Title: Life, Newspaper and Basketball

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Authors Note: Hello there pips! this is my first attempt of a RuHaru fic. there's just so little of them out there...tsk, so depressing...I don't know how I'm going to pull this fic off, since I'm no writer...I'm majoring in ECONOMICS for gawds sake and I'm doing this?! I'm suppose to be doing a fan-fiction that includes math, eco, business...blah.... blah...blah....(authors gone haywire...)

**by the way, this is an AU fic. Rukawa is nicer, I mean NICER! And he's social, heck, he's even a journalist! At the top of all the good things...ya know what I'm saying?


What a week it has been. She got lost that first day of classes, having forgotten her university map. Not that she would use it, anyway. That's just too undignified, even for a freshman. Still, she could've hidden in the last cubicle of the comfort room, the one at Takehiko's Hall where hardly anyone goes to when nature calls, and finally peep out of that map. She was early that day. Determined not to get lost again, she stashed the map deep inside her pack and went on her way.

"Sooo, where's the auditorium?(Oooh, I wished we were given maps for each building too!) This just swell..."

Now everybody would see her asking the guards for direction. After finally finding the room for her next class, she quietly took a peep inside, wondering if she's late...

"Hey! How come I'm the only freshman here? Oh no, this is not an advance class, is it? It is!"

//I'm sneaking out, I'm not attending this one. Ho, I'm dropping this one!!//

Hours later...

"English I: OVCRD AUDI...WHAT?!! Where the hell is that?!!//time to bring out the map//...Oh no, please not there...maybe I should check again. Ugh, I'm going to need wheels on my shoes to get there on time! Darn it, I'm gone be late!"

And fifteen minutes late she was. She didn't need a mirror to know the color was gone from her face...

"There's an exam already???"

The Professor's lips were so thin as she asked for a questionnaire and an answer sheet. She repeated the instructions to her as loudly as she would have had been addressing the whole class. Not unexpectedly, she was the last to finish. Indeed, some week it's been. Oh, but there's more...

Her name is Haruko Akagi, and she's a freshman at the state's premiere university: The Shohoku University. Among her frustrations, aside from the "miniaturization" of the campus is that she's majoring in the subject she had little interest in- History. Which leads her other frustration: her archenemy from high school is majoring in the subject she had always love- English. His name, Kaede Rukawa. HE beat her into 1st place of the class. HE gave the valedictory speech. He led the graduating class to the school hymn. He followed her to Shohoku and now He got a place in the University news paper and SHE doesn't.

"Haruko-san, wait up!"

//That voice. That arrogant, pompous, overbearing voice. Assuming any one will tag along with his command. Well, over may decomposing, virginal, dead body!!// Haruko thought.

"Yes, Rukawa-kun?" //so much for conviction...//

"Did you hear? I got in the paper!"

//Big deal.// Haruko thought flatly.

Truth is, she was just about to die when she found out he got in and she didn't. She was just about to wring his neck and tell the editors he won't be able to write for them coz of an accident and he especially requested Haruko to take his place. She was just about to show up in the news paper office and demand why they picked him instead of her before burning the office to ashes.

//So what? Big Deal.//

"Really? Well...you deserve it."

//like a mouse deserves a stale cheese. Like a high school dropout deserves a spanking new car as a gift from his parents.//

"Thanks. but I really think you're way better than me"

//And he mustn't forget it. I'm better than him in English. I'm better than him at research, and I'm better than him at writing!//

"Nah, you're the best for the job. Good luck, Rukawa-kun. If you'll need some help, I'm just around."

//Yeah, and I could take him up on the job any day. I'm much more hard worker than him, anyway. I hope they found out soon how much you suck!//

"Yeah, I'll need all the help I can get. See you!" Then Rukawa left.

//Help you? See you? I'd rather have my teeth grilled!//

"Take care." she waved off.

//Watch out for the car, I need it to mangle your body, not just sprain it. And I certainly hope that horde of juvenile college girls who are not subtly stalking you around, will tie you up and lock you in their dungeons!!//

She looks back to her conversation with Rukawa.

"Oh well, I'll just have to beat him with something else. I'll bet, with his oh-so-thin body, he can't play basketball. Sure he got some heights but no way can he play!"

Haruko had always been fascinated with basketball. Her brother is the team captain of the Shohoku basketball team. He had managed to put Haruko on the team as an assistant to Ayako. Convincing herself, she made her way to the school gym (which seems to be the only place that she didn't get lost) to watch the try-out and help out Ayako, the basketball team manageress, with the chores...


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Like what I've said earlier, this is an AU fic! Haruko has a MAP because the school is huge! I based it on our country's biggest school. And yep, Rukawa is a goody-goody.

...what? Okay, I know, its weird. but I want to try something else...something people wont expect! Its something I've learned with my creative writing subject! (yeah ryt!)

...btw, all "//" are thoughts of Haruko...(she does have a lot of conversation with herself, dont you think?)^^