A/N: This story takes place immediately following Ultimate Rocking Rivals Unite and Attack of Gray Bitie's Monster Alliance. Please read to learn about Haley Long's promotion to Second American Dragon and to find out what's up with the Pines twins. Please enjoy.

"Haley Long step forth," Councilor Andam called forth. Haley proudly strutted towards the Dragon council. "You have completed all requirements as set by this council; and in record time I might add. As of now you are a full fledge magical protector and will be officially recognized as the Second American Dragon!" The council held their hands out and a mystical energy flowed towards the young dragon, giving her their blessings.

"You go Haley!" the crowds cheered including her brother Jake and every one she knew, both dragon and human alike. Even the few that Haley dislike. People like her cousin Andrew and Olivia Mears who instead of cheering, were slow clapping sarcastically.

"Just as how your brother Jake Long watches over the magical creatures in New York. You will be responsible for overseeing and protecting the magical creatures in GRAVITY FALLS, OREGON!" Councilor Andam announced.

"We expect great things from you young dragon." Haley's grandfather Lao Shi said showing his pride for his granddaughter despite the fact that he's sitting in the Council and should technically be impartial.

"I humbly accept this responsibility and thank you for this great opportunity and honor," Haley said respectfully. "And I swear to you all, that I will be the greatest Dragon of all time!"

"HALEY!" "HALEY!" "HALEY!" "HALEY!" "HALEY!" The crowds all cheered as Haley Long, the Second or as some will call her the Western American Dragon, basked in their admiration.

"Haley...Haley..." a soft voice said nudging the young girl out of her slumber.

Haley struggled to open her eyes and disappointingly found herself not in the grand hall of dragons, but instead in a dirty old bus. "Are we there yet?" Haley asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Yes we are," Sun Park, the Korean Dragon and Haley's mentor, informed her as the doors of the bus opened.

Haley immediately jumped out of her seat and rushed out the door to check out her new territory. Only to see that Gravity Falls is just a small town rather than a large city. "So this is my new stomping grounds. Not as grand as New York but it'll do." the girl sighed with disappointment. "Look out Gravity Falls, for Haley Long the Western American Dragon has arrived!" the girl declared transforming into her pink dragon form. Trying really hard to be optimistic.

"Haley, you shouldn't 'Dragon Up' like that in public!" Haley's mother Susan scolded trying to hide Haley's dragon form from any prying eyes.

"Oops sorry mom," Haley apologized reverting back into her human form.

"It's all right, I remember when I got my first assignment. I couldn't wait to test out my wings." Sun giggled nostalgically. "Tell you what, while me and your mother get settled in our new house, why don't you go exploring the town? You know get a feel for you new stomping grounds." Sun suggested.

"Really?" Haley gasped. "Um I mean is that alright?" Haley asking her mother.

"Of course dear, just be home for dinner." Susan instructed.

Yipee!" Haley cheered as she ran off. Leaving her mother and mentor to carry all the bags themselves. Haley ran down main street, or third street. It's hard to tell when there are no big buildings or billboards to help her get her bearings. Everything was just so spaced out that she couldn't tell if she was still in the middle of town or somewhere in the outskirts. Heck she could be out in the middle of the forest and she won't be able to tell the difference. It all looked the same to her. Following the road she found herself in the middle of town with the only usable landmark she spotted so far; a statue of a frontiersman. Checking out the plaque she learned that the man is named Nathaniel Northwest. "Wow you must have done something really big to earn this," Haley giggled talking to the statue.

"Yes he did," this snobbish voice answered. Turning around Haley found a blond girl with way too much makeup. She had her arm wrapped around a boy wearing a vest and Pine tree hat that just screamed boy toy. The pair also had a goat in a cloak following behind them. "I am Pacifica Northwest and that is my ancestor Nathaniel Northwest. He founded this town so I'd appreciate it if you show him the respect he deserves." Pacifica said. Even though Pacifica knows that Nathaniel isn't the founder and that her whole family is a big sham, part of her refuses to accept it.

"Oh I'm sorry I'm new here. My name is Haley Long." Haley introducing herself.

"A new girl, that figures," Pacifica skulked rolling her eyes. "Well as I said I'm Pacifica Northwest and this is my boyfriend Dipper Pines. If you need anything, I'm sure I'll be able to help out. Especially picking out a better wardrobe." Pacifica said looking critically at the outfit Haley was wearing.

"Oh please don't bother. I'm sure I can handle myself." Haley snipped. Pacifica's attitude was reminding her of her old rival Olivia. 'I guess every city has one,' Haley thought to herself.

"Pacifica we talked about this," Dipper muttered into her ear. Knowing that Pacifica wasn't making a good first impression.

"What I'm being po-let," Pacifica struggled to say the word 'polite'. In her defense she is try her hardest to be nicer, but years of snobbish upbringing makes it challenging for her to change her attitude or at the very least to sound sincere.

"Uh listen I know Pacifica can sound a bit harsh, but believe me she is a good person." Dipper defended. "So do you need help showing you town around?" Dipper offered. Pacifica seemed to be a bit upset about that and elbowed him in the stomach.

'Oh yeah she's got this guy on a leash,' Haley thought to herself. Judging by the look on Pacifica's face, Haley deduces that either Pacifica and Dipper are on a date or have some kind of appointment. Taking into account that there's a goat with them, Haley figures that most likely they must be taking their pet to the vet or something. Especially since she's not entirely convinced that these two are actually dating. "No that's alright. I'll be fine on my own." Haley insisted before running off.

"Okay then see you around." Dipper yelled after her.

"What was that all about?" Pacifica demanded.

"I was just trying to be nice," Dipper said.

"Inviting a girl to tag along when we are on a date is not trying to be nice!" Pacifica hissed.

"Oh are you jealous?" Dipper teased.

"I AM NOT JEALOUS!" Pacifica roared. Dipper could swear that he just saw his girlfriend breath fire.

"Yo-o-o-ou mu-u-u-ust bewa-a-are. I se-e-ense so-o-omething stra-a-ange about this Ha-a-aley hu-u-man." Gompers the Goat warned, causing the two humans to look at the direction where Haley ran.

After about an hour of wandering around town, Haley found herself getting a little hungry. Luckily there was a convenience store nearby. Haley entered wanting to by a snack, but what should have been a simple task, she instead found herself caught up in a weird argument with the clerk and this girl rubbing soap all over her sweater.

"Unclean...Unclean...Unclean..." the girl repeated over and over again as she scrubbing soap all over herself.

"Sorry miss but can you please stop that," the clerk pleaded trying to get the girl to stop.

"I can't, not until I wash away the yuck!" the girl said now rubbing the dry soap on her head.

Normally Haley wouldn't get herself involved in this sort of thing, but if she wanted to buy her snack, she needed the store clerk to get back to the register. "You know that stuff works better if you use it in a bath," Haley suggested hoping to get the girl to leave so that she can buy her candy bar.

"I know but this is an emergency. I need to purify myself or else something bad will happen." the girl insisted. This caught Haley's attention. While most people would just find this girl's reasoning to be odd; as a magical protector, Haley can't overlook the possibility that this girl might be some kind of magical creature that needs soap for some reason. After all Haley has read somewhere that there are some creatures that have to stay clean or else they'll turn evil. "Oh where are my manners. Hi I'm Mabel." the girl introduced herself.

"Haley," Haley responded reluctantly since she isn't really sure of what to make of this Mabel. "So why do you need to bathe yourself without the bath?" Haley asked.

"Because I need to wash away the shame," Mabel cried over dramatically.

"So you're just doing this because you feel guilty about something and you think you can literally wash it away?" Haley sighed throwing away the theory the Mabel must some kind of magical creature and accepting the fact that she's just plain weird. "Well it was nice talking to you, but I got a candy bar to buy." Haley said wanting to bail out as soon as possible.

"If you can get this girl to leave it's on the house," the clerk pleaded.

Haley considered this offer. Even though she's not really hurting for money, free candy is still free candy. "Make it two candy bars and we have a deal," Haley negotiated.

"Deal," the clerk agreed.

"Hey Mabel, I'll give you one of my candy bars if you vamoose on out of here." Haley offered.

"Fine I'll go, but only because I want to and not because you gave me free candy." Mabel pouted as she stormed out of the store, while eating the candy bar without even removing the wrapper .

"Is she always like that?" Haley asked the store clerk.

"Nope most of the time she's really strange," the clerk answered without a hint of sarcasm or humor.

After getting her free candy bar, continued exploring around town. As expected she found evidence of magical creatures, and as usual the general population are completely oblivious to the facts right in front of them. Not that she mind, this makes her job much easier. After finishing her candy bar she tossed the wrapper into the trash which also contained an ad for a tourist trap called the Mystery Shack. Again her common sense was telling her that this is just a scam but her duties as the Second American Dragon compelled her to investigate. Unfortunately for her the directions on the ad weren't very precise and found herself lost in the woods. "Great now where am I?" Haley asked herself.

"You're at the greatest collection of monsters and oddities the world has ever seen!" a suspicious old man in a Fez announced after appearing in a puff of smoke. Using his eight ball cane he directed her attention to a rundown old house with the sign Mystery Hack on the roof. "Hi there my name is Stan Pines but folks around here call me, Mr. Mystery." Stan said doing a few magician tricks like pulling a coin out of Haley ear, trying to catch her interests.

"That's neat Mr. Mystery." Haley said playfully. Even though Haley is smart enough to recognize that Stan is just a two-bit con man, her ego of wanting to be admired and adored by everyone makes her to be polite and respectful to all adults. "What else you've got?"

"Well for a measly 5, no 10, I mean 15 bucks, I will show you wonders that you can only dream about." Stan pitched bringing her inside and showing the entrance to his so called attractions. "Not to mention all the treasures in our gift shop that you can't find anywhere else in the world." Stan pointing to the gift shop where this red headed girl sat at the register, doing anything but her job.

'Eye of the Dragon' Haley evoked. Heightening her vision so that she can see what's in the next room. Not too surprisingly all she found was just cheap props of different stuffed animals glued together. In fact she could see this overweight guy making more fakes for display. Pretending to search through her wallet. "I only have two dollars," Haley said sweetly. Pulling out two dollars and putting up her best sad puppy dog eyes. While carefully pushing down the twenty dollar bill so that Stan won't see it.

"Well I can give you the special two dollar discount," Stan said with a smile as he snatched the two dollars from her.

"Thank you Mr. Mystery. You're the best." Haley smiling as well.

Stan guided the little girl to the front door. "And here is the exit. I hope you enjoyed the Mystery Shack. Please come back when you get more cash." Stan said with a smile.

"Well that was rude," Haley snipped. Truthfully she was expecting Stan to scam her, but she had thought that at least he would have put some effort into it instead of just throwing her out. Believing that she had seen enough, Haley transformed into her dragon form and flew off. After flying around for a few minutes, mainly to cool her head, Haley found the house where her family is staying. Since this is temporary housing provided by the Dragon Council it already had some furniture and appliances provided.

"Welcome home Haley, dinner will be ready soon." Susan greeted after seeing her enter the door, but was taken back by Haley's sour mood.

"So how was your first day?" Sun asked.

"Did you make any new friends?" Susan asked her daughter.

Haley cringed as the memory of her encounters with Dipper, Pacifica, Mabel, and Stan flashed across her mind. "No way! Absolutely not!" Haley gagged. Leaving the two adults puzzled by the little girl attitude. "Mom I'm starting to think that this assignment is just a sick joke." Haley sighed as she sat at the table.

"Haley, being named a Dragon and given an assignment is a huge honor, especially for someone so young." Sun lectured.

"I know but, it just seems like I got a raw deal. I mean Jake gets to protect the city of New York. Me, I just get this backwater town in the middle of nowhere. Populated by a bunch of weirdos and freaks." Haley gripped.

"Haley dear, you just got here. Give it a chance. Maybe you'll find that this little backwater town can be just as great as New York." Susan smiled.

"Fine I'll give it a chance." Haley promised.

"Great now let's get some dinner. You have a busy day tomorrow. We going out into the woods to meet up with all the magical creatures that live here." Sun informed her.

"Now that I'm looking forward too," Haley said excitedly. After all no matter what sort of creatures she'll meet out there, they've got to be better than the humans she just met today.