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Caroline released another laugh as she stared down in the sink. This was the fifth laughing fit she'd burst into in the past hour. She shook her head as she stared into the mirror, trying to figure out what her life had come to these past couple of months. Damon, Stefan, and Elena had officially ended. She left both Salvatore brothers only to move in with Caroline the next night. Damon left and from what she'd heard he and Katherine were getting along just fine.

Then Stefan had disappeared to New Orleans with Rebekah, Bonnie and Jeremy had gotten married and are now living in West Virginia, expecting their first child. Alaric had moved on to other interests, away from Mystic Falls. Matt had gone off to college in California, the goodbyes had been tearful and final. Caroline hadn't seen Tyler in nearly eight months and she'd been relieved. Last she heard he was settling nicely with another werewolf he called Hayley somewhere in the mountains, she was happy for them.

Tears pricked in her vision as the laughing became sobs, causing her to drop to the ground in pain. Klaus. She hadn't seen him in nearly eight weeks and the last time she had, she'd given in. Gone to bed with him and it had . . . ruined her. She sobbed again covering her mouth with her hand. Taking a deep breath she stood again and stared down into the sink with confusion, how? How? This wasn't possible. In fact it was the very definition of impossible.

Sniffing she shook her head, closing her eyes and trying not to laugh hysterically again. Her ears pricked as she heard Elena pull into the driveway.

"Hey Care? I was thinking sushi tonight. How about you?" She asked calmly her voice most likely not raising over an octave higher than if she were talking to someone right in front of her. Caroline didn't answer, just continued to stare down at the five pregnancy sticks in a vertical row set perfectly in the sink. All saying one thing. Glaring it at her. Positive.

Sniffing she wiped her tears and then laughed again. "Caroline?" She heard Elena, closer to the door than she had been a few seconds ago.

" Care open up! What are you doing?" Elena called, usual worry lacing her tone. God, Caroline loved Elena, but she didn't want to know how her favorite brunette was going to react when finding out. Caroline pushed herself from the ground and opened the door turning to walk deeper into the bathroom, not facing her friend, "Hey, what's up?" She asks softly and Caroline motioned to the sink.

There was silence. Long, dead, silence. "Caroline . . ." Elena's voice trailed off in doubt and confusion. "I can pee again, Lena." She laughed the joke as Elena's eyes widened in shock. Caroline's entire body shook as she raised her hands, wringing her wrists.

"I had this . . . this pressure at lunch and I just, you know, like, sat on the toilet and . . . peed." Care laughed hysterically falling onto the wall as Elena watched, with wide worried eyes, which only had tears filling Caroline's eyes quicker.

"Then I started to have these cravings for things that I haven't eaten since I was like twelve. Remember vanilla wafers? Bonnie, you, and me would sneak to the bridge and just eat them? Yeah I had like two packs. Then the blood, I almost drained the entire stash, sorry about that by the way. But that's not what made me think, 'Oh, I must be pregnant.' The thing that made me think that, was the stomach aches and the vomiting. I mean, vampires don't do that right? They don't throw up, or have weird food cravings, or pee!" She sobbed out through a laugh as she covered her mouth with shaking hands, feeling tears drench her face.

"Okay, Caroline, c'mon." Elena said, motherly leading her from the bathroom. Elena and Caroline sat on the bed with Elena's arms wrapped tightly around Caroline. "Care? Okay, you're pregnant. Possibly. We should go to a hospital okay? For a test?" Elena suggested to the breaking blonde in her arms and she nodded once.

"We'll just go, compel a meeting with the doctor, alright?" Again Caroline just nodded, completely still, completely quiet. Through the entire time she was lead through the house, to the car ride, and the time it took for Elena to compel the appointment and get Care settled into the chair. Caroline was dead quiet through it all. Elena started to pace as she watched her friend silently freak. Caroline silent; that was never a good thing. The doctor entered.

"Ah, who's the patient today? I'm Doctor Rayne." Elena realized that Caroline wasn't in the mood to speak, "Oh hi, I'm Katie and this is Sasha, she's pregnant, we think. We were hoping for an ultrasound." She compelled the doctor slyly. "Of course, an ultrasound and how long has the patient been pregnant?" Elena looked over at Caroline.

"Sasha?" Care looked up, blinking, "O-oh, um eight weeks. Perhaps." The doctor nods still in a trance as Caroline laid back pulling up her shirt exposing her slim, flat stomach. Well, actually at a second glance Elena could see a slight bump, not huge or rather noticeable, but Caroline had always been energetic and athletic long before becoming a vampire, causing her to have a slim body. Holy shit. The younger vampire thought as she stared wide eyed at her best friend.

The bump was . . . impossible. Caroline stopped aging, stopped gaining weight at seventeen, there shouldn't be a single, teeny shift in her skin tone let alone weight. Shifting Elena closed her eyes, trying desperately not to panic. God, where was Bonnie when you needed her? Oh right, married and pregnant. Don't be bitter. Elena reminded herself. She let Stefan and Damon go, she had to. All three of them were fooling themselves. They only brought each other misery and heartache, Elena refused to live that way for another week let alone eternity. Plus, both were extremely happy with their true mates and she was happy for them.