Endless Nights

Chapter 24

Nephrite caressed his palm down over the small of my back and with his other hand, he gently pulled at the plug. It came out more easily then it had gone in. The sensation as it pulled free was edgy, a mixture of pleasure and pain that took my breath. Leaving me panting for a few moments, as I gathered my composure. He rubbed his hand over my behind, his strong fingers caressing the cheeks, soothing away any lingering discomfort. Then he lifted me, standing easily as I straddled his waist. Holding me firmly around the butt as he turned and deposited me back onto the couch.

The couch had substantial depth as I easily fit, facing at an angle toward the back and the front armrest. My knees still remained upon the cushions as Neph positioned me. Pushing my head down gently so that I thrust my ass into the air.

The vulnerability of such a bold, wanton position excited me. I was on display before them, much like a decadent meal. I couldn't see them, or gauge their expressions or even prepare myself for what was to come next. That unknown sensual future only heightened my excitement.

So that when Endymion slid his hands over my waist, I was startled and arched my back in response.

He chuckled softly as he spread my cheeks so that I was completely exposed to him.

"I want you to pleasure yourself, Usako." He instructed. "Use your finger's upon her clit. It will help you relax, as I penetrate you. "

I nodded.

"But do not come...not yet." he commanded. Slapping my ass playfully.

I turned my head, to rest my cheek against the cushion. Sharing a knowing smile with Jed, who had was now lounging in the armchair, Endymion had vacated. He had already taken me, rough and hard. Preparing me for this evening, to endure a more intense session with all five of them. I didn't know if our evening together had been part of my grooming, sanctioned by Endymion? Jed was a rather rash and impetuous man. He would do as he pleased on many occasions without anyones approval.

I reached up, pressing my hand to my belly and then slid it downwards, over the apex of my legs and then delved my fingers into the folds of my womanhood. I found the tight bundle of flesh already throbbing for attention. I sighed quietly and stroked myself, enjoying the gentle, pleasures that coursed through me. As I anticipated the moment that Endymion would push inside me.

When the blunt head of his cock first pressed against my opening, I moaned and shifted my hips restlessly, eager to have him deep within me.

He rubbed his phallus up and down the cleft of my ass. Exciting me every time it caressed over my opening. Aided my the lubricant Zoi had applied earlier, his cock teased me effortlessly. Satisfied that Zoi had used enough to ease his entry. Endy began to push against the tight resistance, forcing me to open under his relentless invasion.

I put more pressure on my clit, rubbing in a tight, circular motion. Finding just the right amount of pressure I needed. The act of pleasuring myself only made me hunger for his entry even more. I was shivering, desperate for it.

Thankfully, he didn't just ram himself inside me. I was grateful for his patience and slow, steady pressure into my body. He kept pushing forward, opening me gently, until finally the head of his phallus was inside.

"Ah, Usako. You are so tight," he groaned. "You feel so good..." Inch, by delicious inch he pushed his cock into my ass. Until finally I felt the weight of his balls against my core and I knew he was all the way in.

I felt impossibly stretched. The burning sensation was decadent, the plug had trained me to endure it, find pleasure in it. I felt I was indulging in the most forbidden of pleasures and yet I knew this was only the beginning. They had made promises...promises I was desperate for.

I paused my fingers, needing to stop stroking myself. I was to close. I knew if I continued I would send myself over the edge and into that blissful pleasure. I did not want this to be over so soon...my king told me not too...

Endymion withdrew, pulling slowly out and the sensation of his retreat sent me to trembling. I panted softly, willing myself not to come. He didn't fully pull out, leaving the head of his phallus inside. He paused then pushed forward again, thrusting a little harder, a little faster. I gasped and arched my back, throwing my head back. As he began a sensual pattern, gradually increasing his speed and force until we were moving back and forth rhythmically. The sharp sound of his thighs striking my ass echoed through the room.

This was an entirely different feeling then being pleasured vaginally. I could not compare the two. I wondered how it would feel to have two men inside me. My pulse was a fast paced drum beat against my chest. My breasts were heavy and swollen with desire, begging for attention. My core throbbed, needing stimulation. One touch...one simple stroke and I would be off like a firecracker. It took a paramount effort to restrain myself. I purposely kept my hand still over the tender flesh between my legs..not want it to end.

My fantasies were too delicious, to vivid...demanding fulfillment.

Then suddenly, he fully withdrew, leaving me gasping in desperation as I sank my face into the couch. Again I was lifted only this time it was Endymion who picked me up. He turned, bearing me with him and then he sank down on the couch, his legs splayed. My back was to his chest, legs splayed over his. Facing Kunsite as he stood before me. He had disrobed while Endymion had taken me. His cock was hugely erect, his hand fisting around it's length.

Endymion eased me backward, as I turned my head. Glancing nervously at him as I realized his intentions. He positioned me over his rigid phallus, then with one hand on my shoulder he eased himself back inside my ass. When he was fully sheathed inside he leaned back and pushed his knees upward into the backs of my legs. Using his strength to spread me, leaving my core bare and vulnerable to Kunsite. Positioned at the edge of the couch as I was, all Kunsite had to do was slide between my thighs and he would be able to penetrate me.

I had no idea how this was going to work, we never had a showing at Eros House as to how please more then one man at a time? It may have been a failing on the Dominus's part on my education or perhaps this was far to deviant of a love to promote? The Dominus's intentions for his courtesans was to service the high born elite of the Crystal Kingdom. How remise was he not to realize the kink of his own king.

This was my first time and I was very nervous. I found myself trembling, with more fear then need. As I imagined Kunsite pushing into me, while Endymion was so deeply embedded into my body.

Kunsite probed his finger into my core a couple times and then smiled with satisfaction. "I love how tight you are. I can't wait to be inside you."

He removed his finger and then positioned his cock at my opening. I was now trembling from head to toe. I could not control how hard I was shaking no matter how I tried. Endymion kissed my shoulder and stroked his hands up and over my belly to my breasts.

As Kunsite began pushing inward, Endymion massaged my breasts. He started pinching and rolling both of my nipples. Easing his generals entry into my body by distracting me, forcing me to relax with the added stimulation. Kunsite certainly didn't just glide right in, after only an inch he swore through clenched teeth and sweat broke out upon his forehead. I watched with concern, as he looked like he was struggling not to come. He took several deep breaths, pushing himself more forcefully, gaining more depth. I felt stuffed, completely filled, stretched to capacity...but it was the most sinfully exhilarating sensation I had ever experienced.

I started to fidget, overcome with sensation and losing my composure quickly. Tears pooled at the corner of my eyes as I stared upward at Kunsite for support. He was quick to calm me, placing his hands upon my face. Cradling my face in his hands, " Don't worry, Primrose." He croaked. "Allow me to do the moving. I am barely hanging on here. If you move, even a slightest bit it's going to be all over."

I smiled and reached up to touch his face. I caressed his cheek with my fingertips. His words empowered me, that I could make him want me this intensely. He desired me so much he had to work hard to maintain his control.
He pulled back and then thrust forward, more forcefully this time. I gasped, just as he let out a low groan. Behind me, Endymion's breath was explosive upon the back of my neck. I knew we all felt the force of Kunsite's penetration.

He was deeply inside me now, I was pinned between two men that I loved. Endy was as far as he could go. Kunsite was pressed to my body, his pelvis mashed against mine. We were all tangled up, locked together by me.

"How does it feel?" Endymion whispered against the shell of my ear. "Do you feel possessed, Serenity. Do you realize now, that we own you. That you belong to us and that we are marking you as ours."

I arched back, leaning more heavily into Endymion's arms. His hands caressed my breasts, kneading the swells and then teasing the nipples. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think...I was consumed by their whole of my existence was surrounded by unbelievable sensations. Panting and breathless I stared over my shoulder at Endymion. My mouth slightly open, my eyes moist with unshed tears. Overwhelmed and floundering, I needed him to anchor me. I was going to orgasm...I desperately tried to stall the coming pleasure...he had not allowed me to come...I had to wait for his command.

"Come, Kunsite." Endymion ordered. "She and I will not last much longer."

With a groan, Kunsite began thrusting into me. His body flexing and bowing. He had braced his arms on the back of the couch. His body hovering over me, I reached up and pressed my palms against his chest. Marvelling up at him...he was so beautiful, his sculpted face was serene, eyes closed and focusing inward. He was working in slow, measured strokes inside my body to send us all into that pleasurable oblivion.

I closed my eyes as well, reviling in the delight of being between these two men. I rested the back of my head on Endymion's shoulder and let him hold me, as Kunsite pushed forward with a final roar and began to convulse inside me.

Kunsite leaned down and captured my lips, kissing me with as much possessive savagery as Endymion had earlier. His hips jerked and pumped against me before finally going still. He remained locked within me for several moments before he pulled out. There was a warm rush and I was surprised he made no move to clean me? There were always so meticulous in their care of me? I watched silently as Kunsite took his leave. Moving to the windows and bracing his forehead against a raised arm. He was pensive, contemplating the sunset and basking in the pleasure we had just experienced together.

Then Nephrite positioned himself before me, nude and prepared to claim me as his. He leaned forward to kiss me, as the broad head of his cock rested at my opening. He mouth was gentle upon mine, sweet where Kunsite's had been demanding.

"I won't hurt you, Angel." he murmured as he drew away.

I smiled up at him. "I know." I breathed, preparing myself once again to take another man inside my body.

He pushed inside, stretching me with his enormous width. He would have had a difficult time entering me under normal circumstances. But with Endymion deep inside my ass, making my vaginal opening even smaller.

Oh Venus! The incredible sensation of Nephrite's girth entering me felt so good. The friction was delightfully painful. Every movement sent pleasure dancing through my body. I bowed and rocked to the rhythm Nephrite created as he made love me.

Endy had wrapped his arms so tightly around my waist, he had become my anchor. His hands would caress my breasts, my hips...my ass... His cock so deep inside me. His mouth against the back of my neck, my shoulder's...pressing his lips tenderly against my hair.

I didn't understand his connection to the others...at least not yet. Or why he shared what he considered his with them. But I found that the more time that went on, the less I cared. Some things just were and I was not going to complain. When I was clearly the center of their focus...I had five powerful men, handsome and as close to gods as any human could get. All bent on fulfilling my every desire.

Nephrite found my loving gaze, as I braced my hands on his broad shoulders. Piercing me with the intensity of his own deep green eyes. He began to push farther inside upon his next few thrusts. His movement were slow, gentle...infinitely patient. I wanted him desperately to let loose his control, I began to squirm beneath him. Cupping his face in my hands.

"Please." I whispered up at him. " I know you won't hurt me, Nephrite. I need it harder...I am about to go crazy here."

Nephrite's breath came out in a harsh explosion. He gripped my thighs and held me steady, then burst forward, forcing his phallus deeper into my body.

Oh Venus! I was not going to make it...

I began to orgasm, wave upon wave rocking through my body. I clenched around Nephrite's cock. Through it all, Endymion held me. While Nephrite began to pound into me relentlessly. I cried out, gripped Nephrites shoulder's and dug my fingernails into his flesh. I needed something to hold onto as I came completely apart between them.

I was in pain...pleasure and euphoria all in one. It was so intense I couldn't bear it.

Nephrite thrust into me, the wet, sucking sounds echoed through the room. Then I realized that he too had started to come, the moment I had began to contract around him.

He leaned forward to rest his forehead on my shoulder and shook against me. His phallus remained inside me, as I sagged against Endymion. My body limp and hypersensitive. When Nephrite began to pull out, I groaned with the loss of him. He came free in a liquid rush and then stepped away. Brushing a hand threw his wild mane of red hair as he retreated to the fireplace at the front of the room. He too seemed lost in thought, contemplating something.

Jedite replaced him, smirking down at me. His eyes dancing with eager excitement that he was to go next. I watched him avidly as he stroked his cock, approaching me at a slow, meandering stride.

"Are you ready for me?" He asked, his voice laced with bold confidence.

I graced him with a sweet, yet sassy smile, opening my arms wide to receive him.
"Always." I stated, happily.

Jedite laughed, fisting his cock, he positioned himself before my opening.

His erection brushed between my legs and I whimpered. I was craving him, the intimacy we had shared earlier only enhancing my arousal. The seductive scent of sweat and lust was heavy in the room. My skin was flushed and tingling, my breasts heavy and tender.

This is what I wanted from the moment I had realized I loved him...all of them. I wanted to possess each one of them and be possessed by them.

"My God...Darling.." He hissed, as he eased himself inside me, his hands flexing restlessly on my thighs.

I closed my eyes, feeling overwhelmed again by two men.

"You are so...tight..." He gasped, his words threaded with delicious agony.

He eased the rest of his length into me as I sucked in a deep breath, feeling exquisitely stretched.

Pressing his palm flat to my lower belly, he touched my throbbing clit with the pad of his thumb. He began to massage it in slow, expertly soft circles. Everything in my core tightened and clenched, sucking him deeper. My eyes snapped open I was so amazed by his expertize at manipulating my body.

"Diamond's bane...Serenity...you are going to make me come so hard." He bit out, his teeth grinding.

I breathless cry escaped my lips, he was so deep I could barely stand it. I was rippling around him squeezing, trembling on the verge of another orgasm.

Jed cursed and gripped my hips with his hands, as his chest heaved with frantic breaths. He leaned over me, the temperature of his torso radiating a sultry heat. I couldn't help myself, our intimacy earlier had made me more bold. More self assured in my own sensual abilities, I wanted to drive him as wild as he was driving me. Leaning forward I slid my tongue along the sculpted curve of his neck. Collecting the saltiness with a low hum of delight. His hips jerked forward and he grabbed my hip in a ferocious grip.

"Vixen..." He growled, sending my pulse drumming through ever vein in my body. When I pulled back, our eyes locked as pleasure spread from where we were connected. I rocked my hips, as a final teasing act. He gave me a wicked smile, his eyes burning with a carnal desire to tame me. He thrust himself deep into my core, rocking me against Endymion's shoulders. He was not gentle with me as Nephrite had been or demanding of my body like Kunsite. He slid into me hard, retreating just a little before lunging deep. He lust for me was wild and frantic. I lost all control as Jedite pounded ferociously into my body. I cried out, my arms flailing backward. Grabbing fistfuls of Endymion's thick black hair as I sought to anchor myself.

An edgy, sharp tension built inside me as Jedite refused to slow down.

"It's so good," I sobbed, lost to the waves of pleasure washing over me, through me. "You feel...ah, Venus."

Using both hands, Jedite commanded the rhythm. Tilting into me at an angle, rubbing the crown of his phallus continuously against the aching, tender spot just above my entrance. Every time he struck it, bolts of pain and pleasure would shoot from my core, rippling across my belly like the waves in the ocean.

As I tightened and shook, cresting upon my next orgasm. He leaned down and captured me by the nape of my neck. He growled with need, pounding his hips into my thighs. Yanking my hips down to meet his punishing lunges. He hit the end of me with every deep thrust, battering into me. I could feel him growing harder, thicker. I watched him avidly, needing to see when he went over that edge for me. His eyes were wild with lust, losing their focus as his control faded. He was racing to his own climax. I arched, the back of my head grinding into Endymion's shoulder. As the pleasure exploded through me, starting with the powerful spasms deep in my core and radiating outward until I was trembling all over. Jed watched me fall apart, holding my gaze while Endymion soothed me. Rubbing his hands up and down the flat of my belly, petting me. As I moaned and came harder, my body jerking with every pulse of ecstasy.

Then Jed cried out. "Serenity!" As he came with an animal sound of feral pleasure, a snarling release that made me shiver. He shook with his own orgasm, his features finally softening with unexpected vulnerability. I released Endymion's hair, as a rush of hot breath anointed my shoulder. He had been as enraptured by our union as we were. I cupped Jedites face, leaning upward I brushed my lips across his.

Seeking to comfort him, as his forceful bursts of gasping breaths heated my cheeks.

"You are truly amazing." he smiled sadly, pulling himself out and walking away.

I was confused and concerned by the strange mixture of sad contemplation that had washed over each on of them after making love to me? My thoughts were quickly derailed as I stared helplessly at Zoi as he positioned himself at my entrance. Three men had already come inside me. I had just experienced several orgasms each more powerful then the other. Now it was Zoi's turn and I wasn't sure at this point if I could not survive this. If it was even possible to die from pleasure? I was going to have summon the courage to take Zoi's massive length and girth into my body. Already I was trembling hard as I watched him, preparing to enter me. I was wet from the releases of three men and prayed it aided him to enter smoothly. Zoi pushed inward, I was snug around him. I winced just a little as he stretched me more then the rest. He had always been the most gentle with me. The most understanding. Always sweet, and infinitely patient. But this time he looked determined. A possessive glint in his eyes, that made me hold my breath with trepidation. I was staring at a man determined to mark me...just like the others.

His fingers dug into my hips and held me in place as he thrust forward, gaining more depth.

I was more swollen, not only from Endymion being so deep inside my ass, but from my multiple orgasms and Kunsite, Nephrite and Jedite forcing their way into my tight passage.

Each movement from Zoi elicited a ragged moan from my throat, yet it wasn't painful. It was intense. It burned but it was also beautiful. I had never felt anything like it.

"Tilt her back a bit, Endy." Zoi commanded. "I can't get all the way inside her at this angle."

His words made me quake all over, a strong wave of desire and arousal coursed through me. I wanted him there...I wanted him deep...as deep as he could go. Already I felt the stirring of another orgasm.

My body was tightening, my nipples hard and beaded. My core clenched and I tingled from head to toe.

Endymion leaned back, shifting his hips forward so that he could recline further on the couch. Which presented more of my womanhood for Zoi to claim.

Zoi stood over me, reached down with his thumbs and spread my folds so that I was stretched even tighter around him. Then he thrust hard, deep, filling me fully with his powerful length.

I gasped, then cried out. I bucked upward and writhed against Endymion.

Too much!

It hurt...but I bit my bottom lip to quell another cry. I refused to make Zoi feel guilty or hurt...this discomfort I could endure...for him. I loved him and in time I knew my body would learn to accommodate him.

Endymion held me tightly, whispering to me soothing words of comfort. But I could not hear him over the roar of blood and pulse beating loudly in my ears.

Zoi was no longer sweet or tender...he wasn't taking the care with me like he had on so many prior occasions. He was a man bent of claiming what he considered his.

His gaze bore into me, demanding a response. He pushed into me, over and over. A slave to his lust, it was a powerful thing to witness.

"I want you to come, Sweet Serenity. One...more...time. With me inside you. Come so I can fill you with my seed, so that you will have had us all within you." His command swept over me like a wildfire. My core fluttered and then clutched hard around him. My belly ached and all the muscles contracted at once as I started to shake uncontrollably.

As soon as he began to come, another orgasm tore through my body. So powerful that I lost all awareness. The room dimmed around me and all I could process was the never-ending roll of ecstasy that raged through my body like a mighty storm.

Zoi pulled out and I found myself pitching forward, crumpling off Endymion's lap. My knees struck a pillow laid upon the floor at my Kings feet. I found no rest, as Endymion mounted me from behind. Sliding once again, deep into my ass. He began to thrust into me with earnest, rocking me forward on my hands and knees. As I struggled to maintain my balance, gasping and crying out with pleasure as Endymion continued to drive into me. When he was finished the hot, wet moisture of his seed slid down the insides of my thighs. Mixing with the seed of four different men.

My king had rode me hard, without mercy and I was still orgasming as he left me upon the floor. My body coiling into a vicious knot.

I rested my forehead on the hard wood floor, relishing the cold upon my heated flesh. Closing my eyes, as my vision was hazy. I was dimly away of Endymion's roar of triumph and satisfaction as he completed inside me. The feeling of him pulling out and the soft sound of him rising to his feet. I turned my head so that my cheek rested upon the floor and I could see them gathering around me. All watching as I panted and twitched in the aftermath of their love. Their seed slipped down the backs of my thighs.

I was marked.


Claimed by five men.

They had taken me one by one as they had promised. Made me their belonging. Their pampered, cherished plaything.

I was exhausted and yet exhilarated. I wished I could see myself as they saw me. Wondered what I looked like now? My skin was flushed, my hair in wanton disarray, the remnants of several men dripping down my legs.

It was then Kunsite stepped over me, hauling me back up to my knees. He straddled me and pushed his cock into my ass.

Oh Venus!

I closed my eyes as he slip deep, pumping with quick, frenzied motions. He had been finished long before the others. He had had the longest to wait before claiming me again. Now he was hard and unbelievably aroused and it was clear he had every intention of sating himself once more.

I lay there, existing in that delicious dream state while he thrust in and out with deliberate, forceful pumps of his hips. It was obvious he had no intentions of drawing this out. Maybe he didn't want to overtire me? Within a dozen thrusts, he was already coming, his hands gripping my hips tight as he held himself deep.

Then he merely stepped away.

No longer able to hold myself up anymore. I slowly rolled to my side, curling my legs up so I was in a comfortable ball.

"My poor, Usako." Endymion murmured.

His voice was close, his breath hot over my ear. I felt his fingertips brush stray pieces of hair that had fallen over my cheek, back behind my ear. I opened my eyes to see him crouched next to me. He slid his arms underneath me, lifting me up into his arms.

"Come, my precious Usako. You and I will go have a nice long bath and then you will rest." He promised.

I smiled dreamily and snuggled deeper into his chest. I turned my face into his neck, as he took to the main staircase leading up to his bedroom.

I had been used, much like a favourite toy...but it was the manner in which they had taken me that had made all the difference.

I felt cherished, cared for and claimed by five of the most powerful men in all of the Neo Silver Millennium.