Arc of the Revolution

Prologue: Viva la Revolucion – A Glimpse into the Future

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"Failure: Omission of occurence or performance; specifically: a failing to perform a duty or expected action."

Adam Taurus of the New Fang stepped forward, sword dripping with blood, and smile adorning his face.

It was over. They had won.

From the look on Ozpin's normally impassive face, Beacon... no, Remnant knew it too.

The Revolution had succeeded!

Vale's Council Citadel had been besieged and taken not too long ago, the cowardly councilmen escaping via bullhead through secret exits. The Valean anti-air defenses at its walls were now being manned by those loyal to the Fang, keeping Atlas' formidable fleet at bay. The CCT, and by extension, every Atlesian Combat Robot within the city were theirs to command.

The New Fang had accomplished more in the past year than every accomplishment since its conception, back when it was known as the White Fang, and with minimal casualties, on both sides!

Ceding his position as leader to him had been the best move he had ever made in his life. He had managed to turn the White Fang from a terrorist group into a band of heroes near overnight. He had dealt more damage to the Schnee than mere train hijackings and dust theft could do. He had managed to win the hearts and minds of Valeans everywhere, his message of equality and dignity inspiring man and faunus alike.

Beacon was the last obstacle, the last test.

And now, Beacon was all but defeated. Before the Hunters knew the Fang held the CCT, they were able to fake distress calls in Vale and capture a significant number of hunters before the battle had even begun. Hacking into the Academy's network, they were able to launch students' weapon lockers away, leaving yet another portion of Hunters unarmed and easier to subdue, and this was before they sabotaged the food, dust and electricity.

Infiltrating Beacon through passages and pathways opened by hunters, humans and faunus sympathetic to the cause, the New Fang were able to catch the hunters unawares. The Fang had systematically, and non-lethally (Aura had made non-lethal a hell of a lot easier to do.) wiped out the remains of the Valean Army and Beacon's Hunters. All that remained were small pockets of resistance, slowly being chipped away.

With minimal damage to the castle, Beacon was theirs!

The New Fang High Command had clawed their way up Ozpin's Tower; where Ozpin, the blonde witch, a scruffy looking hunter with a sword-scythe, and Blake's Team had attempted to resist them one last time.

This time, it was the Hunters who faltered. Unlike the past, it was not the red of fury Adam saw, but the future... or maybe that was the present, where man and faunus would take up weapons and stand against the darkness together.

There was no more gunfire screaming from outside the building, all anyone could hear, Faunus-hearing or not was cheering. Both Faunus and Human were cheering on them, what was once a lowly terrorist group to succeed.

That vision of the future gave him and his comrades strength beyond their imaginations.

Blades had clashed, and bullets had flown; the light of the soul was called forth, and shaped into semblances by power of will. And then it was over. The remaining hunters were down, aura in the red, but most still conscious, a feat of endurance in itself.

"You'll never win, Adam."

Adam knelt by her, and smiled, a calm genuine smile he never imagined he'd be able to give.

Blake was sprawled on the ground, Gambol Shroud broken; but clinging to consciousness with every bit of will she had left. She'd had but semesters of training, and here she was, already a fine huntress.

"I know. I've lost." He replied.

Blake's eyes widened.

"You were right, Blake, about everything. I was the one who was wrong." Adam said.

"There was never a difference between Faunus and Humans. The goal of the White Fang was equality, and we always were equal; it was just the times that thought otherwise. We simply had to change the times, to challenge beliefs and prejudices as well as the constructs that promoted them."

Adam had removed his mask and for the first time in a while, looked Blake face to face.

"We were wrong to direct our hate and our weapons towards humanity when they were never the enemy. We just had to let our voices truly reach their hearts, Blake. You were right, and I'm sorry. Our victory here merely proves you right."

Adam knew it. His path of violence had never given them anything but hate, while it was Blake's hopes for the Old White Fang that had granted them this victory.

"We'll atone, Blake. I swear, for every life that we'd ended."

Despite the situation, the corners of Blake's mouth had twitched upwards. Adam had sworn he'd seen light return to her eyes before they eyes had closed. She was out cold. Adam stood up. He had made the New Fang High Command, his comrades, his friends, wait long enough.

Adam, and, well, most of the White Fang had given up hope that they would ever get this far, that obtaining equality without bloodshed was nothing more than a stupid dream. Granted, even when he took command, they still had to resort to violence usually, but without blood? Mostly, yes, and that was more than good enough for someone as bloodstained like him.

It was not over yet, however. The Fang Cause had spread rapidly, and while they had finally taken a Kingdom with a supportive and happy populace, they were not without challenges.

The SDC in Atlas tightened their grip on their faunus slave labor, while the Cause spread, as well as amassing large forces to deal with them. While taking control over the Atlesian Robots within Vale was possible with months of prep, chances are, they wouldn't be able to do that again. Ironwood's Fleet was hovering right outside, receiving reinforcements in both ships and soldiers by the week. They would need to make their move very soon.

Mistral, being a kingdom of bloody pragmatic opportunists, was content to wait for now, but on the other hand, they had gained a lot of support in Vacuo, but given its diversity, also expected strong opposition. The whole Kingdom was a powder keg just waiting to go off and explode into a bloody war. They had to defuse this, but much like the others, Adam had faith that their Glorious Leader would manage to stop this.

Plenty of challenges awaited the Fang, but today? Today at least, was a victory they hadn't even dreamed was possible.

Adam turned to him, the man, no, hero, who had made it all possible. He who held the undying loyalty, and the myriad hopes and dreams of hunters, faunus, terrorists, criminals, and civilians alike. The Supreme Commander and Glorious Leader of the New Fang. Throat dry, Adam spoke.

"Jaune, we did it."

Looking into Jaune's clear, pensive sky-blue eyes; not for the first time, Adam wondered what The Commander was thinking. Now contrary to what Adam and the rest of Jaune's comrades believed, he was not thinking of wise words to impart, nor savoring the elation of victory, nor was he already preparing some cunning stratagem that would allow them to once again pull the rug under the Kingdoms. For his heart and mind, save for his mouth, were echoing one thing, and one thing only.

"Goddamn fucking piece of fucking shit FUCK fuck FUUUCK, This was NOT what I had in mind when I said I wanted to go to Beacon!"

"Cinder, what do we do now?" Mercury Black asked.

She had made a mistake.

She had underestimated him far too much.

Yes, as a hunter he was nothing of note, pathetic even, but as a tactician, manager, and leader?

She had noticed him early on: his early subversions of the more moderate members of the White Fang, his gaining the support of other neutral parties in Vale, his plotting and scheming with certain hunters.

Noticed him and had done nothing, believing that Ozpin, Ironwood and the combined strength of two kingdoms were the greater threat.

Besides, for the most part, she had actually thought Jaune Arc useful, as someone who was content to serve the White Fang as long as they reined in their violent tendencies, and as such, stopped drawing attention to her operations. He had even managed to throw some hunters and the Vale Police Department off the White Fang's, and more importantly, her trail. Best of all, she thought, was that he was someone easy enough to intimidate and cow away should push come to shove.

In hindsight, it was little wonder a majority of the Fang decided that Jaune Arc, Hero, Peacemaker and Tactical Genius was a more useful human to ally with than the, quote "Flaming Bitch who managed to kill off our brothers and sisters in a train that didn't even breach Vale." Unquote. Probably didn't also help that the faunus on the train were the more violent, radical, and outspoken members of the White Fang either.

Still, even now, Arc and his New Fang were proving themselves useful. With the New Fang actually taking down Ozpin and Beacon, all eyes were on him; investigations on the Queen forgotten as of the moment. Jaune Arc was a shield, a wall, a bulwark, but for now, he was hers.

Arc had also managed to gain the support of both humans and faunus in his endeavor as well. Within the Fang, he had the moderates, with Adam's support, he swayed the neutrals. The radicals had either joined the New Fang begrudgingly or had fled to their respective leaders who now answered to her.

Just a few moves, Arc's death at the hands of the oh so evil humans, a few placating, rousing words and the neutrals and some moderates were as good as hers. Given the strong support by the humans of Vale, there were also significant chances of them siding with the Fang as well.

Vale, Beacon, the New Fang were hers, Arc simply needed to die, and Ironwood's convenient forces upon Vale's doorstep seemed eager to please.

Still, at the same time, she stood to gain a lot less should Arc and the White Fang fall against Atlas. Given that Arc was likely to spare Ozpin as he had done with the others, the Vale Council would simply be able to reinstate itself within a fortnight should Ironwood succeed.

She had several options. She was confident she could kill Arc at her leisure, but the question was, when?

Kill him now before Ironwood makes his move? Ensuring the defeat of the New Fang but also chaining Vale under the control of Atlas? Ironwood knows the Queen exists, and with the Fang gone, she'd have little in the way of support should, no, when the Tinman and his allies go after her.

Assist Arc to triumph over Ironwood? Faunus Revolutions would spring up all over Remnant like the plague. She'd easily be able to claw her way to a position of authority in the chaos as she'd done many, many times before, but she was well aware Adam was out for her blood. Strengthening the Fang might also mean digging her grave.

At best, Arc would die, and the New Fang and Atlas would exhaust themselves fighting each other, leaving her to pick up the pieces.

And then there was the worst possible scenario. Nothing happening. Arc and Ironwood sitting down and opening negotiations. The New Fang and its near-bloodless revolution had the support and approval of a significant amount (the news was ambiguous over whether it was the majority and not a significant minority) of all of Vale's population. With Beacon and its staff hostage, it was not impossible nor improbable for Arc and Ironwood to talk peace. A legitimate New Fang would rob her not only of a fanatical, idiotic, cheap source of manpower, but would also mean order and security for Vale. This she could not allow.

"Let's see if we can keep some fires burning" the Queen finally said, smirk gracing her lips, "Let us watch and see if our goose has a few more golden eggs to lay."

Prologue End.

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