The Roaring of The Sea.

Chapter 1: Prologue: Ruins.

Their final battle took place where it all began, even before their battle four years ago the Valley of the End had been reshaped in the past, and now it was nearly unrecognizable once again. Uzumaki Naruto looked at her best friend (maybe more if things had been different) sadly. Tears welled up in the corner of her eyes, but she hadn't given up. If anyone who knew Naru were asked, they'd say she didn't know how to give up, it wasn't in her vocabulary.

She had gone so far for him, yet they were now on death's door. She knew Sakura and Kakashi, the only ones not trapped in the Mugen Tsukuyomi, weren't going to reach them in time. Her blonde hair was stained red, like the clan she was apart of (like her mother's hair). Ever since she'd met the fragment of her mother's soul in the seal, Naruto had been envious of her mother's red hair.

It was so long and pretty: after she'd met her mother in the seal's fail-safe she'd started growing her hair longer (in honor of her mother). While she looked quite a bit like Kushina, there were obvious traits taken from her father, especially, her golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Beside her Sasuke groaned. His arm was in the same shape as her own; cut off from around the biceps down. They'd tried not to move much, even while they talked, but with every minute that ticked by their hopes of help arriving became dimmer.

"They're too far away, aren't they Naru?" he asked, and she chuckled bitterly even if it jolted her body and made it ache even more.


'You make me sick sometimes, brat. It's not over yet...' she heard Kurama, the half she still had, say. Her eyes widen in surprise; she hadn't thought he was still awake or listening. Foolish to believe that, she realized. 'Grab onto the Uchiha, Naruto. Afterwhich, focus the rest of your chakra and let me and the others do the rest. You and the Uchiha will be fine, but don't make a habit of dying.'

Kurama's words were final, there was no room for arguing. And if she were honest, Naruto didn't have the patience or ability to argue in her current state. She told Sasuke she would continue to fight him, and she would, but there was a difference between arguing with her Bijū and best friend. They were both equally as stubborn, though. Instead, Naruto rocked from side too side gasping at the pain that shot through her.

Sasuke turned his head towards the dead last, and his eyes widened. "W-what the hell are you doing?!"

"Wh-what does it look l-like?" she gasped out. Rolling onto her side. Her remaining arm was now in a position to reach out, and grab onto the bastard she called the closest to her heart. She smiled painfully, choking up blood with a heavy cough. "I'm saving us."

Sasuke was startled when she crawled closer to him; shifting her body to lie curled into his bloody side. She was careful of his bloody stump, and though he still grimaced in pain, it couldn't be a fraction of what Naruto felt moving as she had. She moved her blood stained crown up to look at him with a forced, bright smile and shinning eyes. If he could just move a little, lower his head just right, he'd be able to press his lips to hers. He didn't, but a secret part of him wouldn't have minded trying.

"Kurama says he can save us. We need to focus the rest of our chakra, all of it, and he'll do the rest."

"Are you sure? We don't have much chakra left, and I'll barely be able to activate my eyes."

Naruto nodded and said, "I'm sure."

Sasuke looked up at the sky and sighed. "What do we have to lose."

Together they focused their chakra, and shrouds of fiery chakra ignited around them. Almost merging together in blinding fiery-orange and purple. Lightning cracked around them, and power from all nine Bijū came together to save them. In a loud thundering crack they were gone. The only trace they'd been there was their blood on the ground, and soon that would no longer be there. The moment they left the world began to tare itself apart and disintegrate.

Like it never existed.




It was the harsh light of the sun that greeted Naruto the next time she opened her eyes. It stung as she lie there blinking up at the clear sunrise. The sky took on shades of yellow, orange, and dark red like the hair of the Uzumaki, and it lit up the area around her in a brilliant fiery glow.

Wherever she was, she was uncomfortably situated on sharp upturned ground with her hand intertwined in Sasuke's. He was lying beside her still unconscious. Other than the sunlight half blinding her, the first thing Naruto noticed was the lack of pain. Oh, she ached and felt like her body was under ten times the gravity it should be, but the pain of her injuries was no longer at the forefront. What bruises and cuts remained were hardly a threat, and were rapidly healing themselves. Sasuke looked a little more banged up, since he didn't have her advanced healing.

While she noticed this, she realized with wide eyes and a start that she had both arms again. Flexing it in front of her she could see nothing to say it wasn't the original arm. To make sure it wasn't some illusion meant to confuse her, Naru pinched herself so hard she drew blood.

"Ow!" she yelped on reflex. She could only assume this was the work of Kurama. There were really too many missing variables to make an educated guess. Looking beside her she was relieved to find Sasuke's arm was also back.

Sitting up even as her body protested the movement, Naruto looked around at the area and gasped. This was not the Valley of the End, but she recognized this place. Even if she hadn't the fallen buildings with Uzumaki spirals would've given it away. She was in Uzushiogakure; a place which had been in ruins for over thirty years. She'd visited the ruined chain of small islands, once connected by bridges (some man-made and some there naturally), when she'd traveled with Jiraiya.

Getting in had only cost her some blood to bring down the barrier, which was erected in a chain reaction to the last Uzumaki's death inside the village. All enemies within were killed because of the massive seal, and it saved most things within the village from being pillaged. Some things, unfortunately, got out. While some things were lost, the majority remained.

She hadn't been able to stay long enough to really search for the hidden knowledge of the village, because Jiraiya had wanted to move on sooner rather than later. They'd left after a day and a half with only a book or two on fūinjutsu, most of which, was common knowledge. The ruins of the once vibrant village was as she remembered in disrepair, with only a few buildings and clan districts still standing.

Although most of the village was made up of the Uzumaki clan, there were a few civilians not of the Uzumaki blood, and a few small ninja clans apart of Uzushio before it was destroyed. It was only during the clan wars that the islands were made up of solely Uzumaki clan members.

She noticed the river flowing through the village amidst the devastation; the water was so crystal-clear you could see the bottom of the river (it wasn't really wide enough to be a lake, and possibly too deep to be considered a creak). In certain places of the river she could stand in the water and her five foot five frame would only be covered up to her waist. It reminded her of tide pools (which weren't common in the Land of Fire).

A tear threatened to fall as she felt the spirit of her mother's homeland and ancestors.

"Dead last..." A tired voice startled her from her thoughts, and she turned to look into onyx eyes. For a few seconds they just looked at one another and then his eyes visibly widened. Sasuke was rarely so startled, but seeing his best friend in relatively good health while a relief was also not what he expected.

Being in a random place he'd never seen before, but was definitely not their battle ground, didn't help. And when their eyes met it wasn't piercing sky blue that he saw. They were white, pupiless as far as the naked eye could see, and had a light blue cast to them. They were breath taking, but not what he was used to.

"You're eyes," he muttered, and Naruto's eyes widened.

"What? Is something wrong with them?" She lifted a hand to her eyes, but noticed nothing strange. Getting shakily to her feet, Naruto walked over to the river and knelled down. Peering down at her reflection she gasped loudly.

"It wasn't a dream." she realized. While she slept, she'd dreamed of endless white and a familiar old man – the Rikudō Sennin.

He floated in mid air. His staff laid across his lap, and a look of sympathy and pride was in his wise, ringed eyes. Beside him stood a similar looking man. His eyes, though, where the same as Kaguya: the white eyes of the Hyūga clan (very similar to Hinata or Neji's eyes). He had no eyebrows, oddly, and long white hair and pale skin.

"Hello again, children," Hagoromo said.

"Are we dead?" Sasuke deadpanned, as if he were expecting this outcome. Naruto looked over at him before narrowing her blue eyes and clinching her fist.

"We're not dead!" she snapped, and slapped him over the head.

He blinked and looked at her quizzically. He'd seen her upset before, but he hadn't expected that sort of adverse reaction to the possibility of their death. He'd known they couldn't survive their injuries – the fact they'd survived for a few hours was a miracle. Deep down Naruto knew that, too.

"The young Uzumaki is correct," the pale skinned male said from the Rikudō Sennin's side. "You're not dead, not yet. Unless your bodies give out between the transition of here and there, you'll both survive."

Naruto tilted her head like a curious puppy. "Who are you?"

Hamura chuckled. He could see his brother's children, his nephews, in these two. He'd seen them in the transmigrations before them as well. Especially, in Madara and Hashirama. These two had also taken after Madara and Hashirama – in fact the boy, Indra's transmigration, actually shared many similarities with Madara and his brother Izuna (physically at least).

There had been an unresolved tension between Hashirama and Madara, because of the era they were raised. That had translated into a sexual tension even he and Hagoromo could spot between the Uchiha and Uzumaki. A powerful combination should their relationship advance into something beyond friends. Even more so once he'd passed his gift onto the girl, who was his distant descendant through her paternal great-grandmother.

"I'm the sage's younger twin brother, Ōtsutsuk Hamura. I am the one who the Hyūga clan descended from. Their bloodline originating with me and my mother."

"Oh," Naruto said. Scratching the back of her head she chuckled. "I guess I can see the resemblance. Nice to meet ya old man, dattebayo."

Sasuke sighed almost fondly at her lack of tact, and Hagoromo chuckled while Hamura was unsure whether to be amused or slightly offended. She spoke the truth, though: he was rather old.

"Where the hell are we, old man?" Naruto asked. "One minute we're dying, Kurama's offering to save us with some technique, and the next we're here."

"Hn. I agree with her question. If we're not dead, why are we here?"

"You're here so we may explain a few things, and make the transition less painful for you both," Hagoromo replied. "You see, the jutsu Kurama used was a kinjutsu Hamura and I created. It was a space-time ninjutsu designed to reverse time. At first we would use it as children to escape punishment when in trouble with our mother or other caretakers. Then we completed it to become apart of our fighting style."

"It sounds a bit like Izanagi," Sasuke said.

"It's similar to the Izanagi," Hamura replied. "In fact, it could be described as a mass Izanagi. However, there are no illusions involved, and it works in years instead of escaping the last few minutes of reality."

Naruto and Sasuke glanced at each other with a look of understanding.

"You don't mean to say that this technique will..."

"Take you back in time?" Hagoromo nodded. "That's exactly what it's meant to do. When I was in my youth, I made an even more powerful version of the technique; but instead of it reversing time a few hours it could now go back days. The issue was, even I didn't have the power to use it to go back more than a year after I'd split the Jūbi into the nine bijū. I had no use for it anyway. I was near my death bed, and I'd had a fulfilling life. My only regrets are my children's war against each other."

"Why did Kurama know it, and how did he use it? You said you weren't powerful enough to go back more than a year... so how and when did Kurama send us?" Naruto asked.

"I foresaw it would be important should the worst happen to the Children of Prophecy. You're not supposed to die today, but without your teammate to come and save you, you would have died of the injuries you sustained. It was a show of your will power, and desire to live that you survived your final attacks against each other."

Hagoromo smiled before continuing.

"I gave the jutsu to each of the bijū, and taught them what to do. Each bijū had the ability to use it, though, alone they can only go back a few months or years depending on power. Alone I doubt Kurama could send you both back for more than a year. If Naruto were alone, maybe two or three years. What Kurama did was contact the other bijū, and ask them for their power to send you both back. Along with the chakra you both added and the time-space properties of Sasuke's dōjutsu, Kurama was able to send you further."

"We observed this and decided to help. Healing your worse wounds and propelling you even further back. Without our last push you'd have landed around the time of your Academy days, maybe twelve years at most. With our aid you were able to be sent even further back." Hamura finished the explanation.

"Unfortunately, this comes at a price. The backlash of so much chakra in one place, and going back in time so far, tore the known future apart. You could say it's natures way of keeping the balance. You exchange one future, one timeline, for another. This prevents the chance a Paradox may occur. An equivalent exchange, so to say."

Naruto's eyes widened and teared up at the thought of everyone left behind. Tsunade-baachan, Hinata, Kakashi, Sakura (although, last time she'd seen Sakura she'd been injured during the fight with Kaguya. She wasn't sure the Sakura had pulled through).

There were so many others she couldn't name off the top of her head. Some she didn't even know personally, but she still felt guilty for basically destroying the world. Sasuke, on the other hand, wasn't sure what to think or say. He was a bit upset himself. His thoughts going to the members of his other Team (Taka), Kakashi, and even Sakura.

"Don't feel to bad about the fate of that timeline, Naruto," Hamura began. "It may be gone, but you have the chance to create a better future. One where there is less death. Where things can go as they should. Although, I should warn you that this jutsu is unpredictable. Timelines are never one hundred percent certain, some things may not be the same."

"Thanks," Naruto muttered. "For giving us this chance."

Sasuke nodded in agreement, but otherwise remained silent. He wasn't sure what to say, his mind was racing with the possibilities, and the opportunities presented to them with this. There was so much they could change, but being able to change it was another thing entirely. It all depended on where they landed, and when they landed. Either way, they couldn't just stroll into Konoha. Even in a time of peace there was a process to people who moved into the village.

"Before you wake there is one more thing I wish to discuss with you, Naruto." Hamura stepped forward. "My descendants created the Hyūga clan. You already know this, But what I wish to ask is what you know about your paternal family?"

Truth was, Naruto knew nothing about her mother or father's families beyond a few details...

Naruto shook her head as the memories flooded her mind. Hamura had gone on to explain a bit about her family tree. Her father was the son of Namikaze Ryuu, an orphan son of a wondering ninja, Namikaze Kyo, and Hyūga Hibari of the main family. Hibari was disowned after it was found out she was pregnant, and from a wondering ninja she'd met on a mission at that.

When she was eight months pregnant she went into early labor, and gave birth to Namikaze Ryuu, who was born with bright blonde hair and blue eyes; certainly, not the eyes of a Hyūga. The elders and former main branch Hyūga Hibari's parents thought the boy was without the Byakugan because of his mixed blood.

Hibari died soon after giving birth through complications, however, Hibari's sister always thought it was the Hyūga elders and her father punishing her older sister with death for her disgrace to the clan. Of course there was never any evidence of this.

Her son, Ryuu, was given to the orphanage. Without the white eyes of the Hyūga the clan wanted nothing to do with a bastard. This was their mistake, since they'd not once thought that the bloodline could show up in one of Ryuu's descendants. Maybe it wouldn't have. Ryuu's son didn't have the bloodline, nor did his granddaughter, but the blood and potential was still there. With that logic, they might have all had the Byakugan, but no one chose to show them how to awaken it. Unlike the Sharingan it didn't just show up under great stress.

nonetheless, Namikaze Ryuu grew up, became a ninja, and married one of the few remaining Senju in name and blood. A civilian woman named Senju Bara. They had one child, Namikaze Minato. Unfortunately, fate had a cruel sense of humor and both Ryuu and Bara died during the second war, leaving two year old Minato an orphan. Minato would later meet and marry Uzumaki Kushina, and have a daughter Uzumaki Naruto.

Distant as it may be, Naruto had Hyūga blood, and now she even had the white eyes of a Hyūga along with the chakra Hamura had given her. Why her eyes actually changed, since she was pretty sure she could have used the Byakugan without the oddly blank eyes of a Hyūga, she didn't know. It might have to do with Hagoromo's chakra being present. Depending on what time period she and Sasuke were in it would make creating their new identities easier, since she looked less like her father.

She may not be a prodigy, but even she knew they couldn't walk around the Elemental Nations as Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke.




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