"If this message is correct," Joe said, gulping, "the culprit is going to launch an attack at Yankee Stadium...in ten minutes."

"No!" Frank cried.

Nancy Drew was the only one out of the sleuths not to be disturbed by the message. "Okay," she said. "Where's that?"

"You don't know where Yankee Stadium is?" Joe asked.

"I'm not from New York," she said, shrugging. "Should I?"

"Yes!" Frank said. "That's like not knowing how to get to Central Park!"

"I don't know how to get there either," Nancy said.

"Are you joking?" Frank asked. "How do you not know the way to Central Park from here? You just go down that street, and—"

"People, let's focus," Joe said. "We need to get to Yankee Stadium, fast. Nancy, do you know where the Brooklyn Tunnel is?"


"Grand Central Station?"


"The Statue of Liberty. You have to know where that is!"

"I'm not from this city, and neither are you!" Nancy snapped. "Why do you expect to have the entire city layout memorized?"

"Because it's New York! Everyone knows how to find places in New York!"

Nancy hit Frank on the arm. "Ow!" he said.

Joe sighed and pulled out a map. "Look," he said, pointing. "We're here, and Yankee Stadium is...here."

"That's not too far," Nancy commented.

"Actually, it is," Joe said. "I'd say it's about fifteen minutes from here, with the traffic. If we hurry, we might make it there on time."

"Great," Nancy said. "Next time, say that first."

The End