Lavender waited until her eyes had adjusted to the moonlight that seeped into the silent dorm before slipping her legs off her bed and onto the floor. Her steps were silent as she padded across the room to one of the four curtained beds, holding her breath as she approached. Standing next to the bed, she gently lowered her head to the curtain, hearing the sudden difference as she passed through the bubble of silence that she knew would be surrounding it. With her head so close to the curtain, she could now hear the breathy moans coming from the enclosed interior of the bed.

The silent voyeur grinned as she felt her body responding to the vivid images her mind conjured to match what she could hear through the heavy curtain. Taking a moment to gather her courage, she raised one hand and pulled apart the red drapes to reveal the girl who lay within.

Hermione looked as Lavender had never seen her before: her sheets were bunched at the foot of the bed, her tanned skin exposed to the warm air; her hair was splayed in a dark halo around her head, almost covering her whole pillow; her eyes were closed tight, her brow furrowed in concentration; and while one hand cupped her full breast, the other was thrusting into her wet cunt with quick, smooth strokes.

Lavender didn't know how long she stared for, but she could feel her hardened nipples pushing against her silk dolly and a wet heat building in her bare pussy. There was no turning back now, unless she wanted a night of incurable frustration on her own. Moving slowly so as not to disturb the other girl, she crawled onto Hermione's bed.


The brunette's eyes snapped open at the whisper, both hands rising to cover her exposed chest. At the foot of her bed knelt Lavender, dressed in her purple dolly and staring at her naked dorm mate with a strange gleam in her eye.

"Lavender? What are you- why are you on my bed? I was… I was just-"

"I know what you were doing." Lavender smirked, "The same thing you do every Friday night at 11:30. God, you really do schedule everything, don't you?"

Hermione's cheeks flushed. "W-well, I… It helps me unwind, okay?"

Lavender leaned forward and began to gently stroke Hermione's legs up to the knee. "I understand. Everyone in this dorm does it, you know - hell, pretty much everyone in the school does by fifth year."

Now that the initial shock had passed, Hermione's rational mind began to shift into gear. "So… um… why are you here?"

With a grin, Lavender leaned forward further, until she was hovering over Hermione's naked body. "To help, silly." She said, before she leaned down and kissed her.

Hermione froze, but her body's clamouring for release after it had been teased for so long soon overwhelmed the part of her mind that was screaming for an explanation, and soon she was delighting in the feeling of the other girl's soft lips against her own. They pressed their bodies together desperately as they kissed, Hermione's legs wrapping around Lavender to pull her housemate closer and grind their hips together.

Breaking the kiss, Lavender pulled her silken dolly over her head before pressing a line of kisses down the bookworm's neck to her heaving chest, kissing and sucking on Hermione's pert tits. From this close, she could see that the other girl had no tan lines across her chest, and Lavender felt her pussy clench as her mind conjured up images of a topless Hermione reclining in the sunlight, her small globes bare for all to see. She wondered if her hips would show a similar lack of tan lines.

Lavender continued to kiss down her dorm mate's flat stomach to her thick thighs, showering them with licks and small bites which made Hermione squirm and squeal.

"Lav… P-please…" Hermione tangled her fingers in the other girl's hair and pushed her head towards her sopping cunt, lifting her hips desperately as she sought release. Lavender grinned and allowed her lips to be pressed against the other witch's pussy, running her tongue along her wet cunt before rapidly flicking her clit with her tongue. The sound of Hermione's pleasured gasps and moans emboldened her, and she used her tongue to alternate between stroking the bookworm's pussy lips and rubbing against her clit. As Hermione moaned and writhed above her, she was glad for all the opportunities for practise Parvati had given her since their first time together.

Hermione, already close to cumming from her own ministrations, could feel her orgasm rapidly approaching with every flick and curl of Lavender's tongue. Sensing the other girl's impending climax, Lavender slid a hand closer to the cunt before her and slowly pushed one finger inside, quickly followed by a second. At the feeling of something inside her, rubbing against her inner walls, Hermione cried out. Threads of pleasure slid down her legs, into every toe; it suffused her, carried her and lifted her, and she came on Lavender's tongue, and her body bucked and jumped. One hand gripped the pillow behind her head and the other roughly pinched her pert nipple as she rode out her climax on Lavender's fingers, which thrusted slowly in and out of her clenching cunt.

Smirking, Lavender crawled up Hermione's body and kissed the other girl, still eager for her own release. Hermione could taste her own juices on the other witch's lips, and the realisation of what had just happened sent another shock of lust down to her cunt. In particular, the memory of how good Lavender's fingers had felt inside her made her crave more. The two kissed eagerly, their hands roaming across one another's bodies as they took the time to explore each other more fully.

Hermione delighted in caressing Lavender's large, heavy breasts as they hung above her, pinching the delicate nipples that crowned them and feeling the other girl shiver in response. Lavender's hands roamed down Hermione's sides, feeling her pinched waist and wide hips, her thick thighs and round arse. Eventually, it was the bookworm who broke the kiss.

"Um… Lav?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

"I was wondering, well, because it felt so good when you used your fingers-"


"If you might- I don't know, you probably don't want to but if you did-"

"Spit it out!"

In response, Hermione pulled her wand out from under the pillow, sat up and, with a few waves and incantations, transfigured the pillow into a long, thick, strap-on dildo.


"It's fine if you don't-"

"No, no, I want to! I really want to… Christ. You want me to wear it?"

Hermione looked at Lavender shyly. "If you wouldn't mind."

Working quickly, Lavender strapped on the hefty cock, stroking it a few times as though preparing it for what was to come. Hermione spread her legs again, giving the other girl clear access to her shaved pussy. The sight of Hermione laying on her back, legs wide to reveal her pink cunt, biting her lip in anxious anticipation as she rubbed her clit gently to ensure that she was wet enough to take the monster strap-on made Lavender's pussy gush with excitement. Eagerly she dropped to all fours over Hermione and manoeuvred her new long appendage into position.

The feeling of her pussy stretching around the thick head of the purple cock was indescribable. Every synthetic ridge and vein rubbed against her inner walls, making her gasp and jump as they pressed against her most sensitive places. Lavender took a moment to pause after each inch, marvelling at the sense of control she felt over the bookworm who writhed beneath her. Her eyes were locked on what she could see of Hermione's pussy over her big tits, watching it stretch around the great dildo that was being slowly pressed into her. The brunette's legs wrapped around Lavender's round arse and pulled her in suddenly, forcing the rest of the huge strap-on into her cunt. A ragged cry was torn from Hermione's throat and her back arched, her breasts heaving, and Lavender leaned down to shower them in hot kisses. She sucked a nipple between her lips, teasing it with her tongue as she allowed the other girl to relax around the dildo's girth.

Slowly, the blonde drew her hips backwards, pulling almost half of the fake cock out of Hermione's tight cunt. Smirking to herself, she bit the other girl's pointed nipple as she thrust smoothly back in, making the bookworm scream in shocked pleasure again. Hermione's nails scratched across the other girl's back as she felt the thick member being pushed in and out of her more regularly. Pleasure radiated from her tight cunt as it clenched around the dick that Lavender was handling with surprising skill, a glowing heat pulsing in her stomach with the rhythm of her thrusts. Every push made Hermione feel stretched beyond belief, full to bursting and too overwhelmed with pleasure to breathe; when she pulled back that pleasure flooded through her body, shooting to her fingers and toes and making her muscles clench deliciously.

It was just so big. Every tiny movement Lavender made translated into new nerves being rubbed and stroked in the most incredible ways deep inside her trembling cunt, building into a roar of pleasure inside her. The bookworm, aching for release, brought trembling fingers to her bare nipple and pinched it, rubbed it, circled it, making that indescribable feeling grow to new peaks. Hearing her partner's increasingly ragged breaths, Lavender lifted her head from Hermione's pebbled nipple and pressed a trail of hot kisses up her neck to her ear. As she thrust the huge dildo forward, she spoke;

"Cum for me."

Hermione's body responded to the command, allowing the dam of her pleasure to break and flood her whole body with sensation. Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped as her orgasm pulsed down down to her fingertips, down to her toes, made every muscle in her body clench uncontrollably with its power. Her skin tingled at every touch, and Lavender's slowing thrusts into her pussy sent an aftershock of tingling feeling through her body again, until every nerve pulsed with the echoing ripples of her release.

Pulling out, Lavender waved her wand at the dildo and watched it become a downy pillow once again before collapsing beside the panting brunette.

"Man, I should've done this ages ago - that was fucking hot, Hermione."

Hermione only moaned back.

"Well, next time Parv and I have some fun together, I'm definitely bringing you, okay?"

Hermione moaned again. She just hoped it wouldn't be too hard to adjust her schedule to fit them.