The first three drabbles in this collection were written for the reader prompts I received, when I agreed to take prompts to celebrate the first anniversary of my and the Dah's drabble project on tumblr. They were originally published in October 2015 in our tumblr blog Drabblers.

The next four drabbles were written in January 2016 when I announced I'd be taking prompts from my readers to celebrate my 10 year anniversary in the fandom.

Drabble One - Fang and Weapon

Prompt: Kagome asking Sesshoumaru for one of his fangs so she can commission herself a weapon from Toutousai

Setting: Canon divergence (Shichinintai Arc)

Genre: Drama

1,000 words

Kagome swallowed as she looked straight into the piercing eyes. She tried not to fidget or shrivel under the weight of the cold golden gaze, though that was easier said than done. The nervous fluttering erupted again in the pit of her stomach, and for the umpteenth time she wondered how she had ended up here.

It all had started with the poison master of shichinintai.

Well, technically, it had all started with the darn centipede that had snatched her and pulled her down the well… But the chain of events that had led her to stand here before the regal daiyoukai, had started with Mukotsu.

Now, trouble was nothing new to Kagome; in fact she had a penchant for getting in to it. She had spent a fair share of time being the damsel in distress, and Mukotsu was hardly the first person to kidnap her – but Kagome vowed he would be the last.

That incident had been one of the worst experiences she had ever had, and being kidnapped had been just the beginning. She still shuddered when she recalled Mukotsu's foul breath as he had pawed at her. She had come close to dying that day – she still remembered the iron grip of the stubby hands squeezing her throat, and the frantic wave of panic when the world had begun to dim in her eyes.

And to make matters worse, the saviour of the day had been Sesshoumaru, of all people.

Really, it had been the straw that broke the camel's back. Sango and Miroku had tried to help but had failed, and Inuyasha had been late to the whole party. It was clear she couldn't always rely on her friends to keep her safe.

She knew that as the guardian of the Shikon, she might as well have a bright red target painted on her forehead. The bad guys would keep coming and someone would try to kidnap her again.

Only this time, Kagome would be ready.

"I need a weapon," she had muttered to Sango. A bow and arrows clearly weren't good enough deterrents. She needed something bigger. Something flashier. Something… "Like Tessaiga. Something that screams 'don't mess with me'."

"A huge sword like Tessaiga would be too unwieldy for you," Sango had reminded her gently. She had paused in thought, before making her very practical suggestion. "Maybe something like a naginata? It would well send a message. It's easy to wield and I think it would suit you well. It's a good weapon for self-defence since it offers a long reach."

Kagome had pictured herself, one hand casually resting on the shaft of a polearm that would easily tower over her small form. She really liked that picture, and had told Sango as much.

"If you want a good weapon, you should use demonic materials," Sango had reminded her.

"I'm not sure that's necessary," Kagome had frowned. "It just needs to look intimidating. A magic weapon could be too big a hassle."

"Not all weapons built from youkai parts are magical. Just look at Hiraikotsu," Sango had pointed out. "You might as well do it properly. If you want a strong, durable weapon, then you should consider making it from the best materials available."

"That is easier said than done, though!"

Kagome and Sango had both startled. Kagome had turned to stare at her shoulder, where Myouga sat, his arms crossed and his brow creased in thought.

"As a miko, you can't forge a weapon of the parts of just any youkai. For one, the part must either be won or willingly given."

"Well that's no problem, I'll just ask Inuyasha."

"I'm afraid that might not work. Inuyasha is too similar to you. I don't know about this as much as Toutousai would, but if I recall correctly, the energies are a serious consideration. For you to be able to make full use of your weapon, the demonic material used should carry a youki that balances your reiki."

"Like yin and yang?" Sango had guessed.

"Precisely," Myouga had said, nodding sagely.

"So… I need to get my material from someone who's my polar opposite?"

And there it was. That was how and why Kagome found herself here, in this awkward position.

She shuffled her feet and cleared her throat.

"Sesshoumaru-sama," Kagome started, trying to keep her quivering voice as respectful as she could, "I am really grateful for the last time, you killing Mukotsu... And I hate to ask anything of you when I am already in your debt, but –"

"Cease your babbling and state your business," Sesshoumaru spoke coolly.

"Umm… Could you perhaps give me one of your teeth?" Kagome bit her lip.

Sesshoumaru stared at her, like she was some new lifeform he had never encountered.

"What," he drawled, "would you possibly want with my tooth?"

"A weapon," she replied quickly. "Seems like I'm always getting in trouble or kidnapped and I'm getting tired of it. I want a weapon to discourage my attackers and Sango said I should use demonic materials because they yield the best results so I was going to just ask Inuyasha but then Myouga said that there is this energy thing, reiki and youki balancing like yin and yang…" Kagome faltered. There was a slight crease between Sesshoumaru's eyes that lent his face a pained expression.

"Sorry," Kagome offered sheepishly. "I was babbling again, wasn't I?"

The silence stretched, it weighed heavily in the air around them, and Kagome fought the strong urge to squirm. He was still staring at her, his impassive face unreadable, his golden gaze cold and assessing.

Then, one silver eyebrow arched.

"If I do you this favour, you will leave?"

"Yes! I'll go right away and leave you alone, just please –"

"Here," he said irately, pressing something small, gleaming, and bloody onto her palm, his claws fleetingly scraping her skin.

Kagome's breath caught as her hand closed around the fang. She looked up at the daiyoukai and beamed.

"Thank you."