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One by one, the six students left the hospital wing and gathered outside of the door.

After thy had all met outside, Harry asked, "So, does anyone remember where the room was?" He looked around at two blanks faces, two troubled faces and one smug one.

"Potter's brilliant plan has a flaw?" The smug face sneered.

"Alright then, Malfoy. Show us the way to the room," Hermione said, exasperated.

Draco flushed visibly, even in the dark of the corridor. He glared and replied, "That's Potter's job."

"Harry...wasn't the room on the floor above Moaning Myrtle's bathroom?" Ron asked after a pause.

Harry thought for a moment. "Yeah....yeah it was! We heard her sobbing over something on the way up!"

"What are we waiting for, then?" Ron grinned, "Let's go!"

Though there was some doubt and a dull grunt or two, the group headed off. They, surprisingly, only got lost once and found the room within fifteen minutes.

Upon reaching the door, Hermione asked, "So...what now?"

"Honestly, Granger! We go in! And we all thought you were smart...," Draco sneered.

Hermione glared back at him. "Shut up, Malfoy," She turned and addressed Harry and Ron. "Do we go in?"

Harry nodded and turned the doorknob.

Slowly all six filed into the room. It was the same as usual. One window. A few boxes. Nothing else.

Suddenly the boxes began to rattle. The six turned apprehensively toward the boxes and waited for...whatever...to happen.

A few tense seconds later, a person tripped out from behind the boxes.

"Who are you?" Harry asked as everyone else crowded behind him.

"I'm vague and evil!"

Harry looked puzzled. "What...?"

The person looked around the room. "Does the word...watermelon mean anything to you?"

"...Should it?" Harry was utterly confused now, and the rest were no better off. "Is there anyone else here?" He asked after a pause.

The person smiled. "Only me...and the Ploggart..."