As if a jerk like me would own Chicken Run, or anything to do with it. Heres my first REAL story. Hope you enjoy. -nooneknows

It was Sunday, a lazy day at the Rhode house, and like many other chickens on the island, and Rocky was having a lie in. It was about 10:30 and Ginger had long since been up, along with the kids who were acting quite secretive. Ginger knew Rocky hated sleeping until more then 11:00 because when he woke up he felt like half the day had been stolen from him. This is why Ginger decided to see if he was awake. She walked into the bedroom, the shade was up and warm rays of sun light were filtering through the open window. It was a lovely day with a gentle breeze floating through the air and Ginger had a distinct feeling Rocky would be in a bad mood if he missed out on most of it. He was sprawled on the bed, his head titled on the pillow. His arms were odd though, as they had always been while he slept. He always kept them by his side, crossed over his chest or gabbing on to a bundle of blankets or a spare pillow. Ginger giggled quietly as he let out a soft snore. He looked so. perfect. And in such a vulnerable state. Ginger smiled and walked over, and sat on the bed. Hesitating she put her arms around him and snuggled up and felt a wave of worry as his eyes opened hazily.

"Ginger?" He yawned, "What are ya doing?"

He wasn't annoyed at her waking him up; on the contrary, he was pleased she was next to him. She didn't need to answer; he just grinned dopily at her and pulled her closer.

"It's almost eleven. I thought I should wake you up."

"Where are the kids?" He asked.

"Out side I think."

At the moment he didn't care, all that mattered to him was Ginger. It was quite rare that this kind of thing ever happened.

"Baby-doll." He caught the look on Gingers face, "--- Ehem, sorry, Ginger, at the risk of sounding like a total sap I wanna say something."

Ginger smiled and rested her head on his.

"And what's that?"

"I love you." He replied, trying to sound casual, but it didn't work.

Ginger kissed him softly.

"And I love you. Where is all this coming from now? You didn't do anything wrong as far as I remember."

"Hey, can't a guy tell his wife that he loves her one and a while?"

"It's just unusual for you Rocky."

"Well I."

Amber and Cody burst through the door with a tray of tea and toast in their hands, both giggling like lepricorns. Ginny stood in the doorway, smiling.

"I said you like breakfast in bed... ya don't mind do you?" She added quickly.

"Not at all." Ginger said, very surprised.

"Yeah thanks Ginny." Rocky added. Ginny ushered them out so their parents could eat in peace.

"You were saying?" Ginger said quickly.

"Ahh yeah. well. hey why not?"

"No reason!" Ginger laughed, "I just though the lone free ranger wouldn't say that."

"Are you complaining?" He asked coyly, pushing the try on the bedside table and returning to her hold.

"Not at all."