It was a beautiful day outside birds singing, sun shining on days like this it was going to be great da-


"OH GOD, Jaune are you ok!?"

"Nora what did you do!"


Well, that lasted longer than last time, well let's see what happened shall we.

In Dust 101 all that anyone could see was a pinkish smoke filling the room. Students had evacuated due to the smoke being dust curtsey of a certain pink bubbly bomber, who is now sleeping on her childhood friend's back like a sloth, not even a few minutes after blowing up the class…again.

Meanwhile, Pyrrha looked to be having a panic attack because her crush/leader was not with them, so he could only be in one place and that would be the room full of dangerous dust that Nora randomly mixed up. Then she thought of something who gave her the dust?

"Nora what were you this-." The spartan tried to question Nora but as she turned she saw no sign of the pink bomber which caused her heart rate to skyrocket but the only thing that went through her mind was if her leader was OK.

Was he hurt, unconscious or was he NO! She couldn't think that he's had worse, like the time when Nora launched him all the way to Vale with Manghild, or when Yang sent him through walls after he got something in her hair, whatever it was since it burned off from her semblance.

Then as she was thinking about Jaune's bad luck she was pulled from those thoughts when she saw the door to the room, wide open and clear of dust. 'At least the dust is gone.' She thought before running in to make sure Nora doesn't make whatever situation Jaune's in worse than he is.

"Fearless leader where are you!?"

Nora was currently looking through the pile of rubble that was once where Jaune was standing. She didn't know why everyone was so worried about Jaune; this is what the third fourth time he's been blown up like this, and since Renny bear was knocked out after she was on his back for some reason so the only thing she could think to do was dig so that she did!

"Jaune~ are you under here?" She said lifting a desk over her head but not seeing him, so threw it shattering it against a wall.




She turned to look at an angry Pyrrha with an unconscious Ren over her shoulder. She looked calm, but Nora missed the slight twitch in her eye that just read she was close to snapping.

"Nora I have two questions for you." She said calmly. "First, where's Jaune?" She said holding up one finger. "Second, why was Ren unconscious in the hall when I found him?" She said adding another finger.

She waited for Nora to answer and watched as the bomber went into deep thought before answering both of her questions

"I don't know."

That was the final straw. Her mind couldn't handle all the stress so Pyrrha's mind shut down completely so no permanent damage could be done. As that happens Nora watched as Pyrrha dropped Ren to the floor then collapsing herself.

Nora decided to go back to look, but as she was about to start looking again team RWBY entered through a hole in the wall.

"Wow, what happened here?" Yang announced as she looked at the destruction caused to the room.

Oh! Hi guys, hey can you help me look for Jaune-Jaune he's somewhere in here?"

They didn't even hesitate since this is a normal thing Nora did. She would blow something up, they dig up Jaune, rinse, repeat. Even Weiss helped them look for Jaune which shocked everyone at first and caused Yang to start teasing her.

They under piles of desks and equipment that was destroyed but found nothing. They thought he may not even be in the room. 'Maybe he was thrown outside from the explosion' Yang suggested. Then after she looked through everything the only thing found was Crocea Mors which was under a pile of broken desks and chairs.

"Looks like Jaune really went out with a Yang hehe." As she laughed at her pun everyone just groaned at another one of her terrible puns. They still wonder and question why she tries when no one's going to laugh at them.


Everyone froze, except Ren and Pyrrha who are still unconscious.

"Di-did someone actually laugh?" Ruby said in shock trying to understand who thought that was funny. Meanwhile, Yang was in shock thoughts running through her mind tiring to figure out who finally understood her comedic genius! She turned to her kitty teammate for answers.

"Blake who wa-"

She was cut off as Blake covered her mouth so she could hear better. Whoever it was the sound was faint. Then she heard some shuffling coming from the other side of the room near the entrance. She broke into a sprint toward the noise then jumped over a broken desk grabbing whoever it was.

"Ahhh, let me go!" She looked down and saw a small child in her arms but what caught her attention was the blond hair, blue eyes, and school uniform the child was wearing. She could only think of one answer.


The kid's eyes widen in fear. "H-how do you know my name, who are you!?"

Yang walked over to see the child in Blake's arms.

"Hey, Blakey what…you…find?"

They all caught up to see who Blake caught, even Pyrrha and Ren who woke up, but they didn't expect her to be holding a small child.

"Uh, Blake who's the little girl?" Weiss asked completely confused about where and how a child got into a school of warriors.

"Uh..." She was stuck how is she supposed to say she found Jaune who is now currently a child.

'Screw it.'

"It's Jaune." She said holding him in front of everyone. They froze looking at the small child that is currently shaking in fear while in the cat faunus arms.

"Please don't hurt me."

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