Way up North, above the frozen tundra, through wild herds of lemmings, and past the New York State Thruway lies a forgotten place called Northern New York. 'Forgotten?' you may ask. Think of New York. Not the state as a whole, but deeper. When you hear New York what do you see? Times Square? Bright lights? Skyscrapers? Thus the inhabitants of Northern New York live in a forgotten place.

In this place of little mention lived someone...mysterious. One night while experimenting on something that usually was only thought to haunt the dreams of small children, something unnatural was created. Through many genetic mutations, they were able to change it and make it only obey them. This thing was brought to Hogwarts. This is the story of that strange and unnatural thing which will not be fully revealed to you until the bitter end of the story. Muahahahaha!!!