For the next couple of days, the Pines family and the Long family searched frantically for a way to defeat Bill. Ford and Dipper went exploring the caverns where Ford first found the cave drawings of Bill hoping the ancients had a way of dealing with him, Mabel and Wendy were sent to the secret lair of the Blind Eye rummaging through people's memories, Soos worked with McGucket trying to rebuilt Ford's dimensional weapons, and the Long family searched through the magical archives to see what they can dig up. As for Stan himself, he's busy with Melody working in the Mystery Shack scamming tourists.

Now you're probably asking yourself, why is he doing that instead of helping? After all he's the center of all of this with Bill being in his noggin and all. That is part of the reason actually, since Bill is inside Stan's head there's a good chance that he'll learn everything that Stan knows. So it's for best if they kept him out of the loop otherwise Bill might find out what they are planning against him. If they ever come up with a plan that is.

"Arg! This is hopeless!" Dipper snapped. He and Ford have been translating the cave drawings for hours now and so far all they say is not to contact Bill and not to trust him. Things that they already know. Apparently since the ancient humans never summoned Bill to Earth they never had to deal with him. So they never needed a method on how to fight him. "Can't we just use the Zodiac on him?" Dipper suggested to his great uncle and idol.

"It won't work," Ford shaking his head. "Bill already knows about the Zodiac and I'm sure by now he's made his own counter measures to beat it. Also he's inside Stan's head and we need Stan cooperation to complete the Zodiac. And you know how that turned out the last time."

"You still blame him for Weirdmaggedon," Dipper speculated.

"You mean about him reopening the portal despite the fact that I warned him not to, which admittedly I can't really fault him for since he did it to save my life, but also refusing to help save the world because of some childish spat!" Ford ranted before calming down. "But no I don't blame him. After all I had just as much a part in it as he did, if not more." Ford sighed with regret. "Anyway let's get back to work," Ford instructed.

"Are you sure we'll find anything useful here?" Dipper wondered as he continued to search around the cavern.

"This is where I found the incantation to summon Bill in the first place. Surely there must be something here..." Ford paused examining a section of the wall.

"Is there something wrong?" Dipper asked.

"I can't be sure but I think there's something hidden here," Ford informed him. "Yes!" Ford exclaimed cleaning off a section of the wall revealing more symbols. "Dipper check my translations for these runes," Ford instructed.

"Runes?" Dipper echoed flipping through the new journal that Ford and Stan have been working on together. The front cover had Ford's trademark six fingered hand with Stan's crescent claw mark inside the palm along with the number 4 on it.

"Page 37," Ford informed him.

"Got it," Dipper turning the page. "Let's see, 'Bill Cipher untres mesoneis poma pancakes?' Uh, You must have Bill Cipher pancakes?" Dipper translated. "That can't be right?" Confused Dipper looked over the translation again. "Actually the fourth word is pronounce 'mesanois' a common mistake. But all in all not a bad translation." Dipper hearing a droopy voice behind him. Turning around quickly he spotted Trixie and Spud reading over his shoulder.

"So it reads 'Evoke this spell to banish Bill Cipher'," Spud corrected him.

"AHHH! You guys? What are you doing here?" Dipper demanded.

"Boy calm down. We're just here to help." Trixie claimed.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Dipper rejected. After Haley implying that they should kill Stan, he's not about to trust her or any of her friends for help.

"Now hold up there son," Ford holding his nephew back. "How did you know how to read these markings?" Ford asked curiously.

"Spud may not look like it, but my boy here is an IQ genius." Trixie explained. "Show him Spud."

"Oh look here," Spud lazily pointing to the translation page and comparing them to the writing on the wall. "You see you're using Celtic runes, these are obviously Skullbanian." Pointing at the discrepancies between what is on the wall and what is written in the book.

"Skullbanian, of course! How did I miss that." Ford slapping his head.

"Skullbanian?" Dipper crooked his eye. Skullbanian just sounds made up word to him.

"Skullbania is a world in another dimension, populated by fierce monsters and barbarians. I spent a few months there while dimension hopping. Nice place to visit if you're into the whole barren waste land scene and everything including the barbarians trying to kill you." Ford shuttered. Skullbania is one of the most frightening world he visited. He's still amazed that he survived it. "I should have noticed that," Ford admitting his mistake.

"Don't feel bad. Celtic and Skullbanian runes are very similar. Makes sense since they share history with each other." Spud continued.

"How is that possible?" Ford asked.

"Earth and Skullbania are connected, even more so now since the World Chain incident. Portals have been naturally opening between our worlds for centuries, and a few opened by wizards. So there have been more than a few cultural crossovers over the years." Spud said.

"Geez, I wish I had known that when I was there. I could have cut my trip a few decades short." Ford sighed. "So can you help us translate the rest of these inscriptions?"

"That's why we're here," Trixie agreed.

"Uncle Ford! You can't!" Dipper objected.

"Now Dipper, this is an excellent opportunity for us to expand our knowledge. Just think about how much we can learn from each other." Ford justified. His eyes sparkling at the prospect of learning new secrets.

"But Uncle Ford," Dipper pleaded but Ford ignored him as he compared his notes with Spud.

"Uncle Ford," Dipper now tugging on Ford's shirt. Still no response from his uncle.

"UNCLE FORD, THEY WANT TO KILL GRUNKLE STAN!" Dipper yelled at the top of his lungs. Bringing silence to the cavern, shocked by his sudden outburst.

"Look kid, I know you're going to find it hard to believe, especially after what Haley said, but we're the good guys. We'd never intentionally kill someone." Trixie defended.

"Well there was the Huntsclan. We did wish them out of existence." Spud recalled.

"Yeah but that was just that the one time..." Trixie tried to wave off.

"And that troll mom we turned into stone," Spud counting his fingers.

"I'm sure she's alright," Trixie trying to convince herself. Since she has seen that people who've been turned to stone can be changed back, she just assumed that it's the same for trolls can as well. Despite the fact that most references says that sunlight is deadly to trolls, and their stoning is irreversible.

"Then there's the Dark Dragon..."

"Hold up, Dark Dragon is still alive! He's just trapped in another dimension!" Trixie argued.

"Only because Councilor Chang revived him. It not for that he'd still be dead." Spud pointed out.

Well...Um...I mean..." Trixie sputtering trying to defend her position. "Okay maybe we have offed a few bad guys to save the world, but we only do that as a last resort!" She justifies. Dipper however is still unconvinced by her argument. Ford on the other hand...

"There you see, they can help us find a solution that doesn't involve hurting Stan. So can you please try to work with them and not give them too much trouble?" Ford smiled enthusiastically.

"Alright uncle Ford, I promise." Dipper sighed sadly, crossing his fingers. He recognized that look in Ford's eye. It's the look he gets when obsessing on his research or when playing Dungeons, Dungeons, and more Dungeons. Meaning that Stan's life and possibly the fate of the world is taking a back seat to studying the runes right now. That being said the only thing Dipper can do is assist his uncle and keep an eye on Trixie and Spud.

Meanwhile over at the museum. Mabel and Wendy where going through the memories that the Blind Eye have collected over the years,. "Ugh this is pointless!" Mabel screamed in frustration throwing a memory capsule across the room.

"I wouldn't say that. After all we're getting all sorts of dirt around town." Wendy snickered watching the memories of her friends. "Ha! I knew that Nate was into unicorns!" Wendy laughing at a memory of Nate collecting a bunch of unicorn figurines and then hiding them in a secret compartment under his bed when he heard his mom calling for him. "Although now that I know that unicorns are jerks it kind of makes them cool now," Wendy groaned over loosing an excellent blackmailing chip. "Eh whatever," Wendy casually tossing Nate's memory capsule aside.

"But we're no closer to saving Stan!" Mabel cried.

"Yeah I suppose it's a long shot that anyone would have any memory that can help," Wendy commented. "Especially since Ford is the only one who knows anything about Bill, and he disappeared before the Blind Eye was formed."

"Do you think that Dipper just gave us busy work?" Mabel asked fearfully. Getting an uncomfortable feeling in the bottom of her stomach, concerned that Dipper still has no confidence in her what so ever.

"What, no way! After all you're one half of the Mystery Twins." Wendy reassured her, but at the same time avoiding eye contact. Since the thought had crossed her mind as well, only unlike Mabel who wants to prove herself to her family, Wendy is perfectly fine being in the sidelines. "Besides during Weirdmageddon he told me himself that he can't do it without you. So I'm certain that he wouldn't send you on a fool's errand." Wendy reinforcing her stance.

"You're right," Mabel bucking up. Still feeling a bit queasy in her stomach from guilt that she's doubted her brother's intentions. That or the fact that she hadn't eaten since breakfast. "Hey Wendy?" Mabel rubbing her tummy.

"Alright let's get some eats," Wendy agreeing with Mabel's stomach.

After getting some food from the Greasy's Diner, they talked about some juicy gossip they found violating people's memories. That's when Wendy noticed something odd out the window. "Say isn't that your friend Haley?"

Mabel quickly looked out the window to see Haley and Majis walking out into the woods. "What is she up to?" Mabel muttered getting into detective mode.

"Let's find out," Wendy suggested figuring that this has got to be more fun that going through people's memories for information that most likely doesn't even exist.

After about a half hour they finally picked up on Haley's trail. This is due to the magical creatures of the forest hiding Haley's tracks in order to misdirect the duo. Only they underestimated Wendy's knowledge of the woods. "There's something familiar about this place," Mabel commented feeling something wrong in the air.

"What could she be looking for here?" Wendy wondered.

"A way to stop Bill Cipher," Haley's voice suddenly came from behind them. Wendy and Mabel quickly turned around to see Haley and Majis glaring at them. "The question is, what are you two doing here?"

"We here to find a way to stop Bill as well!" Mabel said in her brave face.

"Hmph somehow I doubt you guys will be of any help," Haley scoffed.

"Hey for your information, we took Bill out the first time!" Mabel boasted.

"Yeah we're bonafide heroes!" Wendy added.

"Oh really?" Haley snuffed. "Majis, show these two what we learned." Haley ordered. Majis pulls out a sack and started reciting a spell before tossing some blue dust over a section of the forest. Wendy and Mabel held their breaths as these ghostly images began to manifest.

"What is this?" Wendy demanded.

"Echoes in time. Revealing to us what happened in the past." Haley answered.

"Oh no," Mabel whispered as she recognized the two forms. One of them being her self and the other is Blendin Blandin!

There was no sound but they could all see the events unfolding. Ending with the shattering of this glass orb that caused the opening of the portal and the arrival of Bill Cipher and his brood.

"Mabel? Is this true?" Wendy choked as the vision faded. Unable to believe what she just saw. Mabel unsure of how to respond just stared blankly.

"Word of advice," Haley said breaking the silence. "Don't go around calling yourselves heroes for saving the world when you're the guys who put it in danger in the first place. It's insulting to 'real' heroes who spend their lives actually trying to protect the world." Haley preached.

"Now hold on here you little brat!" Wendy snapped grabbing Haley by the arms.

"Wendy don't," Mabel pleaded.

Ignoring her friend Wendy continued on. "Where do you get off mouthing off like that!? Okay sure Mabel is at fault here, but at least she's trying to help! Which is far more than what I've seen you doing!"

Haley calmly grabbed hold of Wendy's arm, then with one quick twist, flipped Wendy on to her back. Leaving her completely shocked that a little girl could easily toss her judo style. "Don't ever touch me again," Haley hissed. "I descend from a long line of guardians who've been preserving the magical balance! You think monsters here in Gravity Falls are dangerous?" Haley laughed. "They are nothing compared to the horrors I've seen. I encountered tooth fairies that not only steal the teeth right out of your mouths but also steal the money in your wallets! Faced off against demonic puppets that hypnotizes children into their mindless minions! And had to fight bunch of super rich super villains using their money to make genetically engineered monsters to take over the world!"

"Well good for you," Wendy said sarcastically as she picked herself up. "So what's a brave hero like yourself doing here?"

"I was sent here to protect the magical creatures. Especially from a 'certain family' that have been harassing them for years." Haley shot an accusing glare at Mabel.

"Hey, Dipper has only been harassing them for only a year!" Wendy defended.

"Unless you also count all the monsters uncle Ford caught thirty years ago," Mabel pointed out.

"Mabel I'm trying to help you here but you got to work with me," Wendy whispered to her friend.

"Sorry," Mabel apologized. "Haley, we both want the same thing but I don't want anything bad to happen to Grunkle Stan." Mabel pleaded.

"Look I get it, it's your town and your family at stake here. But protecting this world is my responsibility. And I'm not willing to risk the fate of the world for just one person." Haley countered.

"But can't we work together to find a solution that doesn't include hurting Stan?" Mabel proposed.

"That's why I'm here," Haley said softly. "But if you really want to help, you must be willing to make a sacrifice if necessary." Haley warned.

"I know," Mabel said with determination. Crossing her fingers behind her back.

Over at the Northwest garage. Shortly after purchasing the Northwest mansion, McGucket turned the garage into his private workshop to continue with his inventions. It is here that Soos and McGucket were working on a Ford's old dimensional gun. "Say you know what'll give this baby some real fire power, if we added rocket launchers." Soos suggested holding up a pair of rockets he found in a section of the garage with a sign that said rejected ideas.

"I don't know," McGucket hesitated. "This device is already unstable as it is. Adding explosives might be too dangerous."

"But it will be so cool," Soos tempted him.

"You've convince me," McGucket laughed taking the rockets out of Soos's hands. The two began installing four rockets to the sides of the dimension gun. Then after a quick game of rock, paper, scissors; McGucket won the honor of trying out the gun first. With Soos was crossing his fingers, praying that this will work and look cool, and that it won't kill them. Aiming the gun at one of Preston's cars that they, as of yet cannibalized for parts, McGucket slowly pulled the trigger. All the rockets launched at the car, but since they weren't equipped with any guidance system, they began flying wildly around the garage! One blew up McGucket's workbench, a second one destroyed the trash bin, third surprisingly actually hit the car he was aiming at, and the last was heading straight for Soos and McGucket!

The two men screamed in terror as the explosion knocked them clear across the garage! Battered and dazed, but relatively unharmed, the two men managed to pick themselves up. "Whoa that WAS AWESOME!" Soos cheered.

"LET'S DO IT AGAIN!" McGucket laughed, but their merriment was cut short when they saw that the dimension gun was destroyed.

"Oh boy Mr. Pines isn't going to be happy about this," Soos whimpered. He really hates letting the Pines family down.

"Eh, it wouldn't have worked anyway," McGucket tried to console him. Earlier McGucket double checked Ford's math and noticed a discrepancy. However due to his brain being scrambled, he's not really sure what is wrong or why he knows that. The only thing he certain of is that he's right and Ford is wrong; or he's still completely insane. He's still not sure which. "Who said that?" McGucket hearing a voice calling him crazy. Unaware that this is his own self-doubt talking.

"Then we better make sure that this thing works," Soos declared. Refusing to disappoint Stan Pines in his hour of need.

"Great," McGucket agreed pulling out a blueprint from inside his beard. "And it just so happens that I might have something that will work better."

"Can we add MP8 player?" Soos asked looking at the designs for a new and even bigger dimension gun.

"I'd be crazy if we didn't," McGucket encouraged him. The two immediately began work on the new weapon.

Inside the Long residence, Jake, Lao Shi, Sun, and Fu Dog were online on their Magi-mobiles researching dimensional dream demons. "Guys, I think I got something here!" Fu Dog said. Fu Dog showed them all the site he was at depicting demons called Vatheks who enter different worlds by getting the inhabitants to write about them; as well as the spell to banish them back to their own dimension.

"I don't know Fu, from what we've heard, this Bill character doesn't sound like a Vathek." Jake said skeptically.

"But we also don't know if he isn't one," Lao Shi counseled.

"Not to mention that this banishment spell might still work on him even if he isn't Vathek," Sun added in.

"Great I'll just file it under maybe with the others," Fu Dog said bookmarking it just in case. This is the 11th site that they've tag. Keeping their fingers crossed they continued searching, hoping they find something more concrete in dealing with Bill Cipher soon.