Some Months Later

"Hey where do you want to put the waffle maker?"

Weiss blinked distracted from her own task of arranging pillows on the couch and paused to think. Then she frowned and turned back to Yang, confused.

"We don't have a waffle maker."

"We don't have a waffle maker!" Yang repeated with an incredulous grin. "Weiss, we need to go get a waffle maker immediately."

Weiss let out a loud sigh and looked around for some sort of help. Taiyang just gave her a sympathetic shrug and continued to carry one of the heavier boxes for them.

"She's your problem now. No take-backs."

Yang stuck out her tongue at her father before turning back to her new roommate. New roommate. Weiss considered the thought again for the umpteenth time. Yeah that was going to take some getting used to.

At this point, Weiss was getting to her life changing quickly. At least this time, the decision had been hers.

After that final meeting with her father, life had returned to normal for her. Well relatively anyway. There had been that day Nora had gotten Pyrrha's head stuck in the mop bucket. Not her own head no, Pyrrha's...

But then two weeks later, Weiss had gotten a letter from the family lawyers. At first, she had assumed the worst, but it had only been a formalising of what had already been done. However, on closer inspection, the two sisters had come across something rather interesting. They both technically had stock in their name. Not a lot.

Well relatively anyway.

It wasn't live the rest of your life money, but it was a considerable boost for them. Twenty thousand Lien each. It was enough to give her pause and make Weiss consider the question her father had asked of her. What did she intend to do with her future?

So, she had talked to Winter, talked to Ruby and anyone who would listen really before eventually Blake had gotten exasperated and pointed her to her universities open day. Weiss had gone, and Yang had tagged along with nothing better to do that day.

It has been an enlightening experience. She had attended some of the lectures, talked with the professors and seen what the school had to offer. Some of the other students had been there and Weiss had learned about the social side of university from them.

In the end, her choice had been unsurprising. Business, because, despite what she had said to her father and the contract she signed, Weiss didn't intend to let father end her family name. He hadn't been the start of it after all and if her grandfather could start a company from the ground up why couldn't she? But of course, that was still a long way off.

No, her choice to study business wasn't surprising really. If she had thought about it, no doubt she would have saved some time and just gone straight to it. What had been surprising is Yang's asking if she could do it with her.

She too like Weiss, had been thinking of her future. She didn't want to stay in Vale forever and felt like she had stalled a little. When all her friends moved up, she didn't want to be left behind. Besides, Yang had been doing a lot of the front facing business for a while now, if she could formalise and network, she could start her own. Ice Cream parlours were hardly long-term investments after all.

Sighing, Weiss none the less smiled at her new flat mate. This was going to get some me getting used to.

"Let's just unpack what we have and then we can find out what we need? Now go and get some more boxes."

Yang gave a mock salute but ran off down the corridor towards the stairs. Weiss rubbed her forehead, but it was out of habit than an actual feeling. She was excited even if she was going to miss living with her sister.

"Which ones our room?"

Weiss turned around to her girlfriend. Ruby grinned at her holding a box marked pillows waiting for a response. Weiss just raised her eyebrow, deliberating her teasing.

"Our room?" she asked, in mock question. "Aren't you the one who signed a lease with 5 other women?"

Ruby pouted, silver eyes glistening brightly in the light. Weiss was kind of impressed at how she was able to do it.

"But Weiss," she said. "I signed that before you were talking about this. You know I would rather stay with you..."

Weiss softened her teasing but kept the smile. It wasn't like Ruby was really all that upset. They had done this routine back and forth a few times since Weiss had started making plans to move in with Yang.

Personally, she believed that this was good for them, for a time anyway. It kept them busier and have them more visits to their separate towns. Ruby liked her room mates and it provided them both with new experiences. Besides there was always next year.

"Ours is the big room," she conceded much to Ruby's glee.

"Sweet what did you challenge Yang to get that?"

"I didn't challenge her-" it had been Yang's idea. "-we simply agreed that I would have more need of it." She became almost defensive. "They're almost the same size..."

They weren't but Yang's room was more than adequate, and she claimed she would be in the lounge more often or not. Weiss had kept most her windfall separate, theorising that it would be used more effectively once she was finished with her studies.

But she wasn't going to make things harder for Yang or herself than it needed to be. A little had been set aside for their apartment after their first viewing had been little more than a cupboard with portholes rather than windows. They had taken one look at the place and Weiss had declared she was upping the budget.

Weiss smiled and took Ruby's hand, taking her over to show off her room. Outside she caught s glance of Yang and Tai coming back with more boxes and decided to leave them too it. It was mostly because she didn't want to carry rather than them looking done.

They had gotten lucky with this place. It was still cosy but meant in a way that wasn't just small. Already she liked it. In Atlas it had been her father's house. In Vale, it had been Winters apartment. This was hers.

She was still going to work at Beacon, for a little while longer. If Pyrrha and Blake could be students and work, there was no reason she shouldn't too. Still she knew she would likely be doing less hours and she would definitely see Winter less. She and Qrow were planning to use their windfall to go on holiday but when they returned it would be strange to be apart again.

In some ways, Weiss felt like a part of her life was over. The last tie to Atlas was severed but this felt different when she had first left it. There wasn't a deep melancholy or a desire to do nothing until Winter forced her to get a job.

No, this feeling was more exciting. Maybe this was more the end of the beginning than a finale she mused. Then she snorted to herself. It seemed she was still pretentious. She looked down at Ruby fondly. Her girlfriend was lying on the bed and praising much bigger it was before moving onto to all the new student nights they could go to or how funny Weiss would look after a UV party.

Whatever happened next though, Weiss was sure she of one thing.

She couldn't wait.