The Rejection Letter

Minerva McGonagall had sent out the letters for new Hogwarts first years a few days ago, and had gotten some replies already. She was wholly unprepared for the contents of one of them, however.

To whom it may concern:

My name is NOT Heather Potter, it's Heather Cahor, and if you people actually think I'm coming to Hogwarts, you're out of your collective minds. I'm already being tutored for my magical abilities- which, by the way, have all been unblocked, since a certain senile old goat decided he'd be better able to control me if half my magic and all my natural abilities were blocked. So I don't NEED Hogwarts, which is ranked the worst school of magic in the world anyways.

As for Albus Dumbledore- I'm happy to report that all your plans to control me have utterly failed. My birth mother's adoptive sister and her rotten family are in pieces due to the fact they attempted to murder me one time too many, and I'm being raised in a loving household by people who actually treat me like a child instead of a freaky slave. Since I've learned that you were plotting to hand me to Voldemort on a silver platter due to a fake prophecy given by a known drug addict, I decided to take fate into my own hands, and freed myself from your manipulations. Good luck taking down Voldemort if he returns- I don't want anything to do with your petty blood war. And it's really your fault Voldemort became a Dark Lord anyways, so it's only fitting that he'll probably kill you off.

Since my family and I have ensured you'll never find us, I leave you with these words: Go screw yourself, Albus Too-Many-Freaking-Middle-Names Dumbledore.


Heather Cahor

There was a picture of a hand with the middle finger extended at the bottom of the letter. Minerva promptly went up to Dumbledore's office, and slapped the letter on his desk, saying, "Read that." Then she turned and left.

She was the only unsurprised person when Madam Pomfrey announced the next day that Dumbledore had died from a heart attack.

I felt like getting rid of Dumbledore today, so that's where this drabble came from. R&R please!