He thought, sighing as he hoisted his bag over his good shoulder, careful not to jostle the sling on his right side. Luckily for him, he would only have to have it for the next week, since his shoulder had mostly healed while he'd been in a coma.

He adverted his eyes from everyone. Harry knew he was still quite a mess to look at, what with the sling on his right arm, bandaged left arm, and bruised face, but he hated the staring and whispers. He quickly made his way to his locker to unload some of his books so he could get to the choir room as soon as possible.

When he finally reached the room, Harry couldn't help but smile. A banner was hung up in the middle of the room, reading 'Welcome Back, Harry!' written with glitter, childish drawings decorating it showing Brittany's involvement with the decorating. There was food on a table as well, and everyone in glee and Mr. Schuester was standing there waiting for him.

"You guys didn't have to do anything." Harry said, touched by the gesture. Everyone moved over to him, Kurt reaching him first and kissing his cheek as everyone besides Zizes gathered the two of them in a group hug.

"We know we didn't; we wanted to. It's been weird without you here." Quinn said, everyone nodding in agreement.

"Plus, you're just in time to help us decorate the Christmas tree!" Finn said, pointing at a tree that was set to the side of the piano.

"How did you get a Christmas tree for here?" Harry asked bemusedly.

"Found it on the side of the road. Must have fallen off of someone's car." Finn answered simply. Harry shrugged his good shoulder at the answer.

"Okay, let's get decorating then! This tree is gonna be nicer than the Rockefeller Center tree." Harry said, smiling as everyone cheered and went to the box of ornaments.

"I can't wait to see what Santa's bringing us this year!" Brittany exclaimed. Harry stared at her, baffled, but shut his mouth at the signals everyone else was miming at him.

"I'll explain later." Kurt whispered to him.

"Let me get this straight; you guys want to keep Brittany's belief in Santa going by taking her to see the mall Santa together?" Harry asked. They were all standing out in the parking lot, waiting for Santana and Brittany to meet them.

"That's right." Artie said, smiling at him. "We don't think that we should take that away from her. Don't you remember how happy you were when you thought Santa brought you all the toys? Staying up late to see if you could hear the reindeer on your roof?"

"I guess. Alright, I'll go." Harry said, though not too enthusiastically. He felt like this was something that could backfire horrifically, but didn't have the heart to dash everyone's hopes.

Soon, they were all piled up into either Puck's car or Kurt's SUV, heading to the mall and singing Christmas songs along with the radio. Harry closed his eyes and leaned back in the passenger seat, enjoying the moment with his boyfriend and friends. He felt the pain in his shoulder and forearm start to flare up, and deduced that it was time to take his painkillers. He reached down and grabbed the pill bottle from his bag, trying and failing to open it with the one hand. Suddenly, the bottle was taken from his hand, startling him. He looked back to find Finn opening the bottle for him, the others watching with sad eyes. Harry felt his cheeks flush in embarrassment as the bottle was handed back to him wordlessly. He hated feeling so weak and dependent, but he knew that he needed the help. So, he nodded his thanks and quickly took out the medication, closing the bottle and throwing it back into his bag. From the driver's seat, Kurt handed him his own water bottle, smiling at him before turning his attention back to the road. Harry shakily took the medicine and drank the water, trying to ignore the heat in his ears.

Everyone seemed to notice his discomfort, and quickly started talking or singing along with the radio again. Kurt's right hand moved over to Harry's left, grasping it tightly over the center console. Harry smiled and wrapped his fingers around the hand, bringing it closer to his face to kiss it, making Kurt blush lightly as he kept his eyes on the road and steered with his left hand.

Once they were at the mall, Harry surveyed the scene with much amusement. The mall was decorated rather garishly, with the rent-a-Santa sitting in the middle, irritated and bored looking middle-aged workers dressed as elves surrounding him. The only adults there were parents, and all the little kids were screaming and laughing and running around. The others looked decidedly uncomfortable, though Brittany looked ecstatic.

"I never understood; what's the difference between elves and slaves?" She asked a rather mean looking worker, who rolled her eyes and moved away.

"I'm not sitting in that guy's lap. Santas' laps are always really warm and it's creepy." Quinn said once Brittany was out of earshot. Zizes nodded in agreement. Artie immediately responded.

"We all have to sit on Santa's lap. If Brittany sees that we all still believe, it'll make her strong enough to withstand all the Santa naysayers in the world."

"Which is everyone over the age of six." Sam said as Artie glared at him.

"I'm pretty sure this isn't going to work. That guy doesn't even look like Santa." Tina said, looking at the black Santa. Artie shook his head.

"Trust me, all Brittany's going to see is the suit. She wants to believe in him. Mercedes," Artie said, smirking a bit, "get up there." Mercedes sighed and moved forward while the others watched. Harry had to bite his lip at how ridiculous this was, and could see Kurt trying to hide his snickers as well once they saw Mercedes get on the Santa's lap.

One by one, all of New Directions went up to sit on Santa's lap, making the others laugh with their Christmas wishes. When it was Kurt's turn, Harry lightly shoved him forward, earning a playful glare from his boyfriend. Kurt sat on the edge of the Santa's knee, obviously trying to keep this as not awkward as possible.

"Hi Santa. I would like a new pair of Dr. Martens, that absolutely stunning Prada satchel I saw online earlier…. Oh! And a Barbie. Also, can you get my boyfriend to make out with me later? That'd be great." Kurt said, turning his amused eyes on Harry. Harry shot him a wink as he got up from the Santa's lap and moved back to the group. He moved behind Harry and pushed him forward, making Harry roll his eyes and comply, smiling as the rest of the club whooped. Brittany gave him a thumbs up, which he returned as he moved over to where the Santa was sitting. He sat down on the man's lap, trying his best to hide his own discomfort by being nonchalant, he threw his left arm around him and smiled at the Santa.

"Hey, Santa buddy. Long time, no see. I've been an okay boy this year… No crimes, so that's a plus right? Let's see… I'd like a spaceship, a new basketball- and not a cheap one, a good one, like a Wilson- a hula hoop, and maybe a puppy. That'd be pretty sweet." He said, patting the Santa's shoulder. Everyone else was laughing. "Hmmmm… What else? I know. I'd also like to make out with my boyfriend later. Can you fit that in your schedule?" Even the Santa was now trying to hold back his laughter, nodding his head. "Cool. See you later bro." He got up and moved back to the group.

As Brittany sat on Santa's lap, everyone watched in amusement and happiness, happy they were doing this for their friend. But this quickly changed to horror once Brittany asked Santa to make Artie walk again, and Santa's answer of 'sure'.

"Well, now we're screwed." Artie deadpanned.

"Couldn't have said it better myself." Harry supplied, patting Artie on the shoulder with his sling-free arm. Kurt elbowed him in the stomach lightly, giving him a mild glare. Brittany skipped back to them, a serene expression lighting her face.

"Did you hear that, Artie? Santa's going to make you walk again!" She squealed, throwing her arms around Artie's neck. Artie just dazedly patted her back, looking to the others for help. Everyone looked away, unsure of how they could possibly make the situation any less awkward for their friend.

"Is anyone else hungry? I'm starved. Let's get some food." Harry announced loudly, everyone eagerly jumping at the opportunity to get away from the awkward situation. Brittany nodded eagerly, and Artie gave him a grateful look.

After Kurt had dropped the others off, he and Harry went back to his house. As they entered the living room, Burt turned down the volume of the basketball game he was watching.

"Hey kids. How was school today?" He asked, smiling as Kurt planted a kiss on top of his head.

"It was fine, Dad. Classes went as usual. We decorated the choir room this morning for Christmas, and we all went to the mall to take Brittany to see Santa. It's a long story," He said, seeing his father's raised eyebrow, "and it backfired rather spectacularly." Burt amusedly shook his head at Kurt's description of the day before turning his attention to Harry.

"How 'bout you, kid? How you feelin'?" He asked, his eyes showing a bit of concern.

"I'm doing fine, thanks. Just a bit tired. The painkillers they have me on knock me right out if I don't drink a ton of caffeine all day. But I'm good." Harry responded.

"We're just going to watch some movies today; luckily the teachers have given up on assigning us homework before the break," Kurt told his father. "Would you like some popcorn or something from the kitchen to go with your game?"

"No thanks, Bud. I'm all good." Burt replied as he settled back into his recliner, turning the volume on the TV back up.

Kurt led his boyfriend back to the kitchen, grabbing the popcorn out of the pantry and asking Harry to grab some drinks from the fridge. Soon, both were ensconced in Kurt's room, getting ready to relax and watch some movies. Kurt was putting his bag under his desk when he turned around to find Harry standing right behind him, smirking. Raising an eyebrow, Kurt sarcastically asked, "Is there something I can help you with?"

Harry's smirk grew even larger as he stepped closer, wrapping his unslung arm around Kurt's waist. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe," he said, "You see, I asked Santa if he could make sure I made out with my boyfriend. I'm almost certain my boyfriend asked for the same thing. Do you think you can make our wishes come true?" Harry asked innocently, leaning in slightly. Kurt didn't even bother repressing his own smirk as he wrapped his arms around Harry's neck.

"I'm sure I can. Wouldn't want to disappoint Santa, would I?" He leaned up until his lips were centimeters away from Harry's.

"No, I don't think you would." Harry said before connecting their lips, making both of them moan. They soon found themselves on Kurt's bed, Kurt leaning over Harry, careful not to hit the arm in the sling. It was slow and loving, both taking their time to enjoy the moment, their tongues twining lazily as they relaxed into the familiar movements. After a few minutes, Kurt pulled back, panting slightly.

"We should put the movie on if we're ever going to watch it." He said. Harry pouted at him playfully, his own breathing a bit labored.

"I can go without the movie." He said, leaning up to capture Kurt's lips again, eliciting a moan from his boyfriend. But, as he shifted a bit, he moved his shoulder accidentally, causing him to wince and groan in pain. Kurt immediately shifted to 'caretaker' mode, moving from his position to better examine Harry's shoulder as Harry sat up.

"What happened? Did a stitch come out? Do you need your medication? Should I call your mom?" He rambled, only stopping once Harry put a finger to his lips.

"Kurt, I'm fine. I just moved it a bit by accident. Nothing to worry about." He reassured.

"We shouldn't have been fooling around just after you got out of the hospital. Gaga, what was I thinking?! I'm sorry." Kurt said, looking guilty. Harry shook his head and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

"Kurt, it wasn't your fault. I started it. And I'm fine. There's nothing wrong, I just moved my shoulder a little by accident. It'll be fine, I'll be fine. The doctors said it's okay if I move it by accident just a little. Okay?" He comforted, holding onto Kurt's hand with his free hand. Kurt nodded, not looking entirely convinced. Harry sighed and let go. "Do you want to put in the movie and calm down a bit?"

"Yeah. Good idea." Kurt moved from the bed to grab his laptop, connecting it to the TV. "What do you want to watch?"

"No clue. Anything you want, I'm down for." Harry replied, taking off his cast so he could lay down more comfortably, careful not to jostle his shoulder.

"Chicago it is." Harry smiled at Kurt's immediate response, grabbing him as soon as he was on the bed and pulling him closer, shifting so that he was laying horizontal on the bed, and he nuzzled into Kurt's stomach.

"Gonna be honest, I might fall asleep on you." Harry said truthfully, feeling the last effects of caffeine fading, drowsiness seeping into his bones. Kurt turned his head and pecked Harry on the lips.

"That's fine. I'll probably do the same. I'm a bit tired as well." He replied, the last few weeks of little sleep catching up with him. "I'm sure someone will wake us up later." As he spoke, he let his hand come up and start massaging Harry's scalp, causing Harry to nuzzle into him again.

"You're the best, you know that?"

"I do try."

"You'd still be the best without trying." Kurt smiled at Harry's words and turned back to the screen, letting his hand continue massaging Harry's head.

True to their words, both boys were asleep before the end of the movie, Kurt laying on his back with he head near the headboard, hand still resting on Harry's head. Harry was still horizontal on the bed, laying on his stomach, head pillowed on Kurt's abdomen and snoring lightly into Kurt's shirt. That's how Burt found them when He went to get them for dinner.

Despite himself, Burt had to smile at the two. The room was lit by the TV screen and the setting sun filtering in from the windows. He didn't have the heart to wake them up, so he just moved away from the door quietly, closing it until it was just ajar.

It was hard for him to admit it, but his baby boy was growing up. Almost full grown, really. He'd always envisioned himself disliking anyone Kurt brought home, thinking no one would be good enough for his son, but he couldn't bring himself to truly dislike Harry. He was good to his son, always placing him first and respecting him. Burt was pretty sure that Harry thought Kurt had hung the Moon and set fire to the Sun with the way he looked at Kurt. He made him happy. Besides that, he was a genuinely good kid. He was kind, respectful of his elders and those around him, and a hard worker, despite having a difficult background. He knew that had Harry felt he'd had any other choice, he wouldn't have turned to crime. He was a good kid that had had his back pressed up against a corner. Who knew what they'd do when they were put in that situation. Burt figured he would've done just about anything to keep his family afloat had he been in that situation, so he couldn't truly fault him there. When he reached the bottom of the stairs without the two boys, Carole gave him a questioning look.

"They're both asleep. From the looks of it, they probably need the sleep more than the food." He told her, not needing her to voice her question. Carole's expression softened.

"Okay. I'll just wrap up some plates for them in case they wake up later." A sly look crossed her face.

"What are you thinking?" Burt asked. She gave him a small smirk.

"I bet they make a pretty cute picture right now, especially if you didn't wake them up." Burt smiled at her words.

"I guess so." He watched as she grabbed a camera from the front closet, following her up the stairs as she stealthily made her way to Kurt's room.

Carole opened the door cautiously, biting her lip at how adorable they both looked, Harry's legs almost comically hanging off the side of the bed, since he was so tall. She lifted the camera to take the picture, but Burt's hand stopped her.

"What is it?' She asked. He took the camera for a moment, making sure the flash was off before handing it back to her. She flushed a bit, giving him a nod of thanks, before taking some pictures of the two dozing teenagers. "I'm sure they'll love these. Oh, I should frame them! They'd be great Christmas gifts." Carole noted, looking at the digital screen of the camera on her way down the stairs, Burt trailing behind her.

"I'm sure they will."

Harry kept his eyes shut as he woke up slowly, feeling incredibly comfortable and well rested, something he hadn't felt since seeing his arm. He froze when he felt his pillow moving underneath him. He opened his eyes, seeing that his head was resting on someone's stomach. He instantly remembered where he was, and knew exactly who's stomach it was. He carefully turned his head to look at Kurt's face, smiling unconsciously at how beautiful he looked. His face was slack, and his skin looked incredibly soft. Harry mentally compared him to Snow White, though he'd never tell Kurt that.

Having no desire to move and risk waking his boyfriend up, he carefully threw his arm over Kurt's stomach, trying to ignore the bandaged forearm, and closed his eyes again, enjoying the peacefulness.

It only lasted for a few more minutes, as Kurt began to stir before opening his own eyes. Harry smiled as he felt long fingers running through his hair, opening his eyes.


"Hey." They stayed silent for a few moments before Kurt checked the clock. "We should get you home soon. It's late." He said reluctantly, still running his fingers through his boyfriend's hair.

"I guess." Harry sighed, getting up slowly from his comfortable position. "You make a great pillow, by the way."

"Probably because of all the fatty foods I've been stress eating." Kurt huffed, though smiled reluctantly when Harry poked him in the side.

"No. It's all muscle there." He replied firmly, patting Kurt's stomach. "I think it's more who I was sleeping on than anything." He smirked at Kurt's blush, cooing at him. Kurt glared lightly in return.

"Yes, well, time to get you home before your mom starts panicking." Lily had been rather overbearing the last week, though it was completely understandable.

"Too true. Well, take me away, Prince Charming, before I turn into a pumpkin." Harry joked, earning a chuckle.

Both boys were confused by the smug looking Burt and Carole that bade them farewell, but merely shrugged it off as they left the Hummel-Hudson residence. Once they reached Harry's house, both were reluctant to part. Kurt knew his fears were irrational, but every time he left Harry, he always feared that it would be the last time he saw him. Harry felt the same way, though neither would admit this to the other.

"You'll call once you get home?" Harry asked, slowly opening the car door. Kurt nodded, staring at his hands on the steering wheel. "Hey," He felt a hand on his cheek, so he turned to face Harry. "I love you." Kurt felt his heart swell at the words, and he gave Harry a watery smile.

"I love you too." Harry smiled at his response, leaning in and kissing him slowly. When he pulled back, he rested his head against Kurt's, looking into his eyes.

"I love you, and I have no plans of leaving you anytime soon." He stated, his eyes shining with the truth of his words, making Kurt feel lighter. He moved back after planting another kiss on Kurt's forehead. "I'll see you tomorrow in class, okay?" Kurt nodded in response. He watched as Harry walked into the house before pulling out of the driveway. He never understood how Harry always knew what to say to him, but he was grateful for it nonetheless.

The rest of the week passed without incident, and come Monday of the next, Harry was standing at the front of the choir room with Mr. Schuester as the rest of New Directions filed in. The first thing that they noticed was that Harry was free of the cast that had kept his shoulder steady for the last week. Kurt smiled brightly at his boyfriend, happy to see him up and about without the contraption that, Harry had confessed, was quite uncomfortable. Once everyone was settled, Mr. Schuester gestured for Harry to take the floor.

"So, as you all have probably noticed, I'm cast free today." Harry started, a smile on his face. "I've been given the clean bill of health by the doctor." Everyone was instantly cheering and shouting their congratulations for him. He laughed lightly at the groups antics. "So, I asked Mr. Schuester if I could start this week's lesson." Mr. Schuester took over from there, moving to the whiteboard behind Harry and writing on it in broad strokes. The word 'survivor' was clear for the class to see. Harry blushed at the word as the teacher clapped his shoulder gently.

"This is one of my favorite songs," Harry said as Brad moved to the piano and the band took up their instruments, waiting for his cue, "I never really identified with it until now, though." He nodded to the band. The upbeat song started.

You could never know what it's like

Your blood like winter freezes just like ice

And there's a cold lonely light that shines from you

You'll wind up like the wreck you hide behind that mask you use

And did you think this fool could never win

Well, look at me, I'm a-coming back again

I got a taste of love in a simple way

Harry smiled at Kurt at those words, making him blush as the others laughed.

And if you need to know while I'm still standing you just fade away

Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did

Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid

And I'm still standing after all this time

Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind

The rest of the glee club got up and started harmonizing with him, singing the back up vocals.

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

Once I never could hope to win

You're starting down the road leaving me again

The threats you made were meant to cut me down

And if our love was just a circus you'd be a clown by now

Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did

Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid

I'm still standing after all this time

Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

At the guitar solo, Harry pulled Kurt into his arms, dancing with goofily, spinning him around. Both had smiles plastered on their faces.

Don't you know that I'm still standing better than I ever did

Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid

And I'm still standing after all this time

Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah

As the song ended, everyone was laughing happily, all gathering round and either giving Harry a hug, a pat on the back, or, in Puck's case, pulling him into a headlock and giving him a noogie. Once he was released, Harry grabbed Kurt and hugged him tightly. Everyone watched with fondness as the couple seemed to reassure themselves that they were both there.

On Christmas Eve, Kurt woke up, not understanding why. His confusion was only exacerbated once a thump came from his window. Sleepily, he moved to the window to see what was going on, sparing a glance at the clock that read 12:05 AM. Snow fluttered past the window, covering the ground for the first time of the year. He smiled, sleep forgotten once he saw Harry standing on his front lawn, pebbles in his hand and a backpack slung over his shoulder. Curious as to what had Harry here in the middle of the night, Kurt opened his window.

Harry immediately dropped the pebbles in his hands and used the trashcan under the window to pull himself through, Kurt grabbing his arm and helping him up. Kurt was happy that he'd worn his pajamas to bed, rather than just his boxers. The thought of Harry seeing him in such a state of undress had him blushing brightly. Harry shook some of the snow off his hair, letting the rest melt into his jacket as he took it off and hung it on the back of the desk chair, not wanting to drench Kurt's room.

"What are you doing here?" Kurt whispered, not wanting to wake his dad, who he knew would throw a fit if he found out Harry was in his room at this time of night. Harry smirked at him, playfully poking his side.

"Merry Christmas to you, too." He replied, making Kurt smile.

"Merry Christmas, Harry. Now, why couldn't we do this at a reasonable time?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Suddenly, Harry seemed a bit sheepish and unsure of himself.

"Well, I know that you're spending the holiday with your family, and I knew I wouldn't get to see you until after Christmas. Well, today, I guess," He whispered, looking at the clock on Kurt's nightstand. "So, I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and give you your present." He finished, blushing slightly. Kurt felt his heart melt at the sweetness of it all. He smiled fondly at his boyfriend, leaning in to kiss him lightly. He felt Harry's lips curve upwards against his in a small smile, but continued to kiss his boyfriend. After a few moments, he pulled away, cupping the dark-haired teen's cheek and staring into his emerald eyes.

"You're such a dork sometimes." He finally said, laughing lightly at the mock offended look Harry gave him. He moved to his closet, whispering as he opened the door, "Well, I'll give you your gift as well." He grabbed a present that seemed to be expertly wrapped. Harry, in turn, pulled out a rather haphazardly wrapped box from his bag.

"You open yours first." Harry insisted, handing the gift over to Kurt as he set the one given to him on the bed. Kurt gave him a small peck on the cheek as he unwrapped the thin box. When he pulled off the top of the box, he immediately saw a scarf that he'd been eyeing at the mall when New Directions had taken Brittany to see Santa. It was a deep maroon color with golden accents and extremely soft to the touch. He gave his boyfriend a long kiss.

"Thank you Harry." He whispered gently. Harry smiled at him softly.

"Move the scarf a bit." He breathed into Kurt's ear. Baffled, Kurt did as he asked, only to see a small black box hidden under the edge of the scarf. Slowly, he opened the box and felt his heart skip a beat.

On a silver chain hung a black pendant in the shape of a dog tag. On it were the initials 'KEH &HJP' in crystal studs, entrapped by a heart made with the same studs. Kurt stared at it in awe, touched by the sweet present. The room was silent for a few moments before Harry broke the silence.

"I thought that the pendant was fitting, since you're such a fighter. Do you like it? If you don't, I could-" Harry was rambling nervously, only to be cut off as Kurt shut him up the best way he knew how. He forcefully pressed his lips against Harry's, his heart melting as Harry responded with his own lips while gently caressing his neck and side as Kurt set the gift down on the bed to focus on kissing his boyfriend.

He'd always found it endearing how gentle Harry was with him. Despite being tall and muscular and looking as tough he did, Harry was like a giant teddy bear. He was never forceful with him, always gentle and caring, acting as though he was handling finely spun glass. It made Kurt feel absolutely cherished and loved. He slowly drew away, suckling lightly on his boyfriend's bottom lip and opening his eyes to gaze at the emerald ones of the man who'd stolen his heart.

"I love it. Thank you." He finally whispered. Harry beamed at him, and he couldn't resist leaning in and kissing him again. He pulled back after a moment, reaching over Harry to grab the unopened present. "Your turn."

Harry carefully took the gift and unwrapped it. Inside was a Cleveland Cavaliers cap and two tickets to a game a week from then. He took out the hat and put it on.

"I know how much you love basketball, so I thought we could go to a game together. Plus, I know how much your hair is bothering you." Kurt explained. It was true; the doctors had had to shave the part of his head where he'd been struck in order to assess it and stitch the gash, leaving the area uneven with the rest of his hair and Harry had become rather self-conscious about it. Wherever he went, people stared at it. "They're not the best seats, but-" This time Harry was the one to shut Kurt up. When he pulled back, he placed the cap on Kurt's head with a soft grin.

"I love it. I can't wait to go with you." They both laid down on Kurt's bed, speaking in hushed tones for another hour before Harry decided it was time to go home. As he shrugged on his jacket and put on the cap Kurt had gotten him, he left a lingering kiss on Kurt's lips. "Merry Christmas Kurt. I love you."

"Love you too." With that, Harry slowly slid out the window and climbed down from the trashcan. He watched until he couldn't see Harry anymore, then went back to bed, falling asleep with a smile on his face.

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