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What the **** is going on here?

Chapter Two; Draco!


Oh… my … god. Oh my god! I couldn't breath. My heart banged into my ribs. I cold sweated. The world spun around, and I could barely stand on my feet. I had to get some water. Quick! I rose from my seat, eyes never leaving that stunning beauty right outside my window, accordingly bumping right into Crabbe as that hippo entered the compartment.

"Oh, sorry." He rumbled dumbly.

"Just fuck off," I told him furiously. He'd made my loose my target.

I made my way past him, and got relieved out to the corridor. My heart hadn't got into normal rate yet, and I still felt a little lightheaded. Dizzily, I tried the window, and gratefully swung it open. Ravenously I swigged in the air, and then leaned against the wall. I raked a hand through my silky silvery blond hair, which I'd let grow down to my shoulder this summer.

This was definitely something new. Hogwarts had surely never had an ass like his wandering down its hallways. Before, that dull school had strictly maintained its dull reputation. But this gorgeousness cracked without doubt that standing and rubbed it into the dust. Right now I wouldn't mind if he rubbed on something absolutely different, though…

I'd never looked on myself as a camp, but now I seriously considered changing that point. I knew it was a little drastically, but notwithstanding considered it. You're out of your mind, I told myself, but I didn't care.

I'd set the door ajar, and now I peeked inside it and out of the window, trying to find this dream figure that had been standing just in front of my eyes some moments ago. I quickly scanned the platform and found him leaning against a pillar some metres away.

He seemed so calm and composed, much like the opposite of what I was feeling in the very moment. He'd taken his sunglasses off, and now he stood gazing the crowd with an unruffled look, idly inhaling his cigarette. I watched his movements mesmerized. Slowly, as if he had all the time in the world, he raised his hand, making his sleeve slip down some inches. The gesture revealed a silvery bracelet around his left wrist. It flashed in the sun, and looked really expensive, I thought. And believe me; a Malfoy knows about important things like that! But back to the point. 

It felt like eternity when he stuck his hand in his breast pocket and drew up a metallic lighter, lit the fag once more, and took a deep breath. When he let it, the smoke whirled out of his mouth, revolving around his head like a halo, before it disappeared in the air.

Suddenly he was almost knocked over by a giddy female, which flung herself around his neck, but he collected himself quickly. It looked like they had an intimate relationship indeed, and I mentally swore.

Then the unbelievable happened; my little tidbit greeted an unmistakeable red-haired boy like a friend! How the hell did the weasel manage that? He certainly hadn't offered him any money, so why would a guy who easily could've been a model choose a looser like Weasley?

Gah! A thought struck me. Weasel couldn't have… no, it couldn't be... since he didn't have any money, so maybe he'd found another way to pay… but what about that girl…he looked straight enough…I  looked straight enough... and besides, why should weasel-boy want... he was, if possible, the most not-gay person in two shoes... and...

Stop it! I shook myself mentally. Heaven sake, someone who dressed like my elected had to possess some taste in more personally matters too! I put my hands to my face and rubbed my eyes. I really was pitiable, and I even admitted it.  That was what made everything about me pitiable.

When I looked up, they were all gone. Dammit! I was about to turn and go looking for them when I for the second time that day bumped into a brain-dead moron.

"Watch where you're going, Malfoy" a familiarly voice snarled. I looked up and saw the most freckled face on the entire school. He stared furiously at me.

Think, Draco, think! Come up with a horrible insulation, a joke, a little affront. Anything!  Don't do this to me, brain, please! Oh no, he left! Fuck you Draco! Get sobered! What will weasel think about you now?

And now I'm arguing with myself! Like I said, I really was pitiable.   


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